Police Confiscate Writer E. Jean Carroll’s Unregistered Revolver Following Trump Defamation Trial Testimony

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New York police confiscated a firearm belonging to writer E. Jean Carroll after she mentioned having an unlicensed firearm at home while providing testimony to support her defamation lawsuit against former President Donald Trump. The confiscation happened in February. This important information was detailed in a police report obtained by NBC News.

The Police Chief Visited Carroll

According to the report, the police chief of Warwick, N.Y., paid a visit to Carroll at her home on February 15 “to discuss some open issues.”

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Carroll’s disclosure of the handgun she owns was one of the important issues that was discussed during the visit. Carroll had shared details about the handgun during her testimony on January 17.

Owning An Unlicensed Revolver

On the second day of the defamation lawsuit trial, Carroll informed the lower Manhattan federal court that she keeps with her a “high standard revolver, nine chambers” at home loaded with ammunition.

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Carroll explained that she keeps the revolver by her bed. She added, “I still do not have a license.”

Carroll Surrendered The Revolver

Officer John Rader stated in his report that he “offered to secure the weapon at the police station’s property for safekeeping.”

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Carroll along with a member of her personal security team handed over the gun the day after Officer Rader’s visit.

The Firearm Is Currently Being Held

According to the report, the firearm is currently being held. To regain access to it, Carroll will have to acquire a New York state pistol license.

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NBC News reported that Carroll and one of her attorneys have not responded to requests for comment as of Friday evening. Officer Rader has also not responded.

New York State Law For Firearm Possession

According to New York state law, an individual found in possession of an unregistered firearm like a pistol will be liable to face criminal charges for the offense.

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This felony offense carries a maximum penalty of four years imprisonment.

Not Clear Why The Police Waited

It is unclear why the police decided to wait nearly a month before following up in person regarding the unregistered gun Carroll had mentioned during the trial.

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It is also uncertain if the police still have possession of the firearm.

The Judge Seemed Frustrated

Carroll’s firearm possession turned into a heated topic during cross-examination in the January hearing. Trump’s attorney Alina Habba questioned Carroll about her gun ownership while asking her if she was aware of the need for a firearm license.

Source: Wikipedia/Administrative Office of the United States Courts

U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan was presiding over the case. According to NBC News, Kaplan appeared visibly frustrated with the line of questioning from Habba. When Habba started asking Carroll about the firearm, Kaplan said, “Please don’t even start.”

Carroll Received $83.3 Million In Damages

The jury awarded Carroll $83.3 million in damages over the former president’s repeated defamation of her. The amount included $11 million for any damage incurred to Carroll’s reputation, $7.3 million for any kind of emotional harm and other damages. Carroll also received $65 million for punitive damages.

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Kaplan rejected arguments from Trump’s attorneys attempting to get the case dismissed on the grounds that Carroll had deleted the threatening messages, including messages with overt death threats.

Trump’s Post On Truth Social

Trump discussed the trial from his perspective by posting on Truth Social. Trump wrote, “We learned that E. Jean Carroll is no ‘baby.’”


Trump added, “She admitted on the stand to deleting massive amounts of evidence, under subpoena, which is a crime. Based on that alone, both this trial and the first trial should be immediately dismissed! Additionally, she first admitted to having a gun without a license, but then admitted to buying bullets for a rifle, not a handgun, which perhaps makes no sense. Her lawyers went crazy—and so did the Judge trying to protect her and this Complete and Total Election Interfering Witch Hunt!”

Trump’s Comments During The Trial

While the trial was in progress, Trump kept speaking loudly and making gestures to his legal team as Carroll was telling a nine-person jury how the former president had destroyed her reputation and all the ways in which his supporters had threatened her life.

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Trump was found making comments like, “It really is a con job,” and “It is a witch hunt.” Shawn Crowley, Carroll’s attorney, brought the issue to the judge’s notice.

Judge Threatened To Kick Trump Out Of The Courtroom

When the jurors went on a lunch break, Kaplan said,  “Mr. Trump has the right to be present here.”

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Kaplan added emphatically, “That right can be forfeited, and it can be forfeited if he is disruptive and if he disregards court orders.”

Kaplan’s Remark to Trump

Kaplan told Trump, “Mr. Trump, I hope I don’t have to consider excluding you from the trial. I understand you are very eager for me to do that.”

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Trump retorted, “I would love it.”

Kaplan Commented On Trump’s Seeming Lack Of Control

Kaplan responded to Trump’s comment by saying, “I know you would because you just can’t control yourself in this circumstance.”

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Emphasizing his point further, Kaplan added, “You just can’t.”

Carroll’s Defamation Lawsuit Against Trump

Carroll filed a defamation lawsuit against Trump  because he had branded her a liar while also denying her claims of sexual assault. Trump has consistently denied the allegations, stating he never met Carroll and that she just was not his “type.”

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Trump has also accused Carroll of leveraging his name to sell books and gain notoriety.

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