Lauren Boebert Ignored At Major Debate By Primary Challengers

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Rep. Lauren Boebert apparently did not receive very much acknowledgement from her primary challengers at a major debate earlier this week. One report claims that the Colorado representative was “almost entirely ignored” during the event for the Colorado congressional district.

Chris Phelen Mocked Candidates Wanting To ‘Get More Social Media Hits’

Chris Phelen reportedly asked the audience if they were “sick and tired of people that are coming to Congress just to get more social media hits.” Phelen followed it up by saying that he was in that category as well.

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However, the subtle jab towards Boebert came later in Phelen’s remarks. The Republican candidate told the crowd that he thought “someone up on this stage is doing” exactly that regarding the desired social media exposure.

Other Candidates Opted To Stick ‘To Their Talking Points

It would have been relatively easy for the Republican candidates to use the debate as an opportunity to target Boebert. There are several headline-worthy scandals to which Boebert is linked.

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Surprisingly, though, the candidates chose a different route during the major debate. Essentially, instead of focusing on why Boebert should not be the representative, they focused on why each of them should. One report noted that the other candidates “stuck to their talking points” and “almost entirely ignored Boebert.”

Challenging Candidates Targeted Boebert At First GOP Primary Debate

Even though the challenging candidates apparently avoided attacking Boebert in the recent debate, the exact opposite was the case at the first GOP primary debate held in late January. All of her eight opponents made it clear that they would not support Boebert’s candidacy if they were not running against her.

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Rep. Mike Lynch even called Boebert a “carpetbagger” during that first debate. A carpetbagger is used to label someone that attempts to get elected within an area to which they have no real connection. It is often used to describe career politicians that are specifically known for their unscrupulous behavior and selfishness.

Boebert Defended Social Media Posts, Labeled It A ‘Bully Pulpit

Lauren Boebert defended her controversial presence within social media platforms. She stated that she “used that bully pulpit to get a lot of things done.”

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According to Boebert, her various attempts to pass legislation within her first term were blocked by Democratic leadership. Many critics and politicians have weighed in over the years, commenting that Boebert has essentially used her social media platforms as a virtual megaphone of controversial statements.

Boebert Used Social Media To Attack The LGBT+ Community

One report concluded that Lauren Boebert’s Twitter account in 2022 was the “third biggest source” of anti-transgender misinformation on the entire platform. Boebert was listed right after James Lindsay and Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene.

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That report further claimed that tweets created by the top ten controversial posters considered were viewed more than 48 million times. Researchers concluded that those messages were “responsible for driving” the narrative of “grooming.”

Richard Holtorf Targeted Boebert In Remark About ‘Seat Shopping

State Rep. Richard Holtorf once hinted at “seat shopping” when discussing Boebert’s ambitions and plans. He stated that “seat shopping isn’t something voters look kindly on” in today’s political climate.

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Holtorf further wondered if Boebert thought the American people “were stupid” or were “going to be fooled by this trickery.” This commentary was initiated after Boebert announced her intention to abandon her run to keep her seat in CD3 and run for the heavily-conservative and recently-vacated CD4 seat instead. Boebert’s decision was in response to Ken Buck announcing his plans to not run again for Congress – which left his seat vacant.

Political Analyst Claims Boebert’s Race Decision Is ‘Unprecedented

Dick Wadhams, a political analyst with CBS News Colorado, made it clear that this type of campaign move is “unprecedented.” According to Wadhams, Boebert “knew she was probably going to lose in the 3rd Congressional District.”

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Further reports show that Boebert came close to losing her CD3 run for reelection back in 2022. Wadhams also agrees that Boebert becoming the seventh candidate in the already-crowded CD4 primary race will likely not persuade any of the existing candidates to quit.

Boebert Once Referred To Charges Against Trump Was ‘Election Interference

The Colorado congresswoman claimed back in August that she was “actually really excited” about the indictment of Donald Trump. In her opinion, the indictment made it more likely that Trump would win the election in 2024.

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As a longtime supporter of the former U.S. president, Boebert stated in an interview with Newsmax that charging Trump for trying to overturn the 2020 election result was “election interference at its finest.” She further expressed that the Department of Justice had become the “Department of Injustice.”

Boebert Labeled Department of Justice As Biden’s ‘Campaign Headquarters

In response to Donald Trump’s indictment in 2023, Lauren Boebert also targeted Joe Biden and Jack Smith with her comments. She stated that the Department of Justice had become Biden’s “new campaign headquarters.”

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She also identified Special Counsel Jack Smith as being Biden’s “new campaign manager.” Smith was brought onboard as special counsel in November 2022. He was given the responsibility of overseeing the 2020 election case in addition to the Mar-a-Lago classified documents case involving Trump.

How Lauren Boebert Launched Her Career At Beto O’Rourke Rally

Boebert reportedly launched her career in Colorado politics during an Aurora rally that featured then–presidential hopeful Beto O’Rourke in 2020. The five-foot-tall woman attended the rally with a pair of high heels and a holstered Glock.

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O’Rourke made the comment that he promised to take away all assault-style weapons during speech. That was the moment when Boebert reportedly grabbed the microphone and shouted, “Hell no, you’re not!” Her passionate response drew the attention of conservative Republications and helped to launch her new career.

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