“Wokeness” Is Causing A Greater Gap In Generational Divide

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In the history of United States voting there has been a trend in voting liberal amongst the younger generations, while the older generations tend to vote more conservative. However, over time, these younger generations would begin to become more conservative just as their elders were. New statistics are showing that this trend doesn’t just apply to Americans. Instead of maturing out of the liberal vote, younger generations are voting liberal and staying that way.  Researchers are trying to figure out why this is happening, many believe that “wokeness” is to blame.

The “Anti-Woke” Divide

A vast majority of conservatives and elders have become “anti-woke”. There has been an increase in their conservative views recently.

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A lot of their leaders, like Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, have made significant efforts to lessen racial teachings, inequalities, and LGBTQ+ topics within the schools. Despite this, many younger generations still don’t believe in the “anti-woke” movement as their elders do, because of this there is a significant divide between the young and the old.

Emerging Voting Trends

Historical patterns after wars have always shown that the younger generations will make a shift from liberal voting to a more conservative way of voting as they grow older. That isn’t to say that this way of voting is universal, Though this voting tendency is in no way universal, it has been fairly accurate when assessing American voters.

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Regardless of this fact, millennials have completely changed this historic trend. They are now the very first generation to maintain their liberal views as they grow older.

An Assault On Education

The opposition to woke ideology has prompted conservatives to look closer at the younger generations, this includes younger republicans that don’t see eye to eye with them on social matters.

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This has caused many of them to conclude that their children are being indoctrinated while being taught by leftist teachers in school. Which has led to the movement in many U.S. states to reduce these kinds of teachings and ban certain books.

The Cause For This Generational Divide

Gen Z and younger generations have had ample time to make the switch to conservatism, in fact many Millennials are already in their 40s, yet they are all holding on to their liberal beliefs.  So the question is, why has this happened?

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The financial crisis of 2008 may have been the deciding factor for Millennials staying liberal, even as they age. There are quite a few studies that show how the 2008 crisis had unforgettable effects on Millennials as a whole. Some studies indicate that Millennials were harmed the most in the 2008 financial crisis.

Many Individuals Criticize Theories Of Conservative Indoctrination

Although conservatives have had a lot of success in changing school districts and banning books, many are in opposition of these movements. Critics have stated that the theories of school indoctrination are complete myths.

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Some conservatives share the belief that this theory is why their youth is holding on to their liberal beliefs. It is possible that the way conservatives approach school challenges may just be the exact reason their youth is holding on tight to their liberal views. Certainly, these movements could also work and help to maintain Republicans conservative stance..

Elders Favor The Stock Market

As was stated so many Millennials, especially the older of the generation, were fractured by the 2008 financial crisis. Although the older generations also felt the sting from this crisis, they seemed to bounce back easier. Now, many older generations align their interests with the stock market and assets.

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Meanwhile, Millennials are still having significant difficulties in the job market. They tend to rely heavily on their wages, rather than investing in assets.

Millennials Seek Greater Equality

The current financial crisis is closely linked to social issues the United States is faced with today. Most Millennials continue to have financial difficulties in the financial world following 2008, and many feel as though they have been shoved out of the housing market.

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Because of this many feel that this part of society is unequal. Onward think tank found that Millennials “think equality should be prioritized over economic growth and that a person’s position in society is due to outside factors rather than individual effort.”

Traditional Conservative Ideology

This Millennial perspective, which is also shared by conservative Millennials, is very different from the more traditional conservative way of thinking about society.

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The more traditional way of conservative thinking falls more in line with taking individual responsibility. This idea states that individuals are personally responsible for the overall outcome of their own lives. They don’t believe that the outcomes are results of any outside influences, such as society or structural inequalities.

Youth Favors A Pro-Union Stance

This significant shift in ideology across generations seems to show up in debates about wokeness. However, it also manifests in almost every aspect of life and in government action.

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This stark difference is seen in regards to strikes and unions. Statistics show that the youth are more pro-union and more apt to engage in a strike, regardless of if it affects them negatively in the short term or not.

Millennial Economic Concerns Continue

Millennials deal with a constant financial struggle and aren’t able to get ahead, most attribute this to the 2008 financial crisis. Because of this, they have looked for ways to help create change in the entire system, both socially and financially. This goes completely against older conservative ways of thinking.

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Current economic issues just exacerbate Millennials’ worries, this could be the reason why younger generations are choosing to remain liberal.

Newer Conservative Worry

Conservatives in the United States see this new trend as worrisome. Ultimately, as the older generations pass on, young conservatives will need to take their place, and it is obvious that this isn’t the current case.

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There just aren’t enough younger conservatives to replace them, and eventually this could be cause for larger problems within the Republican party in the United States.

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