Jordan Klepper Gets Trumpers Twisted Up in Their Own Tragic Logic

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While hosting The Daily Show on Tuesday (Feb. 13), Jordan Klepper shared a clip of him interviewing Trump supporters on the campaign trail. He used his sarcasm (as always) to prove just how easy it is to get Republicans tangled up in their own twisted logic. Let’s take a look at five of his funniest encounters.

1. Border Control Is ‘A Big Point

One Republican was talking about how she loved everything Trump implemented in the past and would love to get him back into office ‘so we can keep that going.’ When Klepper asked her to be more specific, she brought up border control – adding that it’s ‘a big point’ right now.

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Klepper asked her if it felt like Congress was sitting around doing nothing – and she agreed. Of course, Congress just introduced a bill that would help solve the border issue, but it was the Republicans who opposed it – in large part because Trump told them to. Klepper asked her why that was a good idea, but she was speechless.

Republicans Reject Border Control Bill

Congress recently introduced a $118 billion bipartisan bill that would not only help solve the border issue but would also send supplies and other aide to Ukraine. The bill was created and supported by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

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The bill was designed to ‘increase immigration restrictions and enforcement and implement new migrant policies,’ according to ABC News. Despite having bipartisan support, Donald Trump urged GOP members to reject the deal – calling it a ‘gift’ to the Democrats. With that, the border issue continues.

2. Nikki Haley Is A ‘Fake Republican

Next up, Klepper wanted to find out what Trump supporters thought about Nikki Haley – or, as he described her, Trump’s ‘only remaining human opponent.’ One man called her a ‘fake Republican,’ while another one argued that she had ‘changed’ over the past few years.

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“Nikki who?” said a man, who was dressed in red, white, and blue. When Klepper asked if he wasn’t familiar with Nikki Haley, the MAGA supporter called her a ‘globalist’ who ‘belongs to the fascists.’ Klepper argued that she was in the UN at one point, but the Republican doubled down – calling the UN the ‘global fascist capital of the world.’

Klepper Brings Up That Haley Was Appointed By Trump

“To be fair, she was appointed by Donald Trump,” Klepper said – furthering his interaction with the supporter. “I know,” he responded – adding that she ‘stabbed him in the back as quick as she could.’ Haley, of course, served as Trump’s Ambassador to the U.N. and has repeatedly challenged his beliefs over the past decade.

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“Loyalty matters – fidelity matters,” the supporter said. Klepper, wanting clarity, asked if the man was talking about marital fidelity – alluding to Trump’s alleged affair with Stormy Daniels while married to Melania Trump. “All fidelity matters,” the Republican responded – oh, the irony!

3. Total Immunity And Dictatorship Are Okay

On to the next topic of discussion – Trump’s claim for ‘presidential immunity.’ Basically, Trump believes the President of the United States shouldn’t be held responsible (criminally) for any actions they take while in office. The Supreme Court isn’t buying it, but Trump supporters are.

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Klepper asked a woman if she thinks Trump should have total immunity – and she agreed. “Otherwise, everyone’s going to jail,” she said – aligning herself with Trump’s beliefs. Klepper then asked her if she was okay with Trump being a ‘king,’ and she agreed. “That’s about as American as you can get,” Klepper said – full of sarcasm.

Couple Says Trump Would Be Like Mussolini

Klepper decided to test this belief on other supporters, and he quickly found out that they were okay with Trump being a dictator – something he says he would do only on ‘day one.’ In fact, one supporter (the same one who called Haley a ‘fascist’) said Trump needs to arrest half the DOJ and put them behind bars.

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Another couple was asked if ‘dictator Trump’ was a good idea. The husband appeared to be on the fence, but his wife was on board. “Let’s get it done,” she said. He got them to agree that he wouldn’t be a ‘Hitler dictator,’ but more of a ‘Mussolini dictator.’ For those who don’t know, Benito Mussolini was the founder of fascism.

4. Donald Trump Speaks In ‘Allegories

Speaking of Adolf Hitler, Donald Trump was recently criticized for using rhetoric that aligned himself with something Hitler wrote about in his autobiography, Mein Kampf. In December, the former President said immigrants were ‘poisoning the blood’ of America and are ‘destroying the fabric of our country.’

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In Mein Kampf, Hitler says the same thing about Jews. “All great cultures of the past perished only because the originally creative race died out from blood poisoning,” the book reads. Many are likening Trump’s recent comments to those of Hitler, but Trump is denying any connection.

Klepper Questions Trump Supporters About Hitler

When one couple was asked about the Hitler rhetoric, they defended Trump’s use of the phrase. “Trump kind of speaks in allegories,” the husband said. “What he’s talking about is the blood of the country has been tainted, people have come here and immigrated – it’s a different story.”

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The man’s wife added that immigrants don’t know or respect our American history and/or values – to which the husband agreed. And when Klepper suggested that the rhetoric was ‘much nice in the original German,’ the husband again agreed. “Yeah, there you go,” he said.

5. Jan. 6 Was An Insurrection

The final encounter was between Klepper and an older lady who was involved in the Jan. 6 attack – in fact, she was arrested for her role in it. While she’s still a Republican, she admitted she was wrong on Jan. 6 and shouldn’t have been at the US Capitol. “January 6 was an insurrection,” she said.

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Klepper quickly looked around to make sure no one was nearby – joking that using that kind of language at a Trump rally isn’t the smartest idea. Of course, Trump recently admitted to it being an insurrection – but he blamed Nancy Pelosi for it.

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