Health Emergency Declared As Disease Cases Spike In Major City

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Rio de Janeiro has reportedly experienced an exponential increase in dengue cases compared to the levels measured in 2023. This news caused major concerns throughout the Brazilian city when the Carnival celebrations occurred in February.

Dengue Cases Quadrupled in January Compared To 2023 Data

Multiple reports confirm that the number of dengue cases in Rio de Janeiro quadrupled during January 2024 alone. The data was compared to the total number of cases from 2023 of 23,000 to reach this conclusion.

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There were 10,000 cases of dengue reported in February as most people in the area looked forward to the Carnival celebrations. The CDC reports that there is an average of 400 million new cases of dengue fever each year with 40,000 lives lost because of it.

Over 2 Million People Enjoy Each Day Of Carnival Festival Annually

The Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is historically recognized as the largest carnival in the world. The festival, which first occurred in the Brazilian city back in 1723, typically draws a crowd of 2 million people each day.

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The 5-day festival is held annually before Lent. It always starts on the Friday before Ash Wednesday and ends at noon on Ash Wednesday.

Additional Dengue Treatment Centers Opened For Increased Access

Rio reportedly opened 10 new dengue treatment centers in response to the boosted case numbers. These centers were established to make treatment more accessible to those infected.

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Other reports have confirmed that there is also a vaccine for dengue that can be used. It is not currently widespread throughout the country but will become available in the highly-populated areas. Fumigation has also been used as a method to reduce the infection rate.

Dengue Fever Is Carried By Mosquitos

Dengue is a type of disease that is reportedly carried by mosquitoes. There are several other types of diseases and viruses that are carried by mosquitos in different parts of the world as well.

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For instance, malaria and Zika fever are perhaps two of the most widely-recognized sicknesses carried by these bloodsucking insects. However, others on the list include the Eastern & Western equine encephalitis, Ross River fever, Chikungunya fever and Yellow fever.

Dengue Symptoms Include Fever, Rash, And Spasms

Studies have confirmed that the typical symptoms of dengue include rash, fever, and muscle spasms. It has become known as the “break-bone fever” due to the prominent symptom of joint pains experienced by most people diagnosed with the disease.

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Most cases of dengue are not fatal and asymptomatic. Common symptoms of the dengue fever will usually emerge between four and ten days after an infected mosquito bites the targeted individual.

High Fevers Linked To Dengue Disease Can Last Up To 7 Days

The sudden arrival of a high fever is one of the most common signs of dengue in most patients. The fevers can generally reach up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Multiple reports have claimed that the fever in dengue patients can typically last up to seven days. The high fever may also be complemented by feelings of weakness and fatigue.

Nausea And Vomiting May Be Experienced As Fever Rises

Two symptoms that may appear as the fever starts to rise in those with dengue are nausea and vomiting. There are several natural ways that you can fight against nausea without medication. For instance, drinking clear or ice-cold beverages can help to remedy nausea symptoms.

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Those suffering from vomiting should focus on drinking progressively larger amounts of clear liquids. It is also recommended to stay away from solid food until the vomiting episode stops.

Other Common Symptoms Linked To Dengue Disease

Other symptoms typically linked to dengue cases include severe headaches and pain located directly behind the eyes. These symptoms usually consist of a throbbing pain that may worsen when a person moves their eyes.

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Any skin rash associated with dengue will likely appear within four days or less after the fever spikes. The rash is usually red and shows up on the person’s torso, arms, and legs.

Climate Change Led To Boost In Mosquito Breeding Sites

Studies have shown that a major cause of the spike in dengue cases was the exponential increase of mosquito breeding sites throughout Brazil. The country’s health minister, Nisia Trindade, reported that the increase was due to the “record heat in the country and the above-average rainfall since last year.”

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Trindade further explained that this increase of breeding sites has even occurred “in regions that had few cases of the disease.” With the ongoing effect of climate change, it is projected that dengue-carrying mosquitos will continue to thrive in new areas within the United States and Europe as well.

Some Countries Released Specially-Bred Mosquitos To Prevent Viral Spread

Some countries, including Singapore, have reportedly released specially-bred mosquitos into the wild. These mosquitos were scientifically modified to carry the bacteria known as “Wolbachia.”


Wolbachia prevents the transmission of such viruses and diseases as dengue. However, it is clear that more research is needed on how to effectively prevent the dengue fever from spreading any farther.

City Officials Encourage People To Use Effective Mosquito Repellents

Officials in Rio and throughout Brazil have strongly encouraged their citizens to use mosquito repellant as much as possible as a preventative measure. A research team at New Mexico State University studied which repellents worked and which ones should be avoided by consumers.

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For instance, they found that ultrasonic repellent devices, dietary supplements and light-based repellents did not work. On the other hand, their studies concluded that the Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus (OLE), Picaridin, and DEET (chemical name: N, N-diethyl-meta-toluamide) were very effective.

Citizens Instructed To Remove Stagnant Water From Their Homes

Another instruction passed on throughout the area was for the people to remove any stagnant water present within or outside of the home. Standing water has been scientifically proven to be magnets for mosquitos regardless of location.

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This is primarily because mosquitos require standing water to finish their lifecycles. Once their eggs are laid in still water, those babies can grow from egg to adult biters in just five days.

Vector Control Measures Emphasized For Dengue Fever Management

To manage and attempt to control the expansion of dengue disease, a major focus has been placed on vector control measures and methods. For instance, the elimination of mosquito breeding sites has always been a priority in countries where dengue has existed.

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There is also a major focus on the implementation of mosquito control programs, education, and awareness campaigns.

Global Pest Control Industry Expected To Reach $28.5B By 2026

The international pest control market is currently projected to reach $28.5 billion in value no later than the year 2026. This is primarily due to the supportive government regulations in place, which have paved the way for additional expansion in the years to come.

Source: Pixabay/Oleksandr Pidvalnyi

The highest market value in 2018 was held by North America with a value of $9 billion. Latin America and Asia accounted for $1.4 billion and $2.6 billion respectively.

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