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Super Bowl LVIII Black National Anthem Performance Gets Mixed Reactions On Social Media

Source: TV Line

“Lift Every Voice and Sing”, a song that has been referred to as the “Black national anthem”, was performed by singer Andra Day before the Super Bowl LVIII game began on Sunday. The performance received a standing ovation from many of the fans in attendance at the Allegiant Stadium. However, there was more of a mixed reaction to the performance noticed on social media.

Andra Day Selected In January To Perform ‘Black Anthem

Grammy-winning singer Andra Day made headlines when she was selected in January to perform “Lift Every Voice and Sing” as part of the pregame festivities for Super Bowl LVIII.

Source: Wikimedia Commons/Andy Witchger

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Day stated that being able to perform this song was an “honor…to represent our ancestors, the people who came before us, the people who truly sacrificed.”

Singer Viewed Song ‘For Everybody’ And A ‘Beacon Of Hope’ For The Future

Andra further explained that it was “amazing” to be able to stand “in the present” and claim that “Lift Every Voice and Song” was a “song for everybody.”

Source: Wikimedia Commons/Dick Lyon

She further expressed that people should see the song as a “lighthouse” and “beacon of hope unto the future.” Day, who is also an Oscar-nominated actress, confirmed that she hired famous vocal coach Rob Stevenson to help her prepare for the performance.

NFL Criticized By Politicians On Social Media For ‘Black National Anthem’

Not everyone reacted positively to the Andra Day performance – primarily because of the actual song performed and the way it was labeled. Republican representative Mike Loychik wrote on X/Twitter that “there’s no such thing as a black national anthem.”

Source: The Ohio Press Network/Ohio House

Loychik further explained that “we are all AMERICANS” that are united by the national anthem, ‘Star Spangled Banner.”

Her Performance Also Received Praise And Commendation

Not all the reactions and responses to her performance were negative. Retired athlete Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson applauded Andra Day and said on X that she “killed” the song.

Source: MTA/Marc A. Hermann

Ritchie Torres highlighted on X/Twitter that “Lift Every Voice and Sing” has been a part of U.S. history since the early 20th century. that its “erasure of African American history” is a “form of racism that runs deep on the fair right.”

Others Believe That ‘There Is Only One National Anthem

CJ Pearson, a Conservative pundit, wrote on X that “there is only ONE national anthem” that represents “ONE United States of America.” He further expressed that the national anthem should be for “everyone” whether “white, black, yellow, and even maroon.”

Source:Wikimedia Commons/Gage Skidmore

Pearson highlighted the Left’s “agenda of division” in his comments as well, claiming that the agenda is “needless” and “exhausting.”

Andra Day Felt That ‘People Today Choose Joy’ On The NFL Field

Day admitted that she felt very nervous even after the performance ended. In her interview with Hollywood Reporter, she stated that she had been looking forward to it since they got the news back in November.

Source: Wikimedia Commons/Amin Eshaiker

Even with the nervousness, though, the 39-year-old singer stated that she also felt “elated’, “grateful’ and “in this place of gratitude.” Social media may show a mixed bag of reactions and responses. However, Andra “felt like on the field people today chose joy” and that was “a really beautiful thing.”

Past Performances Of ‘Lift Every Voice And Sing’ Before The Super Bowl

Andra’s performance of this historic song was not the first time that it was performed as part of the pre-Super Bowl festivities. It was first performed by singer Alicia Keys in a prerecorded video that played before the 2021 Super Bowl.

Source: Twitter/@NFL

Gospel singing duo Mary Mary performed the song outside of the stadium at Super Bowl LVI the following year. An added feature to this year’s Super Bowl was the accommodation made for the hearing-impaired when actor and choreographer Shaheem Sanchez conducted an American Sign Language performance from the field as well.

How Sheryl Lee Ralph Made History With Last Year’s Performance

Abbott Elementary actress Sheryl Lee Ralph made history with her performance of “Lift Every Voice and Sing” during last year’s Super Bowl LVII. Moments before the Philadelphia Eagles faced the Kansas City Chiefs, she became the first person to perform the song live from the field.

Source: Flickr/Free Library of Philadelphia

At the time, the longtime actress posted on social media that it was “no coincidence” that she would be singing the “Black National Anthem” on the same date that it was first performed in public 123 years prior to her performance.

When Was The ‘Black National Anthem’ First Written?

“Lift Every Voice and Sing” was first written in late 1899 by James Weldon Johnson. Johnson was a civil rights activist, lawyer, educator and author who wanted to commemorate the birthday of President Abraham Lincoln with a poem that became this song.

Source: Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain

Johnson, who also got his brother John Rosamond Johnson to compose the music, referred to his original work as a “National Hymn”. Over the years as his work increased in popularity, it eventually became known as the “Black national anthem.”

Three Different Anthems, Performers, and Genres

Another highlight of the pregame festivities was that there were three different anthems sung by three performers from three different genres. Andra Day is known as an R and B and soul singer.

Source: Wikimedia Commons/Gage Skidmore

Singer and actress Reba McEntire, who sang the national anthem, is viewed as a legend in the country music genre. Singer and rapper Post Malone performed an acoustic version of “American the Beautiful.”

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