Judge Orders MyPillow Guy Mike Lindell To Be Evicted From Minnesota Warehouse

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MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell is expected to receive an eviction from a warehouse in Minnesota, according to multiple reports. He apparently failed to pay $200,000 in rent over the past two months.

Lindell Reportedly Received At Least Four Notices Of Default

One report confirms that Mike Lindell received at least four notices of default regarding the warehouse in Shakopee, according to court documents filed. The report states that the company was behind in payments for February and March.

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According to the report, Lindell owes the Delaware-based First Industrial LP “over $217,000 for rent and other charges for the facility located at 4701 Valley Boulevard South.”

Attorney Claims Lindell Had Already ‘More Or Less Vacated’ Premises

Attorney Sara Filo went on record to say that Mike Lindell has already “more or less vacated” the premises in question. She explained this further at an eviction court hearing held on Tuesday.

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According to Filo, “there’s a representation that no further payment is going to be made under this lease.” As a result, she requested that they “go ahead with finding a new tenant.”

Chief Judge Claims Eviction Notice Will Be Ordered

Scott County Chief Judge Carolina Lennon declared that an eviction notice would be ordered for Mike Lindell regarding the warehouse property. Judge Lennon added that the notice would be ordered when the landlord files the paperwork for it.

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One media outlet, Star Tribune, reported that MyPillow has another warehouse and outlet location in Shakopee that was not affected by this eviction notice.

Mike Lindell Claims He ‘Will Never Shut Up’ Regarding Voting Machines

Mike Lindell shared a message on the FrankSpeech platform Monday that made it clear he is not changing his stand on certain matters. Lindell stated that he “will never shut up.”

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He also complained about his declining fortune as he continues to crusade against voting machines. Lindell stated that “they can take it all, and I’ve said that.” Lindell added that he’s “spent every dime” that he had.

Mike Lindell: ‘I Don’t Have Anything Less Than I Had Before’

Lindell elaborated on his financial status with more nonspecific statements and phrases. For instance, he mentioned that he doesn’t “have any money left” but that he “don’t have anything less” than what he had before.

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Lindell further explained that he once just had a “pickup truck and a house to live in.” He added that he doesn’t “drive around and eat with two forks.”

Mike Lindell Has Spread Debunked Claims Of Widespread Election Fraud

Mike Lindell has been in the headlines in recent years primarily because of the 2020 presidential election. Lindell has gone on record multiple times spreading debunked claims regarding widespread election fraud in that race.

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Lindell said that his stance has led to being drained professionally and personally. He has suffered quite an extensive string of financial woes for him and his MyPillow company as a result.

Lindell Claims MyPillow Lost $100M After Dropped by Retailers, Networks

Lindell claims that his company lost over $100 million in revenue once big-box retailer sand shopping networks pulled his products from their shelves and sales floors. Lindell also claimed that American Express tightened the credit line for his company as well.

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The company auctioned off thousands last year in equipment. It also subleased manufacturing space as its business revenue continued to decline.

Fox News Stopped Running MyPillow Ads In Payment Dispute

Fox News reportedly stopped running commercials and advertisements for MyPillow in a payment dispute back in January. This undoubtedly caused an even bigger impact on his company’s bottom line revenue and products.

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This is not the only obstacle that has been placed in Lindell’s path as a result of his decisions and outspoken comments.

Federal Judge Ordered Lindell To Pay $5M Plus Interest To Software Engineer

Mike Lindell was also ordered by a federal judge last month to pay $5 million in addition to interest to a software engineer. The amount was for an arbitration award given to a software engineer that challenged data supported by Lindell.

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Lindell felt as if the data proved that China interfered in the 2020 election. He turned it into a challenge with a $5 million prize to anyone that could prove him wrong.

Lindell, MyPillow Still Facing $1.3 Billion Defamation Claim From Voting Machine Company

One of the largest lawsuits that Mike Lindell and his company MyPillow are facing is a defamation claim. The voting machine company Dominion filed a $1.3 billion defamation claim against Lindell and his company.

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Multiple reports have confirmed that their lawsuit has started the discovery phase. Testimony and confidential documents will be produced in the months leading up to the trial.

A Different Voting Machine Has Also Sued Mike Lindell For Defamation

A different voting machine company, Smartmatic, has also filed a lawsuit against Lindell on the grounds of defamation as well. This case currently remains at a standstill.

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A court deadline was reportedly set for Monday regarding this specific case.

Former Dominion Employee Filed Third Defamation Case Against Lindell

Eric Coomer, a former Dominion employee, filed a defamation case against Mike Lindell as well. Coomer claimed that his life was threatened due to statements made by Lindell regarding the 2020 election.

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Lindell has reportedly asked the judge to dismiss the case. He argued that Coomer “cannot provide with clear and convincing evidence that defendants’ statements at issue are false or that such statements were made with actual malice.”

Lindell’s Previous Law Firm Withdrew From Federal Cases

Lindell’s previous law firm, Parkers Daniels Kibort, reportedly withdrew from the federal cases. The law firm, which is based in Minneapolis, dropped Lindell as a client due to millions of dollars in unpaid legal fees from last year.

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Lindell has apparently found a different law firm in Virginia to take his case. He is currently being represented by McSweeney, Cynkar, & Kachouroff.

Trump Thanked Lindell For ‘Standing Firm’ On Refusing To Accept Election Results

Donald Trump reportedly thanked Mike Lindell for “standing firm” regarding his refusal to accept the 2020 election results. According to the Daily Beast, Lindell told Trump that “anyone who moves on” from that election is “saying that you’re OK” with the results.

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Lindell also stated that he wanted to “melt down machines and use them into prison bars” regarding the voting machines in question. Trump allegedly told Lindell that his idea was “very interesting.”

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