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Kanye West ‘Took Out’ His Teeth And Replaced Them With $850,000 Accessory

Source: David Shankbone, via Wikimedia Commons

Average Americans are fascinated with the lifestyles of the rich and famous. They seem to live entirely different lives than the rest of us, spending money frivolously and moving through life without a care in the world. Because they are under such intense scrutiny, every now and then a celebrity will do something that makes the rest of us go, “What?”

Let’s Talk About Kanye

Kanye West, ex-husband of Kim Kardashian and the rapper that performs under the pseudonym Ye, has popped up in the headlines for many different reasons over the years. The man is a walking controversy, a status that he seems to enjoy.

Source: Phil Romans, via Wikimedia Commons

One of the most recent controversies regarding West centers around anti-semetic comments that he posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, after his account was banned and then reinstated. It led to West losing brand partnerships as well as fans, and he has since issued an apology for his comments, though the internet has not yet forgotten.

An Internet Stunt

West’s most recent stunt, though, seems more on par with former controversies that surrounded the rapper in the 2000’s and the early 2010’s. Kanye West has always been a fan of making decisions that shock and startle people, and the most recent reveal that the rapper unleashed on the internet is no exception.

Source: Instagram/KanyeWest

A recent story on West’s Instagram stories revealed a new accessory that the rapper had installed. Namely, a new set of grills installed on his teeth that had some confused, and some awed.

Silver Teeth, to the Max

The new grills are titanium, and immediately West’s fans were some combination of horrified and intrigued by what the rapper had done to himself. A separate post showed the new grills in a little more detail, only furthering the confusion.

Source: Instagram/KanyeWest

The grills appear to sit right on top of Kanye’s teeth, and they have pointed fangs shaped into the outline of them, which West proudly showed off in his Instagram story. And, in a post that West was tagged in, it was revealed that the new teeth were a collaboration with a celebrity dentist: Dr. Thomas Connelly.

Familiar with Celebrities

Connelly is no stranger to working on celebrities in his dental practice. He is known as the Father of Diamond dentistry, a title that is reflected in the many photos of diamond tooth implants that are all over his Instagram page.

Source: Instagram/connellydds

Given his reputation, it’s no surprise that Connelly was the dentist that West went to with this new vision for his teeth. No standard dentist would work on such customized caps, no matter the price, but it was a challenge that Connelly was clearly willing to accept.

Theories Abound

The internet, of course, immediately had theories about Kanye West’s new teeth. The first question, and the foremost, was whether or not West had had his teeth removed in order to install his shiny new grill.

Source: Peter Hutchins, via Wikimedia Commons

Standard dentistry is, of course, a fairly expensive venture that requires specialized insurance and high deductibles for many Americans. The idea of having perfectly healthy teeth pulled for the sake of a specific look was one that baffled West’s fans, and they were the first to make their feelings known in the comments section.

The Doctor Speaks Up

Connelly was quick to step into the conversation about West’s teeth, though. He assured West’s fans and casual onlookers that West’s teeth were, in fact, perfectly intact. The new grill has been installed on top of his teeth, leaving the healthy bones complete behind it.

Source: Kenny Sun, via Wikimedia Commons

Despite the doctor’s reassurances that West’s teeth are intact behind the grill, another source familiar with the issue revealed that the new grill is “fixed and permanent,” meaning that the shiny new metal is going to be around, likely, for the foreseeable future.

More Details

More details about West’s new teeth were revealed after the fact as well. The “experimental dentistry” is mostly titanium, as was already known, but was also made of palladium and platinum in various areas. This is, assumedly, to help with the strength of the permanent fixtures in West’s mouth.

Source: Jason Persse, via Wikimedia Commons

The eye-watering cost of the teeth was revealed as well. It’s no secret that Kanye West is a wealthy man, a fact that was only emphasized by the $850,000 price tag of his new teeth. Many of his fans were awed by the steep price tag, which costs more than many houses in America today.

West’s Teeth Have Had the Spotlight Before

This is far from the first time that West has caused controversy by choices that he made with his teeth. Back in 2010, in an interview on the Ellen Degeneres show, West revealed that he’d had his bottom row of teeth replaced by a diamond grill.

Source: the1secondfilm, via Wikimedia Commons

Both then and now, permanent or not, the public had an opinion to share on the celebrity’s decision. One comment even went so far as to call the new silver grill “ a gum wrapper that he wrapped over his teeth like when we were kids.” Strong words from a commenter on the internet, but not untrue.

All Eyes on Kanye

The lifestyles of the rich and famous continue to baffle and amaze the rest of us, particularly when there’s a nearly $1 million price tag attached to their decisions. While Kanye West is no stranger to questionable choices, this one might be one of the oddest.

Source: David Shankbone, via Wikimedia Commons

All eyes are on the celebrity again, and it will be interesting to see how long these new grills last before West returns to a somewhat normal-looking smile. The dental fixtures might be “permanent,” but if West proved anything with this stunt, it’s that anything can be accomplished if you have the will and a large enough checkbook.

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