What’s the Deal With The 20-Million-Dollar Sky Mansion?

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Vijay Mallya, the owner of the most expensive building in India will never step foot in the sky-top mansion! Here’s why.

The Man Behind The Mansion

Immortalized in Netflix’s documentary Bad Boy Billionaires, Mallya first earned his reputation as a businessman as the head of a beer company.

Source: World Economic Forum ( by Dana Smillie, CC BY-SA 2.0 Wikimedia Commons

Over time, he branched out his business, investing in F1 and airline companies while fulfilling his business dreams. Then the bubble burst when he was accused of financial fraud.

A Replica White House in the Sky

So what about this skyscraper? The building is a two-story replica of the White House, but that’s not the most exciting part. It’s built on a parapet that stands a whopping 400 feet above the streets of Bengaluru. The mansion sits on a massive concrete slab stretching 4.5 acres across the top of the Kingfisher Towers.

Source: Youtube Srihari Karanth

It sits on top of 42 apartments but offers complete privacy for the owners. Mr. Mallya even went to the trouble of installing private elevators, allowing him access to the building without dealing with the other tenants.

Why Is It So Expensive?

Source: Flickr/Tracy O

Looking at the construction from the air, it seems like it shouldn’t be nearly as expensive as the $20 million price tag suggests. However, this is no ordinary replica of the White House building. The construction of this building required a lot of technical know-how.

Carting materials up from the ground floor to the top of the skyscraper is also a harrowing and time-consuming task. Construction teams would be hauling material up daily to aid in the construction effort. As material was used, it was replaced, with new material being lifted up from the ground floor.

What’s Inside This Massive Mansion?

The truth is, only some people actually know what’s inside the mansion now. However, the original plans give us a glimpse into what the house was supposed to have inside it.

Source: Reddit

The original designs show an interior wine cellar, an outdoor infinity pool, an indoor heated pool, a rooftop helipad, and a slew of other amenities.

From The Outside

On the outside, there’s a thin verge of a grassy lawn, and the design reflects what many believe to be Mr. Mallya’s original family home design.

Source: Google Earth

The building was complicated to construct sitting at such a height above the ground.The construction company responsible for the build notes that the complications were challenging to overcome.

The Interior

The building’s interiors are mostly complete, but there are sparse reports about what is actually inside the building. Some suspect there may be some of the elements initially requested for the construction.

Source: Pinterest @MorphDesignCo

However, until someone actually goes into the penthouse and pokes around, it’s all speculation. But what about the owner?

Interior Decor Fit For a King

Source Flickr/xuhulk

Mallya’s thought in constructing this building was that it should reflect his status as a multi-million-dollar business owner. As such, the decor was made to reflect the interior design in line with the homes of wealthy business owners. Naturally, that meant sourcing the best interior decor around.

The house was a place to retreat from his free-spending lifestyle. It would allow him to relax high above the busy streets of Bengaluru. The interior decor would have silks and golden accents to go with the gilded curtains and other interior details.

When Things Fall Apart

For someone to spend $20 million on a house that hugs the sky, it’s evident that Vijay Mallya would be enjoying the “high life,” right? Well, it turns out that Mr. Mallya has not been above board with all of his financial dealings. And this underhanded financial dealing has got him into a whole heap of trouble. His loans on behalf of Kingfisher Airlines were particularly suspect.

Source: Amit Chattopadhyay, CC BY 2.0 Wikimedia Commons

Based on what researchers have found, most, if not all of the money Mr. Mallya borrowed on behalf of his airline ended up funding his lavish lifestyle. Unfortunately, all good things came to an end. Mr. Mallya was charged with fraud, forcing him to flee to the UK in 2016. He was eventually extradited to India, where he’s currently locked away in a Karnataka jail.

A Truly Remarkable Structure

Some might think that the reproduction of the White House is a bit gaudy, but it has its own charms. A careful examination of the structure shows that it’s made out of steel, glass, and concrete. The manicured lawn is a reflection of the approach to the real White House in Washington, D.C., although it lacks the signature Capitol Dome of the original.

Source: Google Earth

It’s possible the designers thought that it was a bit too complex to include since they were already facing challenges with the construction.

It Even Has Its Own Helipad!

Source Flickr/U.S. Army Korea (Historical Image Archive)

The construction company involved noted that they would have difficulty putting together the building as designed. They took the necessary precautions with the design and materials to ensure the construction was sound and safe. This was no easy feat, given the location the building stands on.

One of the most challenging parts of the construction was calculating and implementing the helipad at the top of the building. While ordinary people might have a garage, Mallya preferred to come and go in style. The helipad makes an already stunning building even more opulent.

An Unobstructed View

From the parapets of the mock White House, a person could clearly see the extent of the city. Additionally, as the building is the tallest one in the city, it offers an unobstructed view of the entire area around it for miles.

Source: Youtube Srihari Karanth

If you’re a fan of 360-degree unfettered views, you wouldn’t want to miss this.

Seeing Sports From his Living Room

Source Flickr/ash-brown

The unobstructed view has some fringe benefits, of course. While you can’t really make out the details of what’s going on at ground level, the building has a commanding view over several sports venues. With a strategically positioned pair of binoculars, you could spectate games going on there.

To the front of the building is Cubbon Park and Chinnaswamy Cricket Stadium. Cricket is a massive sport in India, and this positioning is one of the reasons why Mallya decided to place the building here. The Football/Kanteerava Stadium at the rear of the building is also visible from the parapet’s edge.

Below The Mansion

The apartment buildings underneath the mansion also hold a certain value. The Kingfisher Towers dominate the Bengaluru skyline and force everyone to sit up and take notice.

Source: Reddit

Sitting at the top of that building and looking out would be one of the most breathtaking views anywhere.

Banks Intent on Reclaiming Their Due

Source Flickr/kenteegardin

Mallya’s sky mansion is the talk of the town, but mainly because the banks may likely sell it to recoup the costs. With the bank on the hook for the loans Mallya took and the owner currently indisposed, the house may soon have a new owner if anyone has the money (and the interest) to own it.

The banks have already suggested that they would happily sell it just to recoup the costs incurred. Yet the price they called for it attracted no interest. They’re in a sticky situation since they need to find a middle ground between affordability and recovery. They may eventually have to write the building off as a loss.

A Unique Construction

One of the things that really stands out to anyone looking at the building is how strange it is perched atop a 400-foot cantilever slab, which is attached to the side of the Kingfisher Towers.

Source: KshitizBathwal / Skyscape Photography, CC BY-SA 4.0 Wikimedia Commons

The architects opted for the slab to support the massive weight of the two-story building without buckling the entire tower structure.

Earthquake Proof

Additionally, since the area is seismically active, engineers had to build in seismic protection to ensure the mansion wouldn’t collapse if the earth shook under it.

Source: Youtube ToweringGoals

The lavish mansion suspended high in the sky contains a whopping 40,000 square foot penthouse at the 34th and 35th story of the tower. The building is an extension of India’s first-ever luxury mall, the UB City. As mentioned, it has private elevator access, but the building also has its own heliport, allowing anyone to come and go as they please once they have a helicopter.

Will He Ever Live in the Mansion?

When Mr. Mallya designed the mansion, his intention was to live in it. As many commentators state, the villa’s interior resembles his old childhood home. The fact is that while Mr. Mallya would have loved to live in the house and even live it for his kids as an inheritance, that seems less and less likely.

Source Reddit

Previous reports show Mr. Mallya has never set foot in the building. It was still under construction when he faced charges and fled to the UK. Mr. Mallya may never see the inside of this opulent sky palace. All signs point to the fact that neither he, nor his family will ever get to experience the luxury of the interior of this particular construction.

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