Trump’s Taiwan Remarks Sparking Concern And Backlash

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Donald Trump declined to firmly state if the U.S. would defend Taiwan from a Chinese invasion under his presidency in a recent interview. His equivocation on committing to Taiwan’s defense along with his criticism of Taiwan’s vital semiconductor industry set off intense, angry reactions on social media and from policy experts.

Trump Creates Confusion on Taiwan in Fox Interview

In a Fox News interview, Trump evaded answering if the U.S. would protect Taiwan under his presidency. He suggested displeasure with Taiwan for taking the American semiconductor business.

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Trump said Taiwan unfairly “took all of our chip business.” He questioned if the U.S. should “sacrifice” for a country that took this important industry. His unclear stance alarmed Taiwan’s defenders.

Trump’s Remarks “Give China Green Light” on Taiwan

Policy expert Ed Tarnowski gave a strongly worded assessment accusing Trump of essentially giving China tacit approval through his latest interview remarks for China to invade Taiwan by not firmly stating that the United States would take military action to defend Taiwan, the democratic island seen as a rebel province by mainland China’s authoritarian Communist government based in Beijing if such an attempted invasion were to occur during a second Trump presidential term.

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“Trump accuses his opponents of being weak on China and then he essentially openly gives China a green light to invade Taiwan without US retaliation, if he were to be elected,” Tarnowski wrote on social media regarding Trump’s interview statements. “This is not serious policymaking on complex foreign policy issues like the Taiwan situation!”

Conservative Lawyer: Trump Showing “Absolute Foolishness

Heath Mayo, an anti-Trump conservative lawyer and founder of the right-leaning nonprofit organization Principles First took to social media to blast Trump’s unwillingness to clearly commit to defending Taiwan as extremely destructive foolishness that would have catastrophic real-world consequences for both the survival of Taiwan’s democracy and America’s vital economic interests.

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“If Trump is elected president again, Taiwan will certainly fall to authoritarian communist rule from mainland China and America risks losing a significant chunk of our vital semiconductor chip fabrication capacity that is so important for industries from computers to automobiles to advanced weapons systems,” Mayo tweeted. “Not only is Trump still utterly unfit for serving as Commander-in-Chief, he’s just plain wrong on this hugely important issue involving Taiwan and China.”

Expert Notes Biden More Supportive of Taiwan

China expert Jordan Schneider observed Biden shows a clearer commitment to defending Taiwan than Trump’s mixed messaging.

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“No surprise Biden more reliably backs Taiwan’s independence than Trump,” Schneider wrote. “This contradicts Trump’s claims to stand tough against China.”

Specialist Firmly Refutes Trump’s Misleading Taiwan Claims

Bonnie Glaser, an expert and managing director for the German Marshall Fund focused on analysis of the Indo-Pacific region including China/Taiwan dynamics, took to social media to strongly reject Trump’s interview claim that Taiwan inappropriately “stole” vital semiconductor industry business from the United States, warning Taiwan to “beware” of any future shift in U.S. policy towards Taiwan under a return of a Trump presidency after these remarks.

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“Donald Trump shows his lack of understanding yet again with his false assertion that somehow Taiwan illegitimately ‘stole’ the important semiconductor industry from America,” Glaser tweeted in reaction to the interview. “To be clear, this claim is utterly incorrect. And officials in Taipei should beware the dangers that could come from this sort of shifting stance in Washington if Trump somehow returns to power after comments like these.”

Earlier Interview Showed Similar Taiwan Uncertainty

An interview last September echoed Trump’s refusal now to clarify if U.S. forces would defend Taiwan from a Chinese attack.

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Trump would not clearly state his position on committing America’s military to Taiwan’s defense in September 2022 as well, mirroring his latest stance.

Biden More Supportive of Taiwan

President Biden has urged China to respect Taiwan’s democracy and pledged some US military support if Taiwan is invaded.

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Though not backing full independence, Biden tells China not to threaten Taiwan and has vowed U.S. aid if Chinese forces attack, unlike Trump’s ambiguity.

Group of GOP Senators Call for Firm Backing of Taiwan Interests

Unlike former President Trump’s declining to give clear assurances of defending Taiwan against Chinese communist aggression both presently and in recent interviews, a group of 22 Republican Senators sought to pressure current President Biden in a public letter last November to maintain completely unwavering political and military support for Taiwan’s democracy when meeting top Chinese government officials. This underscores a split within the GOP on clarifying America’s stance towards China intimidating Taiwan.

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In their public letter, these 22 Republican Senators wrote directly to President Biden strongly urging him to stand firm on explicitly backing Taiwan’s interests when visiting with Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping in person, clearly signaling these GOP legislators prefer taking a strong, unambiguous stance on deterring Chinese military action towards Taiwan, unlike former President Trump’s avoidance of such clear positions or commitments.

Trump Taiwan Responses Ignite Intense Controversy

Trump’s refusal to commit America to defend Taiwan militarily has sparked an inflamed bipartisan backlash over reliability regarding Chinese ambitions.

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Trump’s ambiguous stance on using force to protect Taiwan has set off visceral reactions domestically and internationally over whether the U.S. posture towards China would weaken under a second Trump presidency term.

Trump Leaves Fate of Taiwan Deeply Uncertain

Former President Donald Trump’s continued purposeful avoidance of offering a firm, reliable commitment of US military assets coming to Taiwan’s defense coupled with his counterproductive criticism of Taiwan’s important semiconductor industry has prompted waves of strong domestic and international backlash over leaving Taiwan’s democratic fate deeply uncertain in the event of Chinese communist aggression or invasion attempts should Trump regain the presidency in 2024 after his latest Fox interview remarks.

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While the Biden administration has vowed more concrete defense support, Trump’s repeated refusal even now as the likely 2024 GOP frontrunner to assure Taiwan’s protection feeds dangerous ambiguity about whether America’s strategic posture regarding democracy in Taiwan versus Chinese regional ambitions would drastically shift or weaken under a return to power by Trump.

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