Greedy Billionaire Destroys Neighborhood Leaving One Lone House Turned Airbnb

Source: Windsor Star / Carlos Osorio, File, Associated Press

In a shocking turn of events, billionaire bridge owner was the mastermind behind the ruin of a once-thriving neighborhood in Windsor. It has been discovered that Moroun has spent an astonishing $52 million on Windsor properties, including 139 houses, apartment buildings, and vacant lots in the neighborhood of Sandwich.

Family Legacy at Stake

The story begins in early April of 1996 when a group of men in suits arrived at Clifford Head’s door. Clifford’s son, Terry Head, vividly remembers the encounter. The men were lawyers from the Ambassador Bridge company, and they were there to present his father with a deal.

Source: Windsor Star

They offered to buy Clifford’s home at 670 Indian Rd., which he had lived in since 1950 when he built the house and many others in the neighborhood. Alternatively, they informed him that a massive truck plaza would be built in his backyard, regardless of whether he sold his house or not.

Clifford Head’s Heartbreaking Decision to Sell His Beloved Home

The lawyers made it clear that the truck plaza was inevitable, and the offer they presented – $134,000 cash for his home, plus legal and moving expenses – would not be repeated. Clifford and his wife ultimately decided to accept the deal and moved to Amherstburg.

Source: Windsor Star

Sadly, Clifford passed away just two years later. Terry reflects on the situation, saying, “I remember thinking, “It’s a good thing he can’t be here to see this.” It would have broken his heart to see what they had done to Indian Road.”

Uncovering the Neglected Legacy of Clifford Head’s Neighbors

Thirteen of Clifford’s neighbors on Indian Road also accepted the offer that spring, with the deals closing on their homes on May 21, 1996. At the time, the bridge company maintained the homes and rented them out, so the deterioration of the neighborhood went unnoticed.

Source: Wikimedia

However, today it is evident which homes are owned by the bridge company – they are behind chain-link fences, with security company logos stamped on the boarded-up doors and windows, and the shingles and siding peeling away.

Exclusive Investigation

An extensive analysis of property records conducted by The Star reveals that this was just the beginning. In total, there have been 182 real estate transactions involving the bridge company or its affiliates, with Moroun spending a staggering $52 million on Windsor properties.

Source: Windsor Star

The majority of this money – $31.9 million – was spent on houses, apartment buildings, and residential vacant lots in Sandwich from the mid-1990s to the present. Shockingly, this is $2 million more than Moroun spent to purchase the Ambassador Bridge itself in 1979.

Decay and Neglect

Unfortunately, the homes that Moroun acquired have fallen into disrepair and are now worth only about $13 million, according to assessment records. Gerry Head, another one of Clifford’s sons, reflects on the situation, saying, “He didn’t realize they were just going to fence them off and let them rot.”

Source: Reddit / BrovaloneSandwich

The bridge company’s neglect of the properties has not only degraded the quality of the neighborhood but has also created a nuisance, providing a safe haven for criminals, vandals, and vermin.

From Rail Corridors to Potential Bridge Sites

In addition to the homes on Indian Road, Moroun also owns most of the properties that back onto a rail corridor south of Bloomfield Road.

Source: Windsor Star

The bridge company has expressed its desire to turn the rail corridor into a feeder road for the bridge. Moroun’s property holdings also include waterfront land at two potential locations for the Detroit River International Crossing, as well as two trucking and warehousing hubs and a downtown condo unit.

Unspoken Plan for Business Protection and Profit Preservation

The bridge company has consistently refused to grant interviews with Moroun, making it difficult to fully understand his long-term real estate strategy in Windsor and Detroit.

Source: Windsor Star

However, Joshua Akers, an assistant professor of geography, urban and regional studies at the University of Michigan-Dearborn, has analyzed Moroun’s real estate holdings in Detroit and believes that the bridge company’s investments are primarily focused on protecting its business practices and profits.

Reputation and Community Welfare

Despite the bridge company’s destructive impact on the neighborhood and the ongoing legal battles, it seems that the Moroun’s are not slowing down.

Source: Windsor Star

They recently struck a land swap deal with the city of Detroit, which has raised concerns among residents. The Morouns have a reputation for being untrustworthy and for prioritizing their own interests over the well-being of the community.

A Complex Web of Real Estate and Business Ventures

The Moroun family’s real estate empire extends far beyond the bridge and the boarded-up homes. Their business interests are complex and difficult to trace, with numerous companies involved in various industries.

Source: Carlos Osorio, File, Associated Press

The family’s strategy seems to involve consolidating their holdings and preventing government interference in their business operations. However, their actions have had devastating consequences for the neighborhoods they have targeted.

From Prosperous Community to Desolation

It is clear that the Morouns’ land grab has had a profound impact on the affected neighborhoods. The once-thriving community has been left to decay, with boarded-up houses and abandoned buildings dominating the landscape.

Source: Windsor Star

The bridge company’s disregard for the well-being of the residents and the neighborhood’s decline have created a slum-like environment, attracting criminals and further exacerbating the problems faced by the community.

What Lies Ahead

It remains to be seen what the future holds for the Morouns and their vast real estate holdings.

Source: Windsor Star

Will they continue to prioritize their own interests at the expense of the communities they impact? Or will they finally take responsibility for the devastation they have caused and work towards rebuilding the neighborhoods they have destroyed? Only time will tell.

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