McDonald’s $25 Meal Deal Criticized On Internet, Tied Directly To California Minimum Wage Hike

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A TikTok video showcasing a $25 McDonald’s meal deal in Southern California has ignited a heated online conversation. With millions of views, the video has prompted discussions about the impact of minimum wage hikes on fast food prices.

This video caused internet debate as social media users expressed concerns over the high cost of the meal, reflecting broader discussions about affordability and economic challenges.

Viral Social Media on $25 Million Deal Causes Online Debate

A viral video on social media showing a $25 McDonald’s “deal” has stirred an online debate regarding California’s minimum wage increase.

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On March 27th, a TikTok user known as @shannon_montipaya shared the video. Filmed at a Southern California McDonald’s drive-thru, the video showcased a promotional sign advertising a 40-piece Chicken McNugget meal deal accompanied by two large fries.

TikTok User Complains of The Price of Nuggets and Fries

The video, viewed over 2 million times, triggered widespread dissatisfaction among viewers, with many expressing nostalgia for lower McDonald’s prices in the past.

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The TikTok user complained about how pricey the meal was. “Okay, so it’s $25.39 for 40-piece nuggets and two large fries,” she said. “You couldn’t even throw in the Sprite?”.

The  Tiktok User Complains of  The Small Portions Despite The Price

The price of the meal was $25.39, which was exclusive of the tax; thus, it came to about $27, and there was no accompaniment.

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Shannon, as she goes by the name of Tiktok, complained, “You couldn’t even throw in, like, a medium Sprite in there? Holy crap.”

Prices of Fast Food Chain Have Risen Over The Years

The meal is meant for four people, yet the customer complained about the portions, pointing out how prices in the food chain have gone up over the years.

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Despite the outrageous prices, the portions are not the same as ten years ago, when the average price of a 10-piece McNugget was $5.99, and the same meal cost twice as much at $10.99.

Study By Finance Buzz Shows 100% Increase Since 2014

A study by FinanceBuzz reveals that McDonald’s prices have soared by 100% since 2014, with meal prices costing double in a decade.

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In the past, meals that a large group of people consumed are now single-serving meals, and yet they are so pricey as one commentator remembered, “I spent $48 there yesterday…my jaw on the floor,”

Many People Attest To Food Chain Hiked Prices

In the video that garnered 2 million views, thousands of TikTok users complained of the hiked meal prices at McDonald’s. One of the commentators said, “Remember when 40 pieces of nuggets were $5 and a large drink was $1,”

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In the past, there were so many accompaniments, as a TikTok user remembered. The manager’s special used to be 40 nuggets, a gallon of tea, and an LG fry for about 20 dollars. SMH.”

California’s Minimum Wage Hike To Blame For The Raised Prices

Amidst the debate, attention turned to California’s recent legislation, raising the minimum wage for fast food workers from $16 to $20.

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Some TikTok users commented, “20 minimum wage…..welcome to your new normal,” and others, “Welcome to California,” to show how increased wage prices in California have caused increased food prices.

California Food Prices Pricier Than Other States

During the TikTok uproar over food prices, some users commented on the difference in food prices compared to their states.

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One Tiktok user from Florida said, “50 nuggets here are 15 [dollars], while another Texas resident compared prices, saying, “It’s $6.19 in Dallas for a 20 piece and two large fries,”

Other TikTok Viewers Thought the Video Was an Overreaction

Amidst the uproar, some social media users defended the prices, arguing that the meal deal wasn’t excessive, while others deemed it a bargain.

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Moreover, Some TikTok viewers termed the video an overreaction: “12.50/person isn’t that crazy,” and others felt the price was not that bad. “You getting a good deal, and you complaining,”

Wage Hike Impact as Mod Pizza Closures and Layoffs

With the minimum wage hike taking effect on April 1st, fast food businesses across California had been preparing for months, with some facing closures and layoffs.

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MOD Pizza shuttered several California locations ahead of the wage increase, while other chains like Pizza Hut and Round Table Pizza reported layoffs, citing financial strain.

Business Responses to Wage Hike: Adaptation or Struggle?

As fast food chains navigate the wage increase landscape, questions arise about their strategies for adapting to higher labor costs while maintaining profitability.

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California’s minimum wage increase serves as a focal point for discussions on the broader economic ramifications of wage policies on consumer prices and business operations.

California Fast Food Chains Laying off Employees

The Wall Street Journal reported last month that MOD Pizza, Pizza Hut, and Round Table Pizza have sent home employees.

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This comes at a time when the minimum wage was to be increased on April 1, and hence, the five Califonia pizza locations have been reducing their employee numbers.

TikTok Video Shows  Its Power To Shape Consumer Perceptions

The influence of viral content on social media platforms like TikTok highlights its power to shape consumer perceptions and ignite discussions on economic issues.

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Employees can speak on what they are going through amidst California layoffs, like a Former MOD pizza employee who spoke to FOX 26: “It just kind of seemed like the right timing, two weeks before all of the fast food locations in California got that increase that we closed.”

McDonald’s and Industry Response Awaited Amidst Pricing Controversy

As the debate rages on, eyes turn to McDonald’s and the fast food industry for their responses to consumer discontent and the broader implications of wage policies on pricing strategies.

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Moving forward, the ongoing dialogue surrounding fast food pricing will continue to illuminate societal expectations, economic realities, and the evolving dynamics of the food industry.

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