Rachel Dolezal Loses Arizona Teaching Job Due To OnlyFans Account

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Arizona teacher Rachel Dolezal was fired on Tuesday after the school district for which she worked discovered the adult content posted in her OnlyFans Account. The Catalina Foothills School District concluded that her OnlyFans account and its content were contrary to its enforced social media policy.

District Spokesperson Claims They Just Found Out About Her Account

District spokesperson Julie Farbarik issued a statement that indicated the District just found out about the OnlyFans Account of Rachel Dolezal. Dolezal, who legally changed her name to Nkechi Diallo back in 2016, has had an active OnlyFans account since 2021.

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Farbarik explained that they “only learned of Ms. Nkechi Diallo’s OnlyFans social media posts (Tuesday) afternoon.” She also confirmed that the posts were contrary to the district-enforced “Use of Social Media by District Employees'” policy along with their staff ethics policy.

Which Part Of The District’s Social Media Policy Was Violated?

Diallo reportedly violated the part of the social media policy that requires employees to avoid communicating in an unprofessional manner. The policy also prohibits any sort of communication that will “significantly and adversely impact” the person’s work-related reputation.

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According to the Arizona School Boards Association website, one of the core values is responsibility. The policy expands on the value by stating that the employees “understand and accept the impact and consequences of personal actions and decisions.” In addition, they are required to “recognize and fulfill obligations to self, others, and the community.”

Diallo Started As An After-School Program Instructor

Nkechi Diallo first started working for the Catalina Foothills School District last August. She reportedly started as a part-time instructor for the after-school extended day program with a pay rate of $19 an hour. In addition, she worked as a substitute teacher through Educational Services, Inc.

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Her contract as an after-school instructor was originally scheduled to expire in May of 2024. Farbarik confirmed in an interview with PEOPLE that Diallo is “no longer employed” by the school district.

NBC Affiliate In Tucson Exposed OnlyFans Page, Other Details

Multiple reports confirm that Diallo was exposed locally in Arizona by an NBC affiliate (News 4 Tucson) that broke the story on Tuesday evening. The news station emphasized that Diallo was an employee for the school district while being actively linked to an OnlyFans account.

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The outlet further explained that explicit images of a woman that appeared to be Diallo were shared on Reddit as well. Diallo was hired to work with students between kindergarten and 5th grade levels.

Farbarik Sent Letter To Parents Regarding Diallo’s Termination

Julie Farbarik reportedly sent a letter to parents of the children that attended Sunrise Drive school to inform them of the news. She did not specifically name Diallo in the letter; she just referred to her as a Sunrise Drive employee.

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Farbarik confirmed in the letter that the employee in question was “no longer employed” by the district. She concluded the letter by stating that the district was “committed to maintaining a learning environment where our presence on social media is consistent with our professional obligations.”

Details Of Diallo’s Apparent Instagram And OnlyFans Accounts

The Instagram account in question is registered under Diallo’s current name and her former name, Rachel Dolezal. It reportedly includes several references to a corresponding OnlyFans page.

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The descriptions of the OnlyFans page indicate that she uses the controversial account to post “creative content.” It also highlights that Diallo apparently gives her fans and followers “a more intimate look” into her life for the $9.99 monthly subscription expense.

Diallo Reportedly Started OnlyFans Account To Honor Rihanna

TMZ first reported that the woman formerly known as Rachel Dolezal had an official OnlyFans account in September of 2022. Her representative at the time confirmed that she was apparently paying tribute to singer Rihanna by wearing items from her Savage X Fenty underwear line.

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In addition to referencing creative content, Diallo wrote to her subscribers that she wanted them to see how her “sensual side” paired with her “creative spirit.” She further explained that she would share “intimate images inspired by color, light, and lingerie on the weekends.”

Diallo Worked As Former NAACP Leader, Activist In Spokane

Diallo first made headlines back in 2015 when the spotlight was shone on her work as an NAACP leader from Spokane, Washington. Everyone at the time who knew her believed that she was African-American.

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However, her parents told reporters in 2015 that their daughter Rachel was born white even though she presented herself as a black activist. The NAACP fired her as head of the Spokane chapter. She was also removed from a police ombudsman commission.

Diallo Previously Taught As Adjunct Instructor Of Africana Studies

In addition to her work for the NAACP, Diallo (then identified as “Rachel Dolezal”) also worked as an adjunct instructor at Eastern Washington University. She specialized in teaching Africana studies.

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Temple University professor Nyasha Junior stated that Dolezal’s behavior felt “like mimicry” from an educational perspective. She further explained that it was not the type of behavior that you would expect “from an educator” that had “a certain level of appreciation and respect for her subject matter or material or her students.”

A Growing List Of Celebrities Have Active OnlyFans Accounts

The list of celebrities with active OnlyFans accounts is apparently growing each year. Iggy Azalea decided to give up her primary career as a rapper to focus on the income generated from her OnlyFans account. Other celebrities include such names as Coco Austin, Kathryn Dennis, Denise Richards, and Drea de Matteo.

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There have also been numerous reports published online of non-celebrities that have quit their jobs to pursue a full-time career through their OnlyFans accounts. For instance, former Missouri teacher Brianna Coppage revealed that she made nearly $1 million in six months from her OnlyFans account.

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