New Study On Trans Athletes In Women’s Sports Released by Olympic Committee Will Make Conservatives Mad

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A new study sponsored by the International Olympic Committee is challenging the notion that trans women have an unfair advantage in women’s sports. While they do have an advantage in some aspects, there are also several disadvantages that have been overlooked – up until now. Here’s what the new study taught us!

Do Trans Women Belong In Women’s Sports? 

It’s one of the hottest and most controversial debates in all of sports – perhaps in sports history. On one hand, you have people who believe transgender women (those who were born male but identify as female) have no place in women’s sports. 

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On the other hand, you have people who are ready to accept trans and cisgender women as equals in the sports community. What’s becoming increasingly clear is that no one truly knows what the right answer is – at least not with the data we have now. 

Conservatives Support Trans Women Ban 

Nonetheless, conservatives and Republicans across the nation have mounted their attack on transgender women. In fact, 24 states (nearly half of the United States) have already passed laws prohibiting trans women from participating in women’s sports. 

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Still, more than half of the country has yet to take action as they either await more data or continue to push flawed policies through the state legislatures – in hopes of succeeding. Either way, it’s clear that the nation is split on this very topic. 

International Olympic Committee Sponsors New Study

Those who want more data will be pleased with what the International Olympic Committee is doing. They recently sponsored a new study – conducted by the University of Brighton – aimed at comparing (and contrasting) a cisgender male’s body to a transgender woman’s body. 

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All participants in the study – which included 35 transgender athletes and a group of cisgender athletes – either competed in sports or took part in physical training. The trans athletes had to have spent at least one year on hormone replacement therapy (HRT). 

The Flawed Misconception About Trans Women In Sports

The study found that most people today have a flawed misconception about transgender women in women’s sports. While transgenders are certainly stronger in some aspects, such as grip strength, they are actually weaker in other aspects, such as the lower body. 

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Not only that, but the study found that transgender women have a similar bone density as cisgender women. So, while they might have an advantage in some areas, many people are ignoring the fact that they also have a disadvantage in other areas. 

Transgender Bodies Differ From Cisgender Bodies

One of the biggest inaccuracies of this debate is that most people are comparing the body of a transgender woman to the body of a cisgender female – as if the transgender woman is in a male body. The problem is that’s not the case. 

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What we’re forgetting is that a transgender woman’s body is far different from a cisgender male’s body – especially after the transgender individual goes through surgery or takes HRT. So, it’s not the same as a cisgender male entering women’s sports. 

Anti-Trans Crowd Isn’t Producing Enough Evidence

The new study isn’t making the anti-trans community very happy, but it’s certainly giving trans women a bit of a victory in the ongoing battle. In fact, many pro-Trans groups and individuals are criticizing the other side for having a lack of evidence to support their claims. 

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It doesn’t matter what end of the spectrum you fall on, the new study advances a discussion that was lacking evidence-based claims. As time goes on, more evidence will be brought to the table (for both sides). Until then, society will be divided.

All Elite Wrestling Criticized For Featuring Trans Athlete

Unfortunately, the new study isn’t going to stop anti-trans groups and individuals from trying to prevent trans women from competing in women’s sports. We saw that recently when All Elite Wrestling allowed a trans athlete to compete in its women’s division.

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While that’s a win for the trans community, the Oklahoma State Athletic Commission (OSAC) quickly warned the wrestling promotion not to do it again because it violates OSAC rules regarding men competing alongside women.

NAIA All But Bans Transgenders From Women’s Sports

Earlier this month, the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) – which is essentially a step below the NCAA – instituted a new policy that all but bans transgender women from competing with biological women in all sports. 

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“Each NAIA sport includes some combination of strength, speed and stamina, providing competitive advantages for male student-athletes. As a result, the NAIA policy for transgender student-athletes applies to all sports except for competitive cheer and competitive dance, which are open to all students,” the NAIA wrote in a statement.

House Republicans Call For Total Ban On Transgenders

Even that’s not enough to please House Republicans – who want to see something similar (yet stricter) enacted across all sports (professional, college, amateur, etc.). They’re currently taking aim at the NCAA in hopes of instituting a total ban on transgender athletes. 

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In fact, a group of 17 lawmakers wrote a letter to NCAA President Charlie Baker. “We are deeply concerned about the future of women’s sports and upholding the critical Title IX protections for women’s sports with the NCAA’s current policies,” said one lawmaker. 

Supporting Their Argument With A 2022 Study

House Republicans are using a 2022 study – dubbed Transwoman Elite Athletes: Their Extra Percentage Relative to Female Physiology – to support their argument. The study found that ‘many anatomical sex differences driven by testosterone are not reversible.’ 

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They’re arguing that estrogen therapy won’t reverse most athletic performance parameters that were present prior to therapy – meaning transgender women do hold an advantage, even if they’ve undergone HRT (which contradicts the newer study).

Dawn Staley Says Trans Athletes Should Be Allowed To Play

While many people are joining together to try and keep transgender women out of women’s sports, there are some prominent figures who are ready to welcome them into their programs – including South Carolina Gamecocks head coach Dawn Staley. 

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“I’m of the opinion of, if you’re a woman, you should play. If you consider yourself a woman, and you want to play sports or vice versa, you should be able to play. That’s my opinion. You want me to go deeper?” she said – clarifying that she believes transgender women should be able to compete alongside biological women.

More Research, Studies, and Data Are Needed

We can sit here all day and go through everyone’s opinion on the matter, but the thing we want everyone to take away from this is that more research is needed before we start telling groups of people what they can or can’t do. 

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The truth is transgender women have some advantages over biological women, but biological women also have some advantages over transgender women. Should that stop them from competing with each other? I would say Victor Wembanyama has an advantage over other players in the NBA (he’s 7-foot-4), but he’s still allowed to play.

What do you think?

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