Texas Doubles Down on Immigration Stance, Installs New Anti-Climb Fence at Border

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In a move that has sparked both controversy and praise, the state of Texas has recently installed a new “anti-climb” fence at the U.S.-Mexico border. This development is seen as a critique of the border policies of President Joe Biden. The decision to install the fence comes amidst ongoing debates about immigration policies and border security. The new fence is expected to significantly impact the dynamics at the border.

The Installation Process Of The Fence

The installation process was carried out by the Texas National Guard, which worked swiftly to reinforce the fencing. In reinforcing banks of Rio Grande fencing they added concertina wire.

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The tall 12-foot wire fence panels have been layered with a 3-foot continuous loop of concertina wire. This type of wire has been developed in such a way as to make it cut-resistant for purposes of beefing up fence security. The process involved massive employment and expenditure.

The Purpose of the Fence Is To Stop Illegal Crossings

At first, this fence was erected primarily to prevent migrants from trying to climb it and cross over illegally from Mexico. This is part of Texas’ Operation Lone Star by Governor Greg Abbott who initiated it as a comprehensive plan for border security.

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For instance, one can consider this fence important as far as smuggling individuals and drugs into Texas are concerned. As a result, it acts as the physical barrier towards illegal crossings in this operation.

The First City to Get the New Fence

Brownsville became the first Texan city located on the state’s southernmost tip to receive this new barrier along their borders.

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Brownsville was chosen because of its proximity to other countries nearby with many crossing points in between them. In total 15 panels were built by the team per hour thereby showing how this project is necessary and urgent.

How Is This New Fence Structured?

These panels measure approximately 8 feet wide by 12 feet high while joined together solidly into pieces forming an immovable wall behind them all. This design serves as an impenetrable barrier for those wishing to jump over it.

Source: Flickr/U.S. Customs and Border Protection

After lying down on the ground, the fence has razor-wire coiled around it. For instance, this type of wire is known to have sharp edges that make climbing it painful and difficult.

Added Stability of the Fence

It remains firm by having the structure placed on water-filled plastic ballast. This adds stiffness to it and makes it harder to be easily pushed or pulled down.

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The use of water-filled ballasts is a common technique in temporary fencing as it provides stability without the need for digging holes or pouring concrete. Hence, the structure becomes durable when staying mobile.

The Location of the Fence Across A Migrant Camp

This particular fence is being erected opposite a migrant camp where approximately 1,000 asylum seekers live in Matamoros, Mexico.

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Many people try to cross at this point due to the high occurrence of illegal border crossings. By placing itself between the camp and the American border physically, this wall makes migrating illegally difficult.

The Speed of Construction Limits Crossings

The construction is being done fast to show the gravity of the situation. They can set up about 15 panels in one hour. This permits the development of wide areas of a barrier within a limited period.

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Each panel is linked with another and they become a solid barrier, which measures eight feet wide and twelve feet tall. The process is quick hence by implication, it implies that the fence can be installed very quickly to answer immediate calls for enhanced border security.

Republicans React In Support Of The New Fence

The Republicans have come out in support of the newly erected “anti-climb” fence. They hailed it as a slap to Biden’s administration and a victory for Abbott. Governor Abbott has been very vocal about his dissatisfaction with border policies being implemented by the present administration and has spoken widely on this issue calling for former President Donald Trump’s return back to the White House.

Source: Flickr/Trump White House Archived

This move is seen as indicative of Texas’s political philosophy as well as a confirmation that it fully enforces its border security proceedings.

Migrants Knocked Down An Old Fence Forcing The New Construction

Almost two weeks after migrants knocked down one such fencing while trying to cross into the US, a new one was fitted. The challenges facing border security personnel were underscored by this crisis, and more decisive measures are required for enhanced protection.

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The new “anti-climb” fence is seen as designed to respond to such incidents so that similar attempts would be deterred or prevented from occurring in the future.

The Defiance of Texas of the Biden Regime

By reclaiming control over El Paso boundary Texas once again defied Biden Regime. This move is considered a rebellion against the existing government’s immigration policy at the Mexican Border.

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The Texans have therefore installed a new fence thereby exerting power and taking matters into their hands directly. This defiance underscores ongoing tensions between the state and federal government over who should take care of national frontiers.

The Role of the Texas National Guard

Texas National Guard played an instrumental role in installing the new barrier. These forces were dispatched following the declaration of border state-of-emergency made by Republican Governor Greg Abbott earlier this year.

Source: Flickr/Texas Military Department

Rio Grande banks had already been reinforced with concertina wire through N.Guard efforts within no time. It highlights how serious things must be done to protect our borders.

The Damaged Fence Resulted In New Border Lockdown Methods

On March 21st rioting migrants stampeded through border guards and then tore apart previous razor-wire barricades. This reminded people afresh about the difficulties faced by border security workers thus necessitating better methods that can stop illegal immigration.

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The need for effective measures to deter illegal crossings was brought out by this occurrence. This fencing is an anti-climb barrier meant to protect the borders from such thus happening again.

The Divided Response of the Public

The public has been divided over the erection of a new fence. Some say that it is a solution for illegal migration while others think it’s politics. Critics maintain that the fence symbolizes fear and exclusion.

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Supporters consider it to be important in safeguarding Texan boundaries. The discussion continues indicating the various interests and concerns that different people have on this question.

The Resilience Of The Anti-Climb Fence Remains To Be Seen

Texas installing a new “anti-climb” fence along the U.S.-Mexico border has continued to be debated at length. Whether this new measure will help control illegal immigration remains unanswered.

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It is an indication of how Texas’ approach towards border security has changed and shows that the state wants to do something about it personally. This makes Texas and its effects on crossing of borders even more interesting as the situation unfolds.

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