Gen Z Opts For Simpler Decorations

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Christmas usually means decorating the tree with ornaments, some of which were handed down for generations. In a new twist, Gen Z has decided they aren’t on board with this tradition and are switching things up. Let’s look at what Gen Z is replacing ornaments with and why they want to break with old Christmas traditions.

TikTok is Ablaze With a New Trend

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Christmas tree decorations hold a special place in most of our hearts. They’re a bonding experience, and choosing the decorations to go on the tree is an exciting experience, especially for kids. According to the latest TikTok trends for Gen Z, that is likely to change.

Many of these younger tree owners have decided that they don’t want to lug all the old ornaments out of the basement or attic. Instead, they’re making all-new ornaments, but out of something that’s definitely non-traditional: ribbons. So far, thousands of TikTokers have jumped on the trend.

What’s With This Shift?

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Trends change every so often, and with it, the way we celebrate Christmas. This year, we’ve seen a lot of pop culture changes, from Barbie to Taylor Swift being named the Time Person of the Year. It’s only natural that this girly aesthetic would also end up being a part of Christmas.

Outfits have also featured this shift, with many of them sporting bows and light, pastel colors to remain in fashion. Designer Sandy Liang notes that her designs capture that “ballet core” feeling and the bows are a symbol of childhood, a callback to innocence and simplicity.

Color Palettes Have Also Changed

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For most of us, Christmas means red and green, with maybe a bit of gold or silver in between. These colors are so entwined with the Christmas spirit that they form the core of many decorations on the tree. But this year, Gen Z is changing everything to do with Christmas, even the colors.

Most of the TikTokers have demonstrated casually decorated trees with light bow ornaments tied on the edges of the tree. These bows have been in simple colors like white, black, grey, or green. Some opted for a monochromatic Barbie look in solid pink. Very few stuck to Christmas colors and did theirs in red.

Cute And Cat-Proof

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One of the biggest “positives” in this new trend is that it’s cat-proof. With so many Gen Zs opting for owning cats as pets (sometimes instead of having kids), it’s a huge consideration when putting up a tree. Cats are notorious for pulling down ornaments while trying to play with them.

The bows are simple and usually tied onto the tree directly or held there with ornament clips. They bring a bit of quiet decor to a home, and while they’re not as flashy as the towering displays of yesteryear, they seem to offer a new approach to cost-effective yet trendy decorations.

Going Against the Grain

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While Gen Z is quietly discovering their own Christmas style, other proponents are calling for a return to the splashy early 00s Christmas displays. During those heady days, you could drive around a neighborhood and find displays mounted on lawns or atop houses that stood out.

These maximalist Christmas advocates are not on board with the Gen Z trend of “less is more.” The trees of these traditionalists are likely to be covered in tinsel, with mismatched wrapping paper and multi-color string lights adorning their eaves and chimneys.

Trees Are Still The Centerpiece

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Despite the difference in direction that Boomers and Gen Z are taking for their decorations, the tree remains one of the most crucial parts of a Christmas display. Christmas trees and their decorations remain the most essential part of an indoor display, although some prefer doing outdoor decorations.

A recent survey on tree choices had exciting results. It showed that real trees are the go-to choice for Gen Zs, who seem to enjoy bringing nature into their homes. Boomers, however, have opted for the artificial trees, partially because they’re less hassle to put up and partially because they’re easier to clean afterward.

Choosing The Trees Are An Event

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In Gen Z’s case, choosing the trees is as much of an event as putting them up. Live tree farms are seeing an uptick in business because so many Gen Zs are snapping up the real trees. Some of the older celebrants have noted that it’s probably because of inexperience since artificial trees tend to be easier to maintain.

For most Gen Zs, tree selection is the start of the Christmas season. And since they’re breaking with tradition, they’ll have to choose trees that reflect their minimalist approach to decorations and which will support their bow-based decor. But why limit yourself to just one tree?

More Trees Mean More Christmas?

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The survey that picked up the choice of tree types for the different generations also found something remarkable about the number of trees. A staggering 31% of households had more than one Christmas tree. This might be the norm in larger families, but it’s unexpected.

Interior decor is as much a part of Christmas as anything else. Some experts agree the multi-tree setup makes larger houses feel cozier and “Christmassy.” Spreading the Christmas spirit throughout the house is exactly what most homeowners want to do, regardless of how many people are coming over.

Could It Be a Cost Concern?

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Delving into the decoration choices for trees, some experts suggest it may be a cost issue. Gen Z has notoriously been against capitalism, and buying tree decorations falls squarely into that camp. The ribbon decorations may be a protest to show they can do their own decorations.

Prices for real trees are also a concern, as many tree farms rarely sell trees inexpensively during Christmas. What we see as rebellion from Gen Z might just be a push to manage costs in an economy that is still uncertain.

A Trend That Will Last?

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Trends come and go often, and while these Christmas decoration trends might be in vogue this season, it remains to be seen if they’ll replace the traditional fare. For most people, Christmas is still tied to massive displays of colored lights and family heirloom ornaments on the trees.

Regardless of whether the trend remains or not, Gen Z is making this Christmas something special for themselves. As countless TikToks have shown, Gen Z is using their innovation to make their Christmas season feel bright and fun. Everyone could learn something from this attitude.

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