Friends – The Internet’s Funniest Memes. These Are Hilarious

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If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of Friends, the beloved sitcom that is often hailed as one of the greatest TV shows of all time. While not everyone can afford a spacious New York City apartment for hangouts, the characters’ antics were highly relatable to audiences.

Lets see the internet’s funniest memes about the show.

The One With Ross Geller – Three Divorces

Ross’ love life in Friends is a running joke, with three marriages and divorces under his belt. Despite these experiences, it seems Ross never learns from his past romantic failures.

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Ross’s financial situation in “Friends” has always been a bit puzzling, especially considering his three divorces.

When Life Imitates Art

Joey Tribbiani, our beloved character from the hit TV show Friends, had always been a hit with the ladies. His charm and charisma were evident long before he landed the role of the dashing and flirtatious Dr. Drake Ramoray in Days of Our Lives.

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Joey’s pursuit of his dream woman didn’t lead to a happy ending, despite his numerous dates. Interestingly, a whole ward of nurses announced their pregnancies. Could this be the workplace of Dr. Ramoray? Unfortunately, the truth remains elusive.

A Heartfelt Letter Puts an End to the Suffering

Rachel’s love for Ross was undoubtedly genuine, but let’s be honest, writing an 18-page letter to an ex might be considered a bit excessive. We can all agree that there are more concise ways to express one’s feelings.

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Ross can’t be blamed for dozing off while reading this lengthy story. It’s important for former partners to have a face-to-face conversation before parting ways, in order to find closure.

The One Where Phoebe Spoke The Truth

Phoebe Buffay, the singer/masseuse on Friends, stole the show with her hilarious and unforgettable character. Her iconic lines and captivating storylines made her the heart of the show.

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Phoebe was renowned for her bold and straightforward personality, which sometimes came across as slightly harsh. However, her refreshing and appreciated honesty made her relatable and likable. The One Where No One Told You Life Was Gonna Be This Way.

One moment, the characters are on top of the world, and the next, they’re facing a stroke of bad luck.

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Life can get messy, but with loyal friends by your side, no problem is insurmountable.

The One With The Clean Freak

Monica Geller, a competitive character on television, embodies the quintessential type-A chef. Her love for control and cleanliness often leads her to engage in eccentric behavior. For instance, she once ventured to her brother’s ex-girlfriend’s apartment in the dead of night to tidy up. Her actions truly showcase her unique and sometimes unhinged personality.

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This meme playfully celebrates Monica while also poking fun at her obsession with cleanliness. Many fans can relate to her desire to have a spotless living space, especially after a long day at work. There’s nothing worse than coming home to a messy apartment when all you want is to relax.

The One With Poor Gunther

Gunther, the slightly creepy and long-time manager of Central Perk, has always harbored an intense crush on Rachel. He finally musters the courage to confess his feelings before she leaves for Paris, but Rachel kindly turns him down. Despite this, some fans argue that Rachel and Gunther should have ended up together, although this idea is not widely popular.

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Rachel’s love life on the show Friends was filled with ups and downs, but her relationships with Joey and Ross stood out the most. This meme perfectly captures the Ross-Rachel-Joey love triangle, while also shedding light on Gunther’s often overlooked role throughout the show’s 10 seasons.

They Missed Out on a Fantastic Opportunity

Die-hard fans of Friends are well aware that Chandler and Joey have a special affinity for the movie Die Hard. With that in mind, it was only natural for viewers to anticipate a reference to the film when its lead star, Bruce Willis, made a guest appearance on the show. Surprisingly, the writers chose not to delve into this subject for reasons that remain unknown.

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Paul Stevens became a recurring character, adding insult to injury. It’s hard to believe that they had so many chances to avoid this. In the Friends-verse, Willis must not have been the star of Die Hard, as the logical explanation.

Missed Opportunity for an Iconic Brand Slogan

Having a remarkable product is not enough to guarantee marketing success. It is crucial to establish a connection with your audience. One effective tactic is to enlist the help of celebrities to endorse your products through video advertisements.

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Kit Kat missed out on a golden opportunity with this idea. It’s hard to imagine that they didn’t think of it themselves. The candy was practically made for the iconic Rachel and Ross snooze. If they had run this ad back then, they would have made a fortune.

“Smell the Fart” Technique Takes Hollywood by Storm

Joey’s acting technique, known as the “Smell the Fart” approach, may not be everyone’s cup of tea. However, it has garnered significant praise. By simply making a disgusted facial expression and looking off to the side, Joey is able to captivate audiences.

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The Avengers cast clearly understands the importance of marketing, as seen in their recent photoshoot for the movie’s promotional posters. Joey confidently declares, “my work here is done,” showcasing their professionalism and dedication.

2020: A Trivial Year Reimagined

Rachel’s dessert may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but we saw its potential. Just imagine the unique combination of flavors in a bacon chocolate chip cookie, and you might change your mind. It’s all about personal preference, after all.

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2020 was supposed to be a delectable treat, but instead, it turned out to be a disastrous mess. The dessert analogy perfectly captures the disappointment many of us felt.

They Were Clueless About Boundaries

When choosing friends, one of the most important qualities we seek is a good listener. However, it is also crucial for relationships to have clear boundaries and a level of privacy for everyone involved.

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If you have friends who consistently overstep your boundaries, it may be time to distance yourself. Similarly, our phones often disregard our privacy, leaving us feeling betrayed.

The Absence of Cellphones Secured the Show’s Endurance

Friends remains a perennial favorite among comedy series, capturing the hearts of fans. What many may not realize is that the show’s enduring success can be attributed to the absence of today’s technological advancements. Without them, Friends was able to deliver countless incredible seasons and captivating storylines that kept viewers hooked.

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Ah, how we long for the days before cellphones took over our lives! If only we could turn back the clock and experience the simplicity of that pre-cellphone era. Alas, it seems that our wishes will remain just that – wishes.

The Gang: Your Unwavering Support System

Thankfully, video streaming services now allow fans to indulge in their favorite shows whenever they please. Whether you’re craving another encounter with the cast or simply can’t get enough of a particular episode, this is your chance to relive the magic.

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If you’ve ever felt left out of conversations about Friends because you’ve never seen it, now is your chance to catch up! Start streaming and join in on the fun.

Introducing the Long-Awaited Arrival of Ichiban!

Kylie Jenner’s cosmetic line continues to make waves worldwide with each new release. And it’s no wonder, as each item surpasses the last in quality and innovation. The popularity of her brand is undeniable, captivating beauty enthusiasts everywhere.

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The lip color looks stunning, but it’s the caption that steals the show. It’s hard not to see the inspiration behind it – Joey’s Ichiban. If only Joey were the model for this as well.

Netflix Nails It with the Subtitle

So, the next time you find yourself exclaiming “Oh, my, God!” in a nasally and overly dramatic tone, remember Janice – the unforgettable character who has left an indelible mark on the world of Friends.

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Janice’s infatuation with Chandler is well-known, but her entrance and distinctive laugh also make her stand out. Netflix accurately describes her laugh as a “machine-gun type of giggle.” It’s one of the many things that sets Janice apart.

Trading a Dream Job for a Dream Man: A Life-Altering Decision

Rachel deserves applause for her bravery in listening to her inner voice, a quality that many people lack. Her story serves as a powerful reminder of the incredible possibilities that unfold when we are true to ourselves.

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Rachel’s iconic moment of walking off a plane to chase after Ross is a scene that never fails to make us swoon, no matter how many times we watch it. It’s a heartwarming and unforgettable moment that captivates us every time it graces our screens.

Friends will Always Netflix and Chill

But the question remains, who would have paid for Joey’s subscription? As much as Joey cherished his independence, it’s not hard to imagine his friends stepping in to help. After all, they were always there for each other, through thick and thin. Perhaps Chandler, Monica, Ross, Rachel, and Phoebe would have pooled their resources to ensure that Joey never missed out on the latest binge-worthy shows.

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Chandler’s cunning plan to deceive Joey into thinking he’s getting a free streaming service is a widely agreed upon notion. Even after Chandler moves in with Monica to start a family, he goes as far as creating a profile for Joey on their account. This mischievous behavior showcases the enduring bond between these two friends.

The Rise of the Self-Developed Mean Girl

In high school, Rachel displayed typical mean cheerleader behavior. However, as she matures, she takes responsibility for her actions. This transformation is evident in her character development. It’s no wonder that Ross and his friend, Pitt, created a club solely dedicated to hating Rachel.

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Years went by, but it was clear that none of them had moved on from her. Pitt couldn’t bear to be in the same room as her, while Ross was completely smitten with her. The passage of time did nothing to diminish their feelings for her.

The Multi-Talented Actor Shines in His Academy Award-Winning Performance

We’re all rooting for Joey’s incredible talent, and it’s hard to imagine just how extraordinary a movie like Dune could have been with him at the helm. Picture this: Joey playing every character, bringing his iconic “How you doin’?” catchphrase into the world of fantasy. It’s an idea that sparks excitement and curiosity.

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But the excitement doesn’t stop there. Brace yourself for an intense showdown as our hero comes face to face with his own mirror image. A battle of epic proportions ensues, leaving viewers at the edge of their seats. The suspense builds as the outcome remains uncertain. Will he triumph over himself, or will he be defeated by his own reflection?


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She defied all odds, rising to the top as a renowned chef, finding true love, and marrying a remarkable man. Despite her accomplishments, her parents never saw her potential, always comparing her to the troubled mess that was Ross.

Were They Really on a Break?

The infamous ‘Were they on a break?’ question from Friends is a meme that still circulates today. However, Ross’ actions following their supposed break-up have left fans divided. Was he justified in moving on, or did he make a colossal mistake? This debate continues to ignite passionate discussions among Friends enthusiasts.

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Ross’ stubbornness hampers our ability to empathize with him, and his incessant need to defend himself only exacerbates the situation. Despite the best efforts of those around him, Ross remains blind to his insecurities and ultimately suffers the consequences. His inability to overcome these obstacles proves to be his downfall.

The One Where Ross Constantly Accuses Joey

Ross Geller, one of the central characters in the beloved sitcom Friends, has a peculiar habit of shifting blame onto his friend Joey whenever mishaps occur. Surprisingly, the show’s creators have skillfully crafted a narrative that elicits sympathy for Ross, despite his consistent slip-ups. Let’s explore the intriguing dynamics that contribute to this intriguing phenomenon.

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Ross has a history of being unfaithful and oblivious, always managing to shift the blame onto his friend. Perhaps taking some advice from Joey could be the wake-up call Ross needs to start making better choices. With Joey’s guidance, Ross might finally be able to turn his life around and leave his careless ways behind.

The Villain We Can’t Help but Root For

The relatability of Ross’s character is what sets Friends apart from other sitcoms. It’s refreshing to see flawed characters navigating through life’s ups and downs, making mistakes, and still finding love and friendship along the way. This relatability is one of the key factors that has contributed to the enduring popularity of the show.

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Let’s face it, Ross is just as flawed as the rest of us. We can’t deny it. We’ve all played the role of the villain in our own stories, shifting blame and seeking sympathy from others instead. It’s a common human trait we can all relate to.

Expensive Breakup Leaves Chandler Financially Drained

In the beloved TV show Friends, Chandler’s comedic mishaps are a source of endless laughter. But little did he know that one particular blunder would leave him with a hefty price to pay. In an attempt to break up with Janice, Chandler decided to take the easy way out by resorting to lies.

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In an unexpected turn of events, his web of deceit unraveled, leading him to purchase a costly $2000 plane ticket and jet off to the exotic land of Yemen. Who would have thought that divorce wasn’t the only thing that could drain your bank account?

The Shakespearean Influence on Friends

Chandler Bing, everyone’s favorite sarcastic friend, embodies our shared anxieties. He constantly battles a nagging voice of self-doubt, causing him to fret over even the smallest of tasks, like moving furniture for his wife, Monica.

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Chandler’s tendency to overanalyze and panic adds a dramatic flair to his character. His intense emotional reactions, particularly when he’s upset with his best friend Joey, are both relatable and heart-wrenching, making him a fan favorite.

Monica is the Only One Who Got it Right

Monica’s wisdom surpassed that of her friends on Friends. When it came to matters of love and life, she was the go-to person for advice. In one particular instance, she imparted her knowledge on how to please a woman, leaving a lasting impact on everyone who listened.

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In one unforgettable episode, Monica took us on a journey to explore the seven erogenous spots on a woman’s body. Little did we know that the number seven would hold such magical significance. Let’s dive into this enlightening exploration together.

Janice: The Voice We Can’t Ignore in FRIENDS

Janice, the character known for her ear-piercing voice on the show, is Chandler’s on-again, off-again girlfriend. She firmly believes that being the loudest in the room is the best way to make her presence known. However, for the rest of us, it’s a struggle to keep our eardrums intact and resist the urge to adjust the volume.

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Fans of the sitcom have developed a keen intuition for when Janice is about to make her entrance. And once she arrives, there’s no escaping her boisterous presence. Janice’s arrival is like a force of nature that we’ve all come to anticipate, but no amount of preparation can shield us from the noise she brings.

The Forgotten Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis, known for his tough guy roles, surprised audiences when he took on the role of a vulnerable romantic in his early career. It’s hard to imagine him as anything other than the ultimate action hero, but there was a time when he portrayed the love interest of Rachel, showcasing a completely different side of his acting abilities.

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Rachel’s initial decision to date him may have been driven by a desire to distract herself from Ross, but unexpectedly, she found herself falling for him.

A Fresh Perspective: An Alternative View

Janice, the girl with a goofy personality and an annoying voice, was often perceived by most of us in a certain way. However, there is always someone who sees things differently. This person has a unique perspective on Janice that challenges our preconceived notions.

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Despite our initial reluctance, it’s hard to ignore the intriguing perspective of this man. Surprisingly, she underwent significant personal growth and eventually found contentment in her life.

Your Personal Mobile ‘Friends’ Bundle

Our parents’ phones often resemble this meme, with their screen brightness as intense as Ross’s gleaming white teeth and font size as large as Monica’s pre-weight loss physique. But let’s not blame them entirely for these choices.

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Some seniors prefer to keep their phone volume loud so that if they miss a call, their neighbors can alert them. This ensures that they don’t miss any important calls and allows them to stay connected with their community. However, there are alternative options available for seniors who may find loud phone volumes disruptive or inconvenient.

We All Need A Joey in Our Lives

Joey may not have been the sharpest tool in the shed, but he definitely knew how to be a reliable wingman. While his methods of finding a guy for Phoebe weren’t exactly top-notch, he did manage to introduce her to someone named Mike.

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Having a friend who can make dating easier is a game-changer. This guy couldn’t agree more and expressed it in a creative way.

Chandler, Who Is Laughing Now?

Chandler’s witty sense of humor often allowed him to have the final laugh, especially when it came to teasing Joey for his lack of intelligence. However, it appears that the tables have turned, at least to some extent.

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It seems that this person was mistaken in believing that Joey could never become president. While he may not be the same Tribbiani we know and love, it’s worth noting that there is indeed someone with the same name as the President of the United States.

A Dream Come True

This man’s point may seem bleak, but it does hold some truth. Monic’s obsession with cleanliness was almost overwhelming. Who could forget the time she went as far as sneaking into someone else’s apartment just to tidy it up? It’s clear that cleanliness was a top priority for her, but perhaps she took it a bit too far.

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Amidst the challenges of the past few years, Monica would have found solace in a world where hygiene was a top priority. It would have been a dream come true for her to see everyone embracing cleanliness and sanitation.

The One Where People Don’t Get It

This meme perfectly captures the confusion when someone doesn’t understand a Friends quote, and Chandler and Joey’s reactions are spot-on.

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It’s like speaking a secret language that only true fans can appreciate. So next time you find yourself quoting Friends, be prepared for those puzzled looks, but know that you’re part of a special club that shares a unique bond through this beloved sitcom.

The One With Ichiban – Lipstick For Men

Joey’s acting career is a rollercoaster of highs and lows. He struggles to land acting roles, resulting in him working various temporary jobs throughout his time on Friends. From waiting tables to becoming a sperm donor, Joey does whatever it takes to make ends meet. When he does get acting opportunities, they often involve commercials or lesser-known plays. Despite the challenges, Joey’s determination and passion for acting never waver.

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Joey’s unforgettable commercial for the Japanese male lipstick brand, Ichiban, has become one of his most iconic moments. In the ad, Joey rocks out on the guitar, sporting a bold neon-blue shade of lipstick. This hilarious and unforgettable commercial has become a beloved meme, celebrating both Ichiban and Joey’s comedic talent.

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