Mysterious Boeing 737 Found In a Field, And No One Knows How It Got There

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In what is one of the most bizarre things to discover, an abandoned Boeing 737 was found in a field in Pandawa Beach, Bali. Moreover, no one knows how it even got there. No records show a plane missing in this vicinity, and the locals aren’t too forthcoming about the plane. So, what’s the deal with this plane?

A Plane in a Field

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It’s not often that you’d just randomly happen to come across a plane in a forest, but that’s exactly what you’ll find if you go exploring the wooded area near Pandawa Beach, Bali. It sits very near the Raya Nusa Dua Selatan highway, making it an easy trek for curious visitors.

Immediately, clever travelers would assume that the plane was a crash landing. However, looking at the plane perfectly preserved in the greenery, it’s evident that no crash was involved. Whoever left this plane here did so after landing it or parking it here. After coming to this realization, the situation seems a lot more eerie.

A Wealthy Businessman’s Folly?

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Some of the residents have put the plane down to it being a wealthy businessman’s failed attempt at starting a new business here. Some claim the plane would have been turned into a fancy restaurant and bar, but the businessman ran out of money before the scheme could materialize.

For a few years, it had sat undisturbed by all but a few urban trekkers, hoping to experience a legend firsthand. However, as the number of visitors started to rise and the plane grew in popularity, the owner of the plot it’s situated on fenced it off to stop unwary travelers from endangering themselves.

Not The Only Stranded Boeing In Bali

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Knowing how small Bali is, it’s unlikely that there would be another stranded plane here, right? Well, it turns out there is. The second stranded Boeing 737 is located right next to Dunkin Donuts and is open to the public if you’d like to explore what these planes look like inside.

The second plane is far less mysterious as everyone knows its story. It was bought and put there as an events venue. It has seen its share of parties since 2018, but after lockdowns started happening in 2019 because of the pandemic, the location was neglected and is now a remnant of the time before COVID.

How To Find The Plane

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The abandoned airplane isn’t impossible to find, although you probably can’t use a navigation app to get to it. It’s visible from the highway, although you really have to pay attention or you’ll miss it. The area in front of it is overgrown with bushes and trees, so it’s not clearly visible.

One of the best landmarks to use when looking for the plane is a wall of sea containers, also dumped along the side of the road. Whether it’s on purpose to mark the closest approach to the aircraft or not is uncertain. Once you get to the containers, you’re almost there.

Alternative Route to the Plane

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The shipping container location will give you a view of the plane, but you won’t be able to get to it. A massive fence surrounds the plane, but the property owners are accommodating to the public. There’s another path a little way up the road that leads to the front entrance.

The owners of the property will probably charge you a fee for entering the property, but it’s a nominal fee. Once you’ve paid, you can explore this urban legend as long as you like, although whatever clues for its existence will probably already have been taken.

Is The Owner a Local?

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The “mysterious businessman” who owns the plane is rarely ever mentioned by name, and most travelers assume he’s a local. However, according to the records, he’s actually an Australian. He has never released a comment as to why the airplane is there, but many people continue to speculate.

The plane actually sits on a disused limestone quarry, and recently, speculation about the aircraft has risen. It was assumed the owner would have to move the plane if the quarry resumed operation. Some suggest it was abandoned in the first place because the owner couldn’t get the permits necessary for his business idea.

A Shift in Tourism

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Bali is well-known for its crystal-clear beaches and its lush, tropical greenery. Every year, thousands of people visit the island. It also has a thriving digital nomad community that supports and helps develop the local economy. However, a strange trend has happened in recent years.

While Bali’s beaches and tropical hiking spots continue attracting many people, its abandoned sites have also seen a lot of tourist activity. Aside from these two mentioned Boeing 737s, there is also a McDonnell Douglas DC 10 and another derelict 737 (THREE of them!) in the far west of the island.

The History of the Aircraft

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Tracing the plane’s lineage shows some exciting activity. Apparently, the aircraft was built sometime in October 1982. It flew as a plane in the Arkia Israeli Airlines before it was bought by a small British operation called Dan-Air London. It continued to fly there until 1993.

In March 1993, the plane was bought by Mandala Airlines, a Jakarta-based operation. When the company was rebranded as Tigerair Malaysia in 2011, the plane might still have been part of the fleet. There are no logos or markings on it, so it’s unclear whether the Australian businessman bought it before or after 2011.

How Did It Get Into the Quarry?

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Anyone who has seen a plane take off or land knows it’s impossible to do it unless you have enough space. This knowledge raises the question – how did it even get into the quarry? According to eyewitness testimonials, the plane was maneuvered into the quarry in 2013.

Vague recountings by locals suggest that the plane was brought in via the highway part by part. Once arriving, the pieces were then reassembled into the complete plane that we see today. It’s a far more viable story than thinking someone flew it into the quarry.

A Safe Mystery

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Many people have their own conspiracy theories about the plane, but a little digging is all you need to uncover the truth. The only real mystery remains how long the aircraft will stay there and whether it’ll remain a tourist attraction for the long term.

Visitors to Bali have a lot of things to see, and even the urban legend seekers have something to discover on this pristine island paradise. Things age, however, and since the plane isn’t being maintained, it’s only a matter of time before it falls apart. However, that might create a brand-new attraction for thrill-seekers to check out.

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