Putin’s Spy Plane Worth £260,000,000 ‘Shot Out Of The Sky’

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Vladimir Putin has taken the title of one of the most infamous men on the planet more than once over his decades of time on this planet, and especially since he was elected as President of Russia. Especially with recent bad press surrounding the invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces, the man has not made many friends for himself on the international stage, and it appears that some people have taken their aggression to the next level.

Discussing Vladimir Putin

Putin is a former Intelligence officer who has held continuous positions of leadership in Russia since 1999, and has served as the country’s formal president since 2012. Prior to his entrance into politics in 1991, Putin served as an officer in the KGB for 16 years, where he rose to the position of lieutenant colonel.

Source: Sputnik via Reuters / Mikhail Klimentyev

Putin served in various security positions in the Russian government before assuming the role of Prime Minister in 1999, taking over from his predecessor, Boris Yeltsen. He became acting president after Yeltsen resigned, and less than four months later, was elected to his first term as president.

Extended Terms as “President”

Putin has been called a dictator on the international stage due to his uncanny ability circumvent Russia’s political limitations for leaders. When Putin took office in 2000, he was elected to 2 terms as president, but was restricted from running for president again due to Russia’s constitutional limitations of two consecutive terms for their presidents.

Source: Wikimedia Commons / Presidential Press and Information Office

Instead, Putin was elected to a four-year term as prime minister of Russia, from 2008 to 2012, at which point he was eligible to run for the presidency again. He took the office handily in 2012, where he proceeded to serve two more terms as president, one starting 2012 and one starting in 2018.

A New Constitutional Amendment

Putin then circumvented constitutional rules again with a new constitutional amendment that he signed into law in 2021. The new constitution amendment, among others that he signed into place, would allow for two more subsequent terms as president, potentially extending Putin’s reign over Russia into 2036.

Source: Wikimedia Commons / Presidential Press and Information Office

Putin’s presidency has been marked by significant democratic backsliding in Russia, with many considering the political regime formally authoritarian. Putin distinctly refutes this allegation, though the rumors of Putin’s tight reign on both the political, economic, and social structures of Russia cannot be disputed.

Putin’s Policies and Wars

This stranglehold on Russia has been seen in some of the policies and attitudes that Putin has taken regarding neighboring countries. The invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces is, of course, the most recent headline maker, but Putin’s desire to stretch his influence outside of Russia goes back further than that.

Source: Wikimedia Commons / Anton Holoborodko

Putin has led Russia in conflict against Chechen separatists, military conflicts in Georgia, and significantly, fully supported and pushed for the annexation of Crimea in 2014. Russia invaded the eastern border of Ukraine in that conflict and took control of the area, which resulted in international sanctions as well as a financial crisis in Russia.

The Annexation of Crimea

The annexation of Crimea occurred after the Ukrainian revolution, also known as the Revolution of Dignity, which ousted the former president of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovich. It returned the country to the 2004 constitution, and is widely regarded as the outbreak of the ongoing Russo-Ukrainian conflict.

Source: Wikimedia Commons / George Chernilevsky

The power vacuum that was left by the Ukrainian revolution allowed for Putin to make his move, invading Ukraine’s borders and standing behind pro-Russian separatists on the Crimean peninsula. Putin himself disagrees with the term “annexation” regarding what occurred in Crimea, instead stating that Russia was merely supporting the self-determination principles of the Crimean people.

Invading Ukraine, Again

After the annexation of Crimea, Putin and the newly formed Ukrainian government fell into a sort of uneasy peace before Russia, again, invaded Ukraine in 2022. The invasion of Ukraine’s borders a second time has been largely seen as a violation of international peace law, and has been widely condemned.

Source: Wikimedia Commons / Mstyslav Chernov

Indeed, Putin’s aggressive actions against Ukraine have been seen as so deplorable that in 2023, the International Criminal Court actually issued a warrant for Putin’s arrest for international war crimes. This warrant has been unable to be executed, of course, and Putin’s fanaticism regarding Ukraine only appears to have gotten stronger as the war pushes into its third year.

Early History of the USSR

Putin’s early history as an asset in the KGB during the Cold War allows for a deeper understanding about why he feels so strongly about Ukraine becoming, once again, a part of Russia. During the Cold War, the Soviet Union spanned 15 formal territories with modern-day Russia being a part of it, and Ukraine was one of the territories that belonged to the USSR.

Source: Source: Wikimedia Commons / L.Y. Leonidov

The USSR was formed in 1917 after the October Revolution, led by the Bolshevik Party of Vladimir Lenin. It was a successor state to Imperial Russia, and established the world’s first Constitutionally established Socialist state.

Putin in the USSR

The USSR was an economically and politically centered state for the entirety of its existence, but especially near the end. It was a one-party state ruled by the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, which dissolved with the collapse of the Berlin wall in 1991.

Source: Wikimedia/Yakov Vladimirovich Steinberg

Putin, as a Russian citizen, was obligated to join the Communist Party by law, and allegedly formally resigned from the party after the collapse of the communist East German government. The 1991 coup attempt against Mikhail Gorbachev allegedly confirmed Putin’s loyalty to the new Russian government, with Putin firmly picking a side.

A Soviet Spy

Putin was a member of the Soviet Communist government and the KGB for fifteen years before the collapse of the Soviet Union, during a very formative period of his life. This, necessarily, informed his view of the world, which has trickled into his actions regarding other countries in the years since the Soviet Union was dissolved.

Source: Wikimedia Commons / Unknown Author

This loyalty to the former Soviet state is what many experts believe is the reasoning behind Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. In his mind, the country that was once a USSR territory, still belongs to Russia. His efforts to invade the Ukrainian borders and reclaim the land could be seen as an extension of former Cold War efforts.

Invading Ukraine for Victory

The 2022 invasion of Ukraine is only the most recent effort of Putin to make a name for himself on the world stage. The man is in his early seventies, and sources close to him believe that Putin, as he has gotten older, has gotten more paranoid and more concerned about his “legacy” as the President of Russia.

Source: Wikimedia Commons / ITAR-TASS

Political war experts believe that the invasion of Ukraine was meant to be a decisive feat for Russia. Putin likely believed that the war would last a few days, or possibly a few weeks at most. He underestimated the strength and determination of the Ukrainian people, though, as well as the amount the Ukrainian people would garner on the world stage during the conflict.

Putin’s Soviet Views

The most recent invasion of Ukraine is an escalation of the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine that began with the annexation of Crimea in 2014. It first began with Russian forces gathering along the Ukraine borders and intimidating Ukrainians in 2021, though during that time, Putin repeatedly denied any consideration of invading Ukraine.

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During these early days leading up to the current conflict, Putin repeatedly expressed his views that Ukraine was still a part of Russia, due to its former membership of the USSR. He even went so far to question Ukraine’s right to exist as a country at all.

The World Rallying Behind Ukraine

The rhetoric, and the violent way that Russia invaded the country, garnered a swift and aggressive response on the part of the Ukrainian people. Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the country’s current president, did a remarkable job rallying his people, despite the fact that Russia outmanned and outgunned the Ukrainians significantly.

Source: Wikimedia Commons / 7th Army Joint Multinational Training Command

Other countries swiftly came to Ukraine’s aid, as well. The United States has led the charge in helping to fund the Ukrainian effort to defeat Russia, with many believing that Russia poses an existential threat to the rest of the world if they are allowed to overtake Ukraine.

Putin Scrambling

This international cooperation in favor of Ukraine was not something that Putin planned on, and it has caused the conflict between Russia and Ukraine to drag on far longer than Putin believed that it would when he authorized the invasion.

Source: Wikimedia Commons / 7th Army Joint Multinational Training Command

It has forced Russia to take drastic measures in their efforts to win the war. Putin cannot allow himself to be seen as weak on the international stage after taking such a drastic action as invading another nation’s borders, and it has forced him to sacrifice thousands of members of the Russian army as well as equipment in order to save international face.

Russo-Ukrainian Conflict Statistics

The numbers of the people that Russia has lost is staggering. According to a declassified report released by United States intelligence forces in December of 2023, throughout the course of the war as many as 315,000 of the original 350,000 Russian military soldiers have been killed during the conflict.

Source: Wikimedia Commons / Anton Holoborodko

Additionally, 2200 of Russia’s initial 3500 tanks have been either captured or destroyed during the course of the conflict. This is a significant blow to Russia, who, though they do have nuclear weapons, are less well-armed than many other developed countries around the world.

A Plane Destroyed

This makes a recent blow to Russia particularly devastating. One of Russia’s particularly valuable military planes, a Bereiv A-50, was recently struck down south of the front lines of the current conflict, lost over the Sea of Azov.

Source: Special Operations Forces of Ukraine

The information about the plane’s destruction comes from Ukrainian military forces, members of which have been operating in deep cover behind enemy lines. Their movements have been in an effort to weaken Russia from the inside out, and it appears that, in at least one respect, they are succeeding.

Remnants From the Soviet Era

The Bereiv that was destroyed was a Soviet-era military plane that had the terrifying capacity to cause massive destruction from afar. It was, specifically, a reconnaissance plane that could be used to detect missiles and aircraft on the battlefield, and then communicate that information miles away.

Source: Dmitry Kzakov

Aside from the fact that the plane was, monetarily, very valuable, it also held an important role in Putin’s plans. Russian forces have been aggressively striking Ukrainian cities with missiles and air attacks since the beginning of the war, and planes like the Bereiv were part of what made those actions possible.

Few Left in Existence

The particular model of plane that was shot down was a rare one, with only 50 made back in the early 80’s when these planes were first needed and built. The one that was shot down over the Sea of Azov was one of only nine that were still left functional, and its destruction takes that number down to eight.

Source: Wikimedia/

Ukrainian forces have taken credit for shooting down the plane. The information first came through intercepted communications from Russian forces, which revealed that the soldier had seen the plane catch fire and fall out of the sky.

Friendly Fire

Russia, on the other hand, has claimed that the plane’s destruction may have been the result of friendly fire. Friendly fire is a military term referring to a soldier or asset that is destroyed by an ally in their own military, meaning that, if it were true, the plane would have been taken down by fellow Russian forces.

Source: Wikimedia Commons / Main Directorate of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Kyiv

It makes sense that there is conflicting information regarding the Bereiv, and who is ultimately responsible for its destruction. Taking down one of Russia’s expensive and precious military planes makes Ukraine look like a good investment on the international stage, particularly at a time when they’re asking for more financial assistance to continue the war. Failure makes Putin look weak, which is a state that he cannot fathom or stand.

Multiple Planes Attacked

The Bereiv was not the only plane that was attacked recently, either. On the same evening, a different Soviet plane, the Ilyushin Il-22, was also attacked by missile strikes and was forced to return to base without completing its mission.

Source: U.S. Air Force photo by J.M. Eddins Jr

Radio transmissions from the Il-22 revealed that the missile strikes were true. Though the plane was able to land safely at a nearby base, the communications asked for emergency help, leading many to believe that at least one person was significantly injured in the strike.

Ukrainian Efforts Are Not in Vain

The attack of these militarily important planes reveals the next phase of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Putin is desperate to prove that the war – and the number of Russian soldiers who have died in it – has not been in vain, particularly in light of growing discontent among the Russian people.

Source: Wikimedia Commons / President of Ukraine

Likewise, the Ukrainian people are just as determined to prove their independence. Morale is significantly better in Ukraine compared to Russia, which is how they have managed to continue for so long. They’re underarmed and understaffed, but they have spirit and something to fight for, and are willing to do anything to prove their point.

The World is Watching

It’s clear that Ukraine is becoming more aggressive in their efforts to push the Russian forces back and to end the war. Zelenskyy has made clear that nothing short of total expulsion of Russia from Ukrainian borders will do, and these recent attacks on important military targets make that clear.

Source: Wikimedia Commons / President Of Ukraine

It’s likely that Putin will respond in kind, though it cannot be denied that the loss of these military planes is a significant blow. In the coming days, he will regroup and reorganize, though, and the world will be watching carefully to see what moves he will make next.

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