Trump’s Truth Social Account Draws Criticism for Comparing Him to Jesus

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Donald Trump’s Truth Social account reportedly shared a controversial message that was allegedly created by a supporter of the former U.S. President. The message apparently compared Donald Trump to Jesus Christ.

Donald Trump Likely Did Not Post Message Himself

Donald Trump likely did not share the message to his social media platform with his own device. The former U.S. President was in court during a critical pre-trial hearing at the time of the post on Monday.

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Multiple reports confirm that Trump did not use his phone while in the courtroom for the hearing related to his New York hush money case. Therefore, the message was likely posted by someone on his team that has access to his account.

The Controversial Post Compared The Lives Of Trump And Jesus

The controversial social media post essentially compared the lives of Jesus of Nazareth and former U.S. President Trump. It stated that it was “ironic” that Jesus Christ “walked through His greatest persecution the very week they are trying to steal” Trump’s property from him.

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Trump reportedly described the overall sentiment of the message as “beautiful.”

Donald Trump Has Raised Questions About His Familiarity With The Bible

Trump once referred to the Bible book of “Second Corinthians” as “Two Corinthians.” The remark was made during a speech that he presented at Liberty University in 2016.

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Some viewed the inaccurate remark as a clear sign that Trump was unfamiliar with the Bible. It also raised concerns since the venue where he made such a considerable flub was a private evangelical Christian university.

Trump Held A Bible During Photo Op At St. John’s Church

Donald Trump also caused a stir back in June 2020 after a peaceful protest. Protesters were reportedly cleared away from Lafayette Square by force near the White House.

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Trump decided to hold a Bible for a photo opportunity that placed him in front of St. John’s Episcopal Church. This was argued by critics, churchgoers, and commentators as a cynical misuse of religion.

Trump Once Compared His Own Published Book To The Bible

Donald Trump did not just raise controversy by holding a Bible in a photo. He apparently raised controversy back in 2015 when he referenced the Bible in a speech while promoting his own published book, “The Art of the Deal.”

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Trump stated that he was the “No. 1 selling business author all time.” He then stated that when a person looks at “The Art of the Deal” they would see that the book is “a deep, deep second to the Bible.” He noted that the “Bible is the best,” but that his book “is second.”

Trump Admitted That Never Asked God For Forgiveness

During a July 2015 interview, Trump admitted that he had never asked God for forgiveness. This sparked criticism and controversy alike from some religious believers and leaders.

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Many people believe that forgiveness is a cornerstone of the Christian faith. Trump also added that he doesn’t “bring God into that picture.”

Trump Has Attended Church Services That Preach The Prosperity Gospel

Over the years, Donald Trump has attended services at churches that are widely known for preaching the prosperity gospel. The controversial prosperity gospel essentially highlights material wealth as a clear sign of God’s favor.

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For instance, he has attended the Marble Collegiate Church located in New York City. That is the church where the late Reverend Norman Vincent Peale made a name for himself by preaching the prosperity gospel.

Prosperity Gospel Preachers Have Expressed Their Support For Trump

There have been several prosperity gospel preachers over the years that have expressed their support of Donald Trump in public over the years as well. They have focused on his success in business as clear evidence that God finds favor in him.

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Their expressions have also highlighted his alignment with their specific beliefs. They emphasized that the cornerstones of the gospel of wealth and success are signs that God has blessed Donald Trump.

A Prosperity Gospel Televangelist Once Served As Trump’s Spiritual Advisor

Paula White, a widely-known prosperity gospel televangelist, once served as the former U.S. President’s spiritual adviser and personal pastor as well. She has defended Trump on a number of occasions.

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She has primarily stepped up when he was criticized for his service. White has also praised Trump for his leadership as presumably being anointed by God.

Paula White Felt As If Her Assignment To Work With Trump Was God’s Calling

Paula White opened up about her work with Donald Trump in a March 2019 interview. She stated that she had encountered “thousands of people, millions of people, over the course of ministry.” However, according to White, there was a “handful of people” that she knew was a “direct assignment” from God.

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White believed that her assignment to work with Donald Trump was one of those “direct” assignments. She also stated that Trump “genuinely cared” about the evangelical community.

Donald Trump Made Controversial Statements About COVID-19 Pandemic

This is not the first time that Donald Trump has made or posted a controversial comment that made headlines presumably for the wrong reasons. While he was still the U.S. President at the start of the pandemic, he repeatedly downplayed its severity.

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Trump compared the coronavirus to the flu and suggested treatments that were unproven, such as hydroxychloroquine. He even encouraged using disinfectants and bleach as potential COVID-19 treatments during a White House briefing.

Trump Once Dismissed Climate Change As a ‘Hoax’ From China

Trump also made headlines when he dismissed the global issue of climate change as a “hoax.” Trump explained that the hoax was primarily perpetrated by China.

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He also rolled back environmental regulations during his time in the Oval Office. He generated a lot of criticism and negative reactions from multiple countries when he withdrew the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement.

Trump Repeatedly Claimed That He Was The Winner Of The 2020 Election

Perhaps one of the most controversial remarks that Donald Trump has become known for is in regard to the 2020 presidential election. Trump repeatedly claimed that he won that election and should have been reelected as the U.S. President.

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Trump continued to repeat these inaccurate claim on multiple occasions, stating that he won the election by a “landslide.” Trump lost both the popular vote and the electoral college during that year’s election.

Trump Has Used Insulting, Derogatory Names To Describe Political Opponents, Critics

Trump has also become known for using derogatory and insulting names to describe his critics and political opponents. These names have been used in speeches, campaign events, and Truth Social posts.

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For instance, he referred to Hillary Clinton as “Crooked Hillary” and Bernie Sanders as “Crazy Bernie.” He has also referred to President Joe Biden as “Sleepy Joe.”

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