High Schoolers Walk Out Amid Transgenderism Push

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American schoolkids at John Jay High School in New York staged a walkout as they were faced with having transgender kids use their chosen gender’s washroom. Some kids said that the decision made them uncomfortable, and this eventually led to a walkout. Let’s see what happened.

Another Hot-Button Issue

Transgender rights have been another front of the culture war, with one ideology pushing to have transgender inclusiveness and other areas of society pushing back against it.

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Kids at John Jay High School were not happy when adults passed a policy allowing transgender students to use bathrooms that matched their gender identity.

Some Students Have Spoken Out

Student Shauna Neilan said that many people from the school felt uncomfortable about the situation. She suggested changing things to make both parties more comfortable.

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The school superintendent noted that he had not heard about any incidents happening in bathrooms but that the district was dedicated to providing a safe and secure environment for learning.

Students Stage a Walkout To Protest

Considering that the administration wasn’t taking their discomfort seriously, some students planned a walkout, leaving school before the end of the day to show their unhappiness.

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The school superintendent noted that all students participating in the walkout must discuss their conduct with the relevant authorities. It shows a school system that doesn’t tolerate dissent.

Transgender Students Want To Be Accepted

Transgender student Cory Pittore raised the issue of being silenced. Her opinion hinged on how she had been struggling with her transgender status for a while and wanted to be treated as normal.

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Unfortunately, Pittore didn’t seem to see the irony of silencing the rest of the students who disagreed with her position. This underlines that the ideology only wants some to be heard.

Transgender Laws Require A Different Approach

New York State has a policy that requires all public, single-occupancy bathroom stalls to be accessible to everyone, regardless of gender. The state’s progressive approach should be commended.

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The school administration says that they intend to provide a safe environment to all children, regardless of their gender, but some say that letting students use the bathroom of their choice is inviting trouble.

Not The Only Place This Happened

Four months ago, a Virginia school saw a similar protest from female students who protested transgender and gender-fluid students using the bathroom of their choice.

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The protesters claimed that they felt unsafe in the bathroom, and since there was no one around whom they could call out to for help, they simply never used the school bathrooms.

A Reflection Of The Politics Of The Country

Transgender rights and freedoms, including the use of bathrooms, have been a significant issue politically. While one side of the political spectrum is completely against these rights, the other side seems divided.

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Transgender kids in schools want to be included for who they are, but some students are concerned about their own safety if they are put into situations with other kids. It’s a convoluted mess.

New York Moved to Ban Transgender Athletes

While New York is supportive of transgender kids, that’s not the case in all areas, as some parts of New York have banned competition with transgender athletes.

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In other areas, New York is among the most progressive states, with laws enshrining and protecting transgender rights, not limited to bathroom access. However, some say these laws go too far.

Other States Not Nearly As Accepting

New York is an anomaly in their acceptance of transgender rights and freedoms. In many other states, the prevailing opinion is that transgender kids aren’t mentally developed enough to identify as transgender.

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Gender identity is challenging to explain, and many kids simply opt to do what their parents tell them to. In some cases, it could lead to kids identifying as their parents advise them to, either because of ideological pressure or other factors.

Approximately 300,000 Youths Identify as Transgender

Recent studies approximate the number of kids in the US that identify as transgender as 300,000. Approximately 1.3 million adults also identify as transgender.

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This is not an insignificant amount, and providing bathroom access for transgender people should be a standard. However, some people contend that transgender people should have their own bathrooms.

Anti-Trans Movements Affect Youth Mental Health

Movements like the one in John Jay High School directed at trans students can lead to severe mental states, depression, and anxiety. However, New York is a safe haven for trans kids.

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New York recently passed legislation seeking to help kids through gender-affirming medical care. It has also additionally made it illegal for the state to reference other state laws for prosecution.

No One Should Be Silenced On The Debate

While student Cory Pittore believes they should not be silenced, no one else in the debate should be silenced either. Other students’ opinions about others being present while they use the bathroom are just as valid.

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Adults advocating a particular ideology should be wary of how their decisions impact kids. Not everyone will agree with a point of view, even if the state says it is legally correct.

For Transgender Kids, Bathroom Choice Matters

In Oklahoma, a child must use a bathroom that matches the gender assigned at birth. It’s different in New York, where a kid can choose to use the bathroom of the gender they identify as.

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Psychologists believe that it is essential for kids to be able to choose the bathroom they use, and denying them that choice endangers their mental health. Others claim that letting them do so threatens the safety of other kids.

Is There a Solution To This Mess?

Removing gender from bathrooms would allow anyone to use any bathroom, but would have the same problem of making kids feel uncomfortable and not deal with the issue of unsafe bathrooms.

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However, including a gender-neutral bathroom as a separate entity would allow students to use the bathroom anytime they want without causing undue discomfort to other students. As with many things, solutions require compromise. But if an ideology refuses to compromise, there can be no resolution.

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