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Elon Musk Hits Back at Reuters, Claims Tesla is Still Committed to Affordable EVs

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Reuters reported, based on anonymous sources and internal messages, that Tesla was  reneging on its commitment to launch cheaper EVs by 2025. 

Tesla’s Share Price 

This report was the cause of a 6.2% drop in Tesla’s stock price, 

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Which partially rebounded later to close to the opening price at just under $170 per share on Friday.

Unnamed Sources

Reuters, citing anonymous sources and internal messages, 

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Made a statement that Tesla was going to renege on its commitment to launch cheaper EVs by 2025. 

Replying To A Post 

Musk stated in a reply to a post on his social media platform X, 

Source: Reuters/Patrick Fallon

“Reuters is lying (again).”

Elon Musk 

Elon Musk, the billionaire proprietor of Tesla, made announcement dating back to 2018, 

Source: Forbes

to introduce a $25,000 car known as the Model 2.

Traffic On The Website 

Later, Musk reposted a chart showing the decrease in Reuters’ monthly and yearly website traffic. 

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“Reuters is dying,” Musk said.

Notable Progress

In January, 

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According to Bloomberg, Musk stated that Tesla was making notable progress in developing an affordable vehicle.


Reuters wrote that,

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“Two sources said they learned of Tesla’s decision to scrap the Model 2 in a meeting attended by scores of employees, with one of them saying the gathering happened in late February.”

Most Affordable Car 

Currently, tesla’s most affordable car, the Model 3, is priced at around $40,000 in the United States, 

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While some other electric vehicles in its range can reach prices that go up to $150,000 and more.

The Media Outlet 

one person said,

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“Elon’s directive is to go all in on robotaxi.”

Biden Administration

Despite this, 

Source: Tesla Tech Central

The Biden administration continues to actively promote a transition away from gas powered vehicles.  

Demand Of The Consumer 

In light of the underwhelming consumer demand for electric vehicles, 

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automakers like Ford and GM have decided to postpone or completely reduce their EV production plans. 


Subsequent to the Reuters report, Elon Musk reacted by posting the eyes emoji, 

Source: Tesla Tech Central

Often used to highlight or bring attention to a specific point, especially under a post providing a possible interpretation of the story.

Very similar

Co-founder of an apparel company, Sawyer Merritt, 

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“Elon just said Reuters was lying. However, here is my general thinking. Tesla’s low-cost $25k car and the Robotaxi were always going to be based on the same platform. They were going to be very similar, but the $25k version was going to have a steering wheel.”

Merritt Added 

Merritt added,

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“Maybe Elon and the team have been so impressed with how good FSD 12 has performed and were maybe thinking they should be shifting even more resources to the Robotaxi/FSD effort,” “This doesn’t mean the $25k car is canceled. Again, they share the same platform.”

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