Tomi Lahren Calls For ‘Mass Deportation’, Sparks Mixed Reactions From Internet

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Conservative commentator Tomi Lahren made headlines recently by advocating for what she refers to as “mass deportation.” Her advocacy of this concept was in response to the discussions and negotiations related to a bipartisan bill within the US Senate that focuses on the bolstering of border security.

Lahren Highlights The Need For Border Closing and Wall Construction

In addition to referencing the need for a “mass deportation”, Lahren also expressed the need for the construction of a border wall.

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Lahren indicated that the full funding of a constructed border wall and taking the steps to close the border should be the only border arrangement that conservatives accept.

What Did Tomi Lahren Mean By ‘Mass Deportation?

Lahren expanded on her thoughts regarding the bill and border deal through a social media post published on X/Twitter Monday. In the post, she expressed her belief that the “mass deportation” would focus on the removal of the “10 million” people that “Biden let in.”

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This was not the first time that Tomi referenced the presumed need for a mass deportation. Back in May, the commentator and television personality commented on X/Twitter that “millions of deportations better happen on day one of the next presidency.”

Tomi’s Comments Received Mixed Reactions On Social Media

Tomi’s comments regarding the border deal and “mass deportation” concept went viral by generating a high number of responses. There were quite a few comments made in support of her stance. For instance, several Twitter users posted responses like “Agreed. The illegal immigration must stop” and that the border deal was “terrible” since “the border needs to be CLOSED.”

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On the other hand, a vast number of other comments focused on Tomi Lahren. The negative reactions are likely not surprising to Lahren, especially since she has a history of making controversial statement that stir mixed reactions in the news and on social media.

Tomi Lahren Once Referred To Cardi B’s Border Wall Comments As ‘Moronic

Tomi Lahren has publicly defended her belief in Donald Trump’s plans for constructing a border wall for years. She made headlines back in January of 2019 after she responded to comments made by rapper Cardi B.

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Cardi B stated on X/Twitter that Tomi was “so blinded with racism” that she didn’t realize the decisions that then-President Trump made were “destroying the country” that Tomi claimed to love. Tomi responded to Cardi B’s comments by stating that it didn’t make her “political rambling any less moronic” and followed it up with a “Build That Wall” hashtag.

How Senator James Lankford Feels About The Bipartisan Bill

Senator Lankford publicly emphasized the need for his caucus to reach a decision about the initiation of proposal discussion. Conversely, multiple reports show that counterparts within Lankford’s party would rather abandon the agreement entirely.

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The bill in question to be considered by the Senate focuses on border security enhancement in addition to offering further assistance to Ukraine, Israel, and other allies of the United States.

Understanding The Need For Bipartisan Support Of The Bill

Senator Lankford strongly believes that bipartisan support is needed to move forward with the bill. In a recent statement given to Reuters, Lankford claimed that “if it’s not supported on both sides of the aisle, then we shouldn’t do this.”

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The Republican Party overall was split on this particular topic. Both House Speaker Mike Johnson and Donald Trump did not hesitate to express their opposition to the border bill.

Border Bill Shut Down, Decision Raises Questions About Aid To Ukraine

Only four Republicans voted for the bipartisan bill on Wednesday at Capitol Hill. In addition to essentially killing the border bill, this also raises questions about the aid provided to Ukraine by the U.S.

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Conservative voters and lawmakers reportedly aligned with the Trump wing that turned against the decision to give money and weapons to Ukraine for defense purposes. The Senate still wants to pass a bill for supplemental aid, but it is now unclear if that effort will succeed.

Mitch McConnell Changes Mind, Votes Against Bill He Championed

Perhaps one of the most shocking revelations was the voting decision made by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell during the Republican conference. He worked hard behind the scenes to champion the highly-anticipated immigration and foreign aid bill, but then voted against it.

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When interviewed by reporters on Tuesday, McConnell expressed that they had “no real chance here to make a law.” This statement was made after McConnell pleaded with the GOP for months to prevent Vladimir Putin from making incursions into Europe.

Biden Could Potentially Use Border Bill Failure As Campaign Strategy

President Biden made it clear that he would blame any failure of the border deal on the Republicans in Congress. During an interview from the White House on Tuesday, Biden expressed that “the American people are going to know why” if the bill failed.

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According to CNN, this could present an effective campaign strategy for Biden to use against the Trump campaign. He could essentially argue that a border deal was in development until it was shot down by Trump.

Biden Claims Trump Would Rather ‘Weaponize’ The Border Issue

An email blast from the Biden campaign stated that Donald Trump directed all MAGA Republicans to “kill the toughest and fairest reforms to secure the border in decades” since he thought it would help him as a political strategy.

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Biden expanded on this in an X/Twitter post when he referenced Trump’s decision to accept blame from senators for the bill’s collapse at a recent campaign rally. Biden responded to that by saying, “You got it.” Biden further expressed that Trump would “rather weaponize this issue than actually solve it.”

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