Emergency Operation Plan Developed for Solar Eclipse by NY State Police and Other Agencies 

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The New York State Police recently issued a warning about the impact that an upcoming solar eclipse may have on cell phone service. Thousands of people will likely make a trip to the state to view this astronomical phenomenon in person.

What Will Happen During The Solar Eclipse On April 8?

Studies confirm that the moon will move to a certain position on April 8. That position will consist of the entire disc shape of the sun being blocked within several states throughout the U.S.

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The early afternoon hours for millions of people will essentially be forced into a state of darkness when that happens.

What Areas Will Be Affected By Solar Eclipse?

The path of totality will reportedly start in Mexico when the solar eclipse begins. It will then extend across Texas and Oklahoma. It will pass through Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont, and New Hampshire as well.

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Reports show that it will also head to Maine. The eclipse will also head over the North Atlantic as well.

Large Crowds Expected To Visit The Path Of Totality

The solar eclipse is expected to draw massive crowds of interested onlookers throughout the United States. Many people will want to be able to see the solar eclipse take place firsthand as witnesses.

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This is one of the reasons why a growing number of officials throughout the nation have made their concerns known – especially among their respective citizens.

Concern Grows About ‘Enormous Strain’ Expected For Local Hospitals, Roadways

There will likely be an “enormous strain” placed on congested roadways and local hospitals during the event. This has been the source of concern for a lot of officials when it comes to the availability of public safety resources.

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Several states have even reminded their residents of the need to fill up their gas tanks and stock up on groceries as the day of the solar eclipse quickly approaches. There will also be a need to fill medical prescriptions in advance due to the projected traffic increases.

NY State Police: ‘Cellular Networks May Be Overloaded by High Volume’

The New York State Police issued a press release on Tuesday that consisted of a list of concerns that troopers had about the eclipse. The event is expected to place a major strain on cell towers throughout the local areas that will be impacted.

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According to the press release, “cellular networks may be overloaded by high volume.” If that takes place, phone calls may get dropped or not go through at all.

AT and T Said Eclipse ‘Will Have No Direct Operational Impact’ On Wireless Network

AT and T has apparently worked hard behind the scenes to keep customers connected. The company recently issued a statement confirming that they are fully prepared to handle the demand associated with the eclipse.

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According to the statement, “the eclipse itself will have no direct operational impact” on the wireless network. AT and T further confirmed that the system has “drastically changed” since the last time a solar eclipse occurred in 2017.

AT and T Employee Suggests Using WIFI Connection For Media Sharing

Damon Mack, an assistant manager that works for AT and T, suggested that people use Wi-Fi connections during the event when sharing media. He recommended connecting to Wi-Fi to help “upload those pictures and send those pictures and videos.”

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Service could slow down drastically within certain areas during the event. This is especially the case in the heavily-congested areas that will have the most visitors.

T-Mobile Increased ‘Investments In Network Hardening’ To Reduce Interruptions

T-Mobile also went above and beyond with preventative measures to protect its cell phone service as well. The company issued a statement that referenced the “investments in network hardening by more than 30%” made over the past two years.

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The goal of these changes is to prevent or at least reduce service interruptions that occur during inclement weather, disasters and other major events.

T-Mobile Is Working ‘Hand-In-Hand’ With State, Local Authorities

T-Mobile President of Technology Ulf Ewaldsson addressed the concerns in a statement as well. According to Ewaldsson, the network is “working hand-in-hand with state and local authorities” to address the “anticipated surge in network traffic.”

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The company is currently focused on trying to “guarantee seamless connectivity for all.”

There Could Also Be An Increase In 911 Emergency Calls Made

Another expectation is that there will be an increase in 911 calls that are made in the days leading up to the solar eclipse in addition to the day of the event. Drivers could also become gridlocked in traffic to the extent where they have to wait up to 12 hours before they finally get home.

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Students may even become trapped in school buses during periods of heavily-congested traffic. Further reports suggest that the change could prompt police to encourage schools to end school early or close down all together.

Emergency Operation Plan Designed By NY State Police, Other Agencies

An emergency operation plan has reportedly been developed by the New York State Police in addition to collaborative efforts from state, local, and federal law enforcement agencies.

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Other transportation and emergency service agencies have also been brought in to assist with the development and enforcement of this plan.

The Planning Process Should ‘Minimize Any Negative Effects’ Associated With Event

The New York State Police explained the overall plan and purpose of the emergency action plan in its press release. For instance, the agency stated that the purpose is “to address the potential impacts within the North Country.”

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In addition, it will “minimize any negative effects associated with such a large influx of visitors to the local area.”

Strike Teams Will Be Used To Monitor Traffic, Offer Rapid Responses

Strike Teams will also be used to monitor traffic. Due to the strategic deployment of these teams, they will be able to “respond rapidly to any issues that may interfere with the safe flow of traffic.”

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Another concern is the timing associated with incidents that do take place regardless of the preventative measures put in place. For instance, the Strike Teams will be focused on exactly how they can ensure the “quick clearance of any incidents.”

Next Solar Eclipse After April 8 Not Expected Until 2044

Many people will have to wait quite a while for another solar eclipse to come around if they happen to miss this one. Studies have confirmed that it will be last one until 2044.

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The very next eclipse is currently scheduled to occur on April 8, 2024 at 12:23 p.m. in North Texas. It will then end at 3:02pm. Those on the path of totality will just need to look up at the sky and enjoy the show.

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