Saudi Crown Prince Developing Upside-Down Skyscraper Built Into A Mountain

Source: Neom

The futuristic city of NEOM in Saudi Arabia aims to be an innovation hub and tourist destination like no other. Anchoring this vision is Aquellum, a spectacular upside-down skyscraper that is set to become the world’s first underwater luxury resort.

At nearly 1 kilometer tall, Aquellum will be an architectural and engineering marvel. Guests will travel to the ocean floor in high-speed elevators to access over 200 luxury suites and amenities submerged underwater.

An Introduction to NEOM and Aquellum

NEOM is Saudi Arabia’s futuristic megacity project aimed at diversifying the kingdom’s economy beyond oil. The ambitious development is located in Tabuk Province in northwestern Saudi Arabia along the Red Sea coast.

Source: Neom

Aquellum is nestled within a 450-meter-high mountain range, revealing an avant-garde and forward-looking destination that blends advanced technology, innovative architecture, and futuristic concepts. According to Aquellum’s architect, Tobias Wallisser, it is an “ultra-luxury upside-down skyscraper.

Going Inside the Future of Architecture

Once inside Aquellum, visitors will be immersed in a 100-meter-high vertical space with a courtyard stretching from the sea to the sky. The underground digital community will include hotel accommodations, apartments, retail areas, leisure and entertainment zones, as well as pioneering hubs.

Source: Neom

A winding boulevard will connect the courtyard’s social spaces, world-class hospitality, immersive arts, events, shopping, and dining options. A key area called ‘The Generator’ will house research labs for innovators and creative thinkers, providing a platform to reimagine the future, according to NEOM.

NEOM’s View of The Aquellum

NEOM stated that Aquellum represents a “futuristic ecosystem that is harmoniously integrated into the natural surroundings.” It will offer guests a glimpse into futuristic living through its array of pioneering experiences guided by its commitment to crafting spaces that epitomize the future of luxury, innovation, and lifestyle.

Source: Neom

The new development complements recent announcements regarding various sustainable tourism destinations in the Gulf of Aqaba. Aquellum and NEOM represent Saudi Arabia’s goal to diversify its economy and become a global hub for trade and investment.

Aquellum’s Unique Architecture: An Upside-Down Skyscraper

Aquellum, the latest addition to Saudi Arabia’s $1 trillion NEOM project, features an inverted skyscraper design nestled within a 450-meter-high mountain range. Rather than extending upwards, Aquellum descends downwards from an entry point at the mountain’s peak.

Source: BNN Breaking

According to the project’s lead architect, Tobias Wallisser, Aquellum can be described as an “ultra-luxury upside-down skyscraper. The facade’s facing inwards instead of facing outwards. Things are inside out and upside down.” This unique design allows Aquellum to remain primarily concealed from the outside, blending into the surrounding mountainous terrain.

Views From the Upside-Down Top

Once inside the peak entry point, visitors embark on a 100-meter vertical descent through an open-air courtyard. A winding boulevard connects the space, leading to an array of hotels, apartments, retail outlets, restaurants, entertainment venues, and innovation hubs.

Source: Neom

Aquellum aims to seamlessly fuse hospitality, residential, commercial, and technology-focused spaces into a cohesive whole. Interconnected yet distinct zones create a vibrant community driven by imagination and digital innovation. State-of-the-art technology and personalized experiences powered by artificial intelligence underpin Aquellum’s vision as a prototype for future living.

A Glimpse into the Future

Aquellum offers guests a glimpse into futuristic living by seamlessly blending hospitality, residential, and commercial spaces with advanced technology and avant-garde architecture. According to the architects, Aquellum is the reset of curiosity. Taking absolutely nothing and creating something totally new and exciting.

Source: Neom

Hidden within a mountain and driven by boundless imagination, Aquellum inverts conventional architectural and urban design principles to achieve harmony between the built and natural environments. This subterranean digital community aims to reimagine the future by facilitating interconnectivity and vibrant experiences.

Luxury Accommodations

NEOM’s Aquellum development will offer an array of upscale lodging, culinary, and retail options for visitors. Guests will have access to lavish hotel accommodations with unparalleled amenities in an inverted skyscraper design. The 100-meter-high open-air courtyard will feature gardens, event spaces, and an internal transit system to transport visitors throughout the complex.

Source: Neom

Aquellum’s lodging options will provide the epitome of luxury with state-of-the-art technology integrated throughout private apartments and hotel suites. Guests can expect high-end furnishings, curated art collections, and personalized concierge services to cater to their every need.

The Aquellum’s Dining, Shopping, and Nightlife

No less exceptional will be Aquellum’s dining and nightlife. Multiple upscale restaurants, cafes, and lounges will line the winding boulevard running through the courtyard. Visitors will be able to sample gourmet cuisine from renowned chefs in stylish settings while enjoying spectacular views of the Gulf of Aqaba. In the evenings, guests can visit posh nightclubs and cocktail bars that will stay open into the early hours.

Source: Parametric Architecture

Aquellum will house a collection of high-fashion retail boutiques carrying the latest designer apparel, accessories, beauty products, and home goods. Shoppers will find brands at the forefront of style and innovation. The retail spaces aim to provide a transformative shopping experience through cutting-edge digital integration and architectural wonder.

Rooftop Gardens

Ascending 100 meters within Aquellum’s inverted architecture, visitors will discover verdant rooftop gardens with panoramic views of the sea and surrounding mountains. These elevated green spaces provide an ideal setting for relaxation and contemplation of the natural surroundings.

Source: Neom

At the heart of Aquellum lies an impressive open-air courtyard stretching 100 meters from an underground canal to the rooftop gardens high above. This vertical courtyard space fosters interconnectivity between the various levels of the development, from the floating marina at the canal level up to the rooftop gardens and scenic lookouts at the summit.

The Generator

A signature space within Aquellum, The Generator houses research laboratories and workspaces for innovators seeking to reimagine the future. This hub of creativity opens onto the courtyard, offering disruptors and visionaries an ideal environment for collaboration and groundbreaking thinking. The Generator’s location within Aquellum reflects the development’s focus on pioneering concepts and futuristic living.

Source: Neom

Through its array of scenic spaces, verdant rooftop gardens, and sleek architectural elements, Aquellum provides guests with a glimpse into an innovative future of seamless integration between nature, technology, and human habitation.

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