Horrible Neighbor Harasses Woman For Three Years Over Public River

Source: Tiktok/boymom4life77

Everyone has an experience with a bad neighbor. Party girls in college, disrespectful relatives, the possibilities are endless. You rarely know who you’re going to be living next to when you choose somewhere to live, and sometimes that lack of knowledge can create a splitting headache.

Her Sons Were Just Playing

One woman has gone viral on Tiktok for her videos exposing the harassment that she has been experiencing at the hands of her neighbor for the past three years. The harassment started with something that, to most people, would seem fairly innocent: the Tiktokker, who simply goes by BoyMom, has sons who were playing in a river near their home.

Source: Tiktok/boymom4life77

BoyMom goes on to explain that there was a section of her property where they would launch a boat to get to the main river, when the river was high. This was something they thought nothing of; the location of the launch point was on their property, and the family was only fishing in a public riverway.

It Started With Fishing

Evidently, the simple act of the family playing and fishing on their own property was too much for their neighbor to handle. According to BoyMom, three years ago the neighbor started harassing her and the family over their boating and fishing habits.

Source: Tiktok/boymom4life77

The neighbor claimed that BoyMom’s sons had fishing line that went into “her” water over the property line. She asked BoyMom and her family to stop fishing and playing in the water, and BoyMom dismissed the request as utterly ridiculous.

Neighbor Escalation

When BoyMom didn’t immediately acquiesce to her neighbor’s demands, that’s when things started to escalate. It started with a fence that the neighbor installed in the middle of the waterway, effectively cutting off the access point to the main river from the area that BoyMom and her family used as a launch point.

Source: Tiktok/boymom4life77

BoyMom knew that talking to the neighbor and attempting to make her see reason would be fruitless. You can’t compromise with people like this, as the neighbor had already proven that it was her way, or the highway. So, BoyMom came up with a solution.

An Innovative Solution

In order to circumvent the fence that her neighbor had put into the water, BoyMom and her family went through the appropriate channels and got permits to dig on their property. They hired an excavator, and used the machinery to start digging out the shore of the riverway so that they had access to more water on their property.

Source: Tiktok/boymom4life77

In the process of digging out the shore, the excavator had to come close to the fence that the neighbor had installed. Despite the fact that the excavator didn’t touch the fence or disturb her property in any way, the neighbor couldn’t stand the fact that BoyMom and her family were creating a solution to the problem that she had imposed. So she stepped up the harassment.

Endless Calls To Law Enforcement

BoyMom explains in a series of videos on her channel that the neighbor proceeded to call the Sheriff’s department more than thirty times on her and her family. Not only that, she then contacted the Parish, the HOA, and even code enforcement in an effort to get BoyMom and her family from working on their own property.

Source: Tiktok/boymom4life77

In BoyMom’s videos, she explains that not only have the police come to her house more than thirty times in response to these complaints, but also that she has never been ticketed or charged with any crime. The family obtained the appropriate permits for the construction that they’re doing on their property, and therefore they haven’t done anything legally wrong.

More Calls to the Cops

This answer was unacceptable to BoyMom’s neighbor. In a police recording that BoyMom obtained with an FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request, she goes on and on about how BoyMom and her family had “stolen her property” by removing trees that were on the shared property line, and digging out the river.

Source: Tiktok/boymom4life77

The police officer in the recording has to verify that the neighbor is accusing BoyMom of “stealing her dirt,” and then has to explain that nobody can own a public waterway and that the family isn’t doing anything wrong. When the officer asked the neighbor if she wanted her to go and speak to BoyMom, though, she immediately said no.

Public Support for BoyMom and Her Family

Comments on the situation have varied on the viral Tiktok videos. Most people are completely flabbergasted by the neighbor’s behavior, and can’t believe that there are really people out there like this.

Source: Tiktok/boymom4life77

These comments are compounded by the fact that the situation is ongoing. BoyMom is currently in the middle of opposing lawsuits between her and her neighbor. Her neighbor first tried to enact a restraining order against her and her family, but the order was dismissed in court for lack of evidence.

A Meeting Regarding Lawsuits

The situation has been ongoing for three years, and the most recent developments between BoyMom and her neighbor have reached the peak of absurdity. The neighbor reached out regarding the lawsuits that were mutually filed, claiming that she wanted to resolve the situation. BoyMom was skeptical, but agreed to a meeting.

Source: Tiktok/boymom4life77

In this meeting, the neighbor stated that she would drop her lawsuit if BoyMom and her family complied with every demand that was in the lawsuit, and became infuriated when BoyMom rejected her. She then went on to state that she had additional demands of BoyMom, including that she stop posting about the situation on Tiktok. BoyMom denied her again, and the situation continues.

An Unfortunate Situation For This Family

Situations like this are better suited for a sitcom or a reality TV show than real life. Unfortunately, there are far more people out there like this nightmare neighbor than we hear about on social media. Some people seek to make other people miserable, and will go out of their way to do so.

Source: Tiktok/boymom4life77

As far as BoyMom and her family, the construction on expanding the waterway continues. They haven’t stopped in the face of the neighbor’s harassment or the continued calls to the cops, and BoyMom has taken everything with as much grace as she can. She’s taught her boys that as long as they haven’t done anything wrong, they have nothing to worry about. At the end of the day, when faced with unreasonable neighbors, that’s all that we can take away from it.

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