Revolutionizing Mobile Living: $180,000 Magnificent Masterpiece on Wheels

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When it comes to unconventional living spaces, Clayton Balabanov and Teresa Davies have crafted an incredible masterpiece that redefines the concept of a mobile home. Their brainchild, the Monster, is a jaw-dropping marvel on wheels, born from the transformation of a once-rundown truck and trailer. 

The Journey

It is a journey that took them five years and approximately $180,000 to complete. The end result is a magnificent mobile abode that is as luxurious as it is functional. It measures 73 feet in length, 13 feet and 5 inches in height, and 102 inches in width.

Source: Clayton Balabanov / Insider Facebook

This masterpiece was meticulously crafted and developed with the sole focus of making mobile living practical and luxurious. When you have a Semi Truck as your base, the options are endless.

Mobile Living as a Lifestyle

Mobile living is a lifestyle that has grown in popularity over the last ten years. Between the high cost of living in cities and the increasingly nomadic desires of all generations, the idea of living on the road has become increasingly attractive.

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It has become so popular, particularly among younger Millennials and elder Gen Z that there’s been a social media movement following it: van life. Many people have gone on to detail their journey of renovating vans and cars in order to live their life on the road, and sometimes off the grid.

The Vision Takes Shape

As a retired couple, Clayton and Teresa planned on spending their best years traveling coast to coast. Searching high and low for a mobile home that fit exactly what they wanted was just not working out. They are great for vacations, but Clayton didn’t believe the investment would handle their level of life traveling.

Source: Clayton Balabanov / Insider Facebook

The journey started with the transformation of the truck, in which they created a comfortable seating area as well as a compact kitchenette. These were the first steps in the process of turning a practical vehicle into a luxurious home. Spending weeks at a time making the perfect blueprint.

Renovation is a Task of Work

The process of renovating any vehicle for human living is no easy task. One reason that RV’s are so expensive is because they are vehicles that are already built to sustain human life. Plumbing and electric hookups are only the first obstacles when it comes to creating a vehicle worthy of full-time living.

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Many cars and vans that are renovated for the van life movement also have to be gutted in such a way to fit cooking appliances and a place to live. While this can be done with a little bit of elbow grease, it requires a technical know-how that many people don’t have the desire or the ability to take the time to learn.

A Labor of Love

The renovation that Clayton and Teresa took on was a monster of a job, not only in expense but in time. In total, converting the abandoned RV into a living space took 5 years and nearly $200,000. All in all, it’s far more than they might have spent if they had purchased an RV outright, but for the couple, it was worth the time and expense to have a space that they would love.

Source: Clayton Balabanov

It started out with buying a “used mess” of a truck, and then spending a year rebuilding the frame and engine so that it could run on the road again. He also bought a used trailer, which provided the blank canvas for his vision. As Clayton and Teresa built, the vision changed, eventually turning into the masterpiece that they now live in.

Building Dreams, One Room At A Time

As they progressed further into the interior of the trailer, the couple’s inventiveness knew no bounds and continued to show no signs of stopping. The piece de resistance? a space-saving spiral staircase that connects the two stories, a fully functional kitchen, and even a specialized library room for Teresa’s enjoyment of reading are all features of this home.

Source: Clayton Balabanov / Insider Facebook

They built a full kitchen because they are too old to survive on beans on toast! But the surprises didn’t end there. The Monster also boasts a movie theater for two, powered by Starlink for seamless streaming, and even a hot tub to soak away the day’s adventures.

Home Comforts Include a Full Size Jacuzzi Bath

Amidst this architectural marvel, one indulgence stands out – a full-size Jacuzzi bath, an oasis of relaxation in the heart of their mobile sanctuary. With every corner brimming with innovation, this home is a testament to the power of dreams brought to life, one room at a time.

Source: Clayton Balabanov / Insider Facebook

The Trailer’s Interior Boasts Space-Saving Spiral Staircase

At the heart of their architectural marvel is a space-saving spiral staircase that elegantly connected two stories of their home. Positioned strategically near Teresa’s cozy reading room, it allowed them to effortlessly transition from the immersive world of books to the comfort of their bed after a delightful evening spent in the company of literature.

Source: Clayton Balabanov / Insider Facebook

This Build Is One For The Books!

Nestled seamlessly within the architectural masterpiece was the library, a serene oasis designed for the pure joy of literary exploration. With plush, inviting chairs and warm, soft lighting, it beckoned to all who entered, promising a haven where one could immerse themselves in the world of books. The shelves, meticulously curated and adorned with rare tomes and contemporary classics, stretched from floor to ceiling, forming a silent chorus of stories waiting to be told.

Source: Clayton Balabanov / Insider Facebook

This room served as tangible proof that every aspect of the construction was far from fictional. It was a testament to the creators’ unwavering dedication to their vision, where every detail, from the spiral staircase connecting stories to the placement of the reading room, was thoughtfully and expertly crafted.

Life On The Road

Despite the fact that the Monster exudes luxury and a sense of adventure, the journey was not without its share of difficulties. Clayton admitted that there were times when he questioned himself and wondered if his drive had gotten the best of him. Yet, despite the hurdles, the couple remains enthralled with their Monster.

Source: Clayton Balabanov / Insider Facebook

They have entertained friends in their home, prepared meals in their dining room, and traveled across the continent in refined fashion. Even though Clayton suggests that they “be less ambitious,” it is evident that their audacity has resulted in a remarkable home that is mobile.

An Exploration Of The Extraordinary

The couple finds it more than just a place to live; it is also a demonstration of the ingenuity of humans. This mobile marvel possesses a plethora of features that transform it from a simple truck and trailer into the realm of pure extravagance. These features elevate it from the status of a simple truck and trailer.

Source: Clayton Balabanov / Insider Facebook

With two stories connected by a spiral staircase, a pop-up roof for added headroom, a full kitchen outfitted with modern appliances, a garage for tools and toys, a cozy library, and even a drop-down deck doubling as a balcony, this isn’t just a mobile home; it’s a dream brought to life.

Pitfalls to be Expected

Of course, despite the luxury that Clayton and Teresa created with this marvelous converted truck, the journey was far from without pitfalls. On their maiden voyage in the truck, they were hit with a myriad of problems, including troubles with the solar battery and melting wires.

Source: Clayton Balabanov

In an interview, Clayton said that the problems were to be expected. On the first trip, everything that can go wrong, will go wrong, and he knew that there were going to be some pitfalls. Part of the journey is fixing everything, and then continuing as you mean to go on.

A Lot of Time and Labor

On reflection, Clayton did recognize that it may have been too ambitious of a project to begin with. Their journey of living on the road might have been better spent with a smaller trailer to start with, giving them room to grow as they learned and traveled.

Source: Youtube/NomadMonster

Still, the process was memorable. While Clayton might not recommend that anyone else choose to do what he did, both for time and expense, the journey was one that he and Teresa will never forget. Going forward, they’ll always have the pride of having created their own little paradise on the road.

Luxury On The Go

Clayton and Teresa made their new home as lavish as any brick-and-mortar residence. A bathroom with a hot tub, a dining room adorned with plush seating for four, a bedroom with a sliding bed to maximize space, and a home theater – these are just a few of the opulent features that grace this mobile palace.

Source: Clayton Balabanov / Insider Facebook

The Monster’s lights and engine are powered by twenty solar panels, each of which generates 250 watts of electricity. Additionally, the enormous fresh water tank (475 gallons) and diesel fuel tank (235 gallons) of the vehicle keep the wheels turning and the lights on

The Road Ahead

In the end, the Monster is more than just a house; it is a symbol of limitless creativity, a testament to the joy of adventure, and a reminder that the road less traveled often leads to the most extraordinary destinations.

Source: Clayton Balabanov / Insider Facebook

Clayton Balabanov and Teresa Davies have crafted a true wonder on wheels, demonstrating that home is wherever your heart takes you, even if it is on a perpetual journey across the continent. Balabanov and Davies’ creation is a testament to the idea that home can be anywhere your heart takes you.

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