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Woman Who Won $43 Million Was Offered A Steak Dinner Instead Of Her Winnings By Casino

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People play the lottery and casino games for the chance to change their lives. While the possibility of hitting the jackpot is one in 5,000, some still manage to win. In this case, the next step is to visit the casino, claim your wins, and head home. Sadly, this wasn’t what happened to Katrina Bookman.

Katrina visited the Resorts World Casino, where she luckily won $42,949,672. However, the establishment refused to give her the earnings. Instead, they offered her a free steak dinner. Why did they do that? Did she sue? What happened to her money? Come with us as we explore this strange case.

Winning A Life-Changing Jackpot

Katrina Bookman casually strolled into Resorts World Casino and felt lucky. After a while, she decided to try the slot machine since it cost almost nothing. After the pull, all the symbols quickly lined up to show she won the jackpot.

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Katrina’s eyes widened. Luck like this is almost impossible. So she took a selfie with her winnings and then went to collect her money. However, the excitement began to fade as she was told to return the next day

You ‘Didn’t Win Nothing’

The following day, Katrina was shocked. The casino told her she “didn’t win anything” and won’t be collecting her prize. This statement could crumble anyone. It could escalate to a fight as they try to reclaim the life-changing amount. But how come? Why did Katrina win nothing?

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After some investigation, the truth came out. The New York State Gaming Commission released a statement saying the machine malfunctioned. The casino also has a notice informing the public that winnings are void for faulty systems. But that doesn’t mean she won nothing at all.

She Still Won $2.25 And A Stake

Not being able to cash out $42,949,672 Is heartbreaking. However, the New York Gaming Commission revealed that she did win something. How much did Katrina win? A tiny $2.25. That amount won’t get you a meal in McDonald’s, let alone change your life

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The casino understood her pain and offered to cheer her up. Resorts World Casino gave Katrina a complimentary steak dinner for her troubles. Steak dinners are nice but can turn sour when you almost won enough money to change your life.

‘The Results Were Obviously A Malfunction’ – Resorts World

Can Katrina sue the casino for emotional distress caused by their negligence? The hurt from the false win could get her some compensation. After all, the machine was accessible with no obvious warning. Maybe, but an interview with Resorts World makes the case tricky.

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A spokesman from the casino had an interview with CNN. They shared their perspective on Katrina’s winnings after getting notified. After visiting the slot, they could tell the results were from an apparent malfunction. But unlike the free steak, Katrina wasn’t done!

Katrina Returns For War!

Katrina returned, took Resorts World Casino to court, and filed a lawsuit. Her lawyer called the false slot results “ridiculous.” According to the attorney, there was no evidence the machine was broken. He also claimed the casino lied to avoid giving Katrina her money.

Source: Unsplash/Amit Lahav

The attorney essentially accessed the casino of gross negligence. If taken to court, Resorts World can face theft charges too. Deliberately withholding someone’s casino winnings is theft and very serious. It could land the business in trouble or even end it.

The Lawyer Made Some Solid Points

The lawyer seemed to express Katrina’s frustration with powerful questions. If the machine was broken, does that mean it wasn’t inspected? Does that mean it wasn’t maintained? He also pointed out that anyone who played that day was destined to lose.

Source: Freepik/wavebreakmedia_micro

These questions directly accuse Resorts World Casino of scamming its customers. Failing to maintain their slots is gross negligence, and leaving them to collect money is fraud. Both situations rob punters of their cash and chances to win. Therefore, the case may be on Katrina’s side.

Katrina And Resorts World Reached A Settlement

The questions Katrina’s lawyer asked in the case were worth considering. They shed a more professional light on the situation and revealed the problem. If Resorts World lies about the slot being broken, they are scammers. If they were negligent with their machine, then they’re unreliable.

Source: Unsplash/ Rock Staar

Resorts World understood this problem and could see the impending doom. It could ruin their reputation or stop business if the court ruled against them. So, they contacted Katrina and her lawyer for a meeting. They settled out of court

An Undisclosed Sum

Multiple sources indicate that Katrina and her lawyer eventually met with Resorts World. Both parties agreed to settle out of court to prevent further damage. The casino can save its reputation from collapse, while Katrina can receive proper compensation.

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Unfortunately, there are no details about the settlement. However, it’s possible she got a satisfactory amount. Her lawyer seemed passionate about the case, plus it never resurfaced in court. Therefore, it’s safe to say she got her happy ending.

This Isn’t The First Time

Casinos take extra care to ensure punters play and win according to the game’s rules. Unfortunately, mistakes still happen. One 90-year-old woman won $41,000 at a slot in 2011. However, she was denied money by Isle Casino Hotel.

Source: Freepik/annebel146

The older woman took the case to court, demanding her prize. Later, the judge ruled in the casino’s favor. They said that the game’s rules limit jackpots to $10,000. So, Isle Casino gave the older woman $1.85 based on the symbols on the machine.

Resorts World Casino Is Still Up And Active

The lawsuit against Resorts World Casino posed a significant threat to the business. However, the company is as active as ever. The slots still await optimistic gamers to try their luck. Even Katrina’s unlucky machine was seen playing the legendary Sphinx Wild game.

Source: Unsplash/adrian_trinkaus

Will the error happen again? We don’t think so. The business almost fell into hot water for failing to maintain its systems. So, Resorts World most likely now checks its machines twice before opening the door.

Where Is Katrina Bookman Now?

Katrina revealed in an interview that she’s a single mom of four kids with a stressful life. So, the false life-changing hope devastated her deeply. But what happened to her after the court settlement with Resorts World Casino? Where did she go?

Source: Instagram/chocolate_katrina

Right now, there’s no information on Katrina’s whereabouts. Her social media handles are unknown, and she hasn’t done another interview since. Nevertheless, we hope good fortune finds Katrina and her four kids.

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