Migrant Crisis Is A ‘National Security Threat’ Warns Border Patrol Chief, Says His Biggest Fear Is The 140,000 ‘Known Got-Aways’

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Amongst every other national issue that keeps the US border patrol chief awake at night, the hundreds of thousands of immigrants flooding in and out of the US tops the list.

It really seems to be getting out of hand, and if it isn’t handled soon, it will in no time become a huge national security threat. To top it all, the border patrol chief is not scared about those who were apprehended, he’s more concerned about those who got away. Here’s why.

Hundreds Of Immigrants Are Camping Out South Of South Border Wall 

Hundreds of thousands of migrants have somehow found their way into the US and they have also been reported to have crossed the international boundary. This boundary is just a few hundred yards south of the border wall. 

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The major problem is that these migrants have decided that they will no longer allow the Texas National Guard to return them to Mexico. You won’t believe what they did next. 

These Migrants Broke Their Way Into El Paso 

Oh yes, these migrants were dead serious about not being pushed out of the US. When they were spotted, the Texas National Guard quickly got to work and started pushing them south of the concertina wire in the dead of the night.

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This continued for a few hours until the migrants decided to break their way through the razor wire. They all made a run for it, breached the concertina wire, and made a rush for the wall in El Paso. 

This Is A National Security Threat

In a recent interview, the United States Border Patrol chief talked about how concerned he is about the issue of migrants. He believes this is nothing but a national security threat.

Source: X/Reuters

He also said that the crisis at the southern border has been keeping him up at night. He also laid emphasis on how much danger is posed by the million migrants who have entered the US in the past few years. 

The Tens Of Thousands Apprehended Are Not The Problem 

During an interview with CBS News, Owens mentioned some important details. He stated that he’s not bothered about the tens of thousands of migrants whom they have successfully apprehended.

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He also mentioned how active the US Border Patrol are, they are just a few days away from apprehending a total of one million migrants in fiscal 2024. Surprisingly this all started in October 2023. 

The Problem Is The 140,000 That Have Gotten Away 

Putting the tens of thousands that have been apprehended aside, Border Patrol Chief Jason Owens is not in any way concerned about them. They’ve been apprehended and there’s a low probability of them causing any damage.

Source: X/Reuters

However, this is not the same for the 140,000 migrants who have gotten away with sneaking into the country. Owen mentioned that the number is alarming and this is the actual reason why he’s not been able to sleep. 

Why Are They Hiding? 

Owen is really worried and he’s been asking a lot of questions, questions that he’s dying to get responses to. He’s eager to know why they’re hiding, what exactly it is that they have to hide.

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Are they bringing something into the country? And where exactly are they coming from? These are the primary concerns of the USBP. It is alarming because their locations and backgrounds are unknown to the US government. 

No Answers To These Questions 

Owen went ahead to say, these are valid questions but the USBP simply doesn’t have any answers to them. And these right here are what represent the threats to the entire US community.

Source: X/CBSNewsColorado

Although this might look like a setback for the USBP, they are actively working on fishing them out and they are sure they will get a positive response soon. 

The Aim Is To Record Two Million Apprehensions By September 

Owen and his team are actively working on solving these issues, he mentioned in his interview that he and his department are working on delivering approximately two million apprehensions by the end of the fiscal year in September. 

Source: X/WilheminaFoxx

Owen also stated that border security is a big piece of the nation’s security and the migrants are only trying to exploit the country’s vulnerability at the moment. 

These Migrants Are From At Least 160 Different Countries 

It might be shocking to hear that these migrants are not from just a few countries. According to Owens the migrants who have made their way into the country are from at least 160 different countries.

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Some of these countries are several continents away. He mentioned the routes from Europe and Asia that lead to the Darién Gap in Panama which is the starting point for smugglers who then lead the migrants into the US. 

Harsher Immigration Policies Will Be Needed 

Owen mentioned that the Biden administration has been struggling to make harsher immigration policies and that’s what is needed at this time.

Source: Jim Watson

Owen wants migrants to serve jail time. He also wants migrants to be deported and never be allowed to set foot back into the country. He however believes that migrants might be good people, but they need to protect their territory. 

The US Is Battling With At Least 8 Million Asylum Seekers 

The US is said to be grappling with at least 8 million asylum seekers, and they are those who have crossed the southern borders and have caused an increase in the challenges faced by an underfunded and antiquated immigration system.

Source: X/USBPChiefRGV

Mind you these 8 million people are now free to roam the cities of America. Let’s not forget the 2 million high-priority cases of career criminals who are also seeking asylum. 

A Stance Against Deportation 

The immigration system is going through hard times, there’s a large number of migrants coming into the country every month, about 302,000 monthly crossings.

Source: X/PointmanAlerts

This has left thousands of migrants unsure of their fate in the US. Whether they’d be allowed to stay or be deported. Good news for them since the Biden administration seriously frowns upon deportation. 

Several Migrants Are Awaiting The Government’s Decision 

Going by the most recent data on migrants, there’s a large number of migrants who are awaiting a decision about their status. This is something that has become extremely prevalent in the Biden administration.

Source: AP/Felix Marquez

And because the administration has refused to come up with more stringent immigration policies, the United States recorded a total of 6 million migrants by the end of fiscal 2023. 

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