DOD Employee Says National Guard Should Be Used to Take Guns from Citizens

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Journalist James O’Keefe, a well known controversial far-right activist has done it again. He recorded a Department of Defense employee expressing how the National Guard can be used to confiscate guns from citizens. Despite the underhanded tactics by O’Keefe, the video gives insight on the government’s attitude towards the Second Amendment, specifically the use of firearms and gun ownership.  


This specific “interview” is startling for two reasons. One, the interview was conducted secretly, in what appears to be a casual setting.

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And two, the subject of the interview seems to be a high-ranking government official. Identified as Jason Beck, the subject works for the DoD as an “associate director.” And he has plenty to say about gun control.  

Purpose Of The U.S. National Guard

The National Guard carries dual responsibilities for both the state and federal government, however its primary purpose is to respond to domestic emergencies like natural disasters and civil unrests. 

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If the National Guard is deployed for firearm confiscation, Beck’s suggestions might just allude to an uncomfortable notion: that owning or using a firearm in the United States could be seen as inciting civil unrest.  

Abolish The Second Amendment

Beck suggested the abolishment of the Second Amendment. He is advocates for the government to confiscate all the guns, underscoring a fundamental disagreement with some principles in the Constitution

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He suggested that they could use the National Guard to confiscate all the firearms. This alludes to He suggested the confiscation of firearms be done through the National Guard. 

Drawing Comparisons

The proposal also uncomfortably brings to mind comparisons to historical events, where the government intervened, typically in a violent, in civil matters.  

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Additionally, the legal and ethical aspects can not be ignored. In an era where police brutality is a serious concern, this matter about individual rights and government overreach is completely valid.

Civil Liberties 

Another significant raise in this pseudo-interview was Beck’s endorsement of strengthening the government’s “monopoly on violence.” Then how is there going to be balance between the country’s government and its citizens?

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In an environment where the government is the only one allowed to use force, a democratic society ceases to exist. In its place will be an authoritarian society.  

A Disturbing Unrest 

Beck’s suggestion to employ the National Guard raises concerns about the role of the military in upholding the Constitution. Should the military even be allowed to exert that much power in a democratic society?  

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This question also underscores the tensions between abiding by the law and also respecting individual rights. Where does the line get drawn?  

Supreme Court 

Beck proposed expanding the Supreme Court to rule in favor of gun control. 

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This means that the courts could be manipulated to favor certain parties, which undermines the people’s constitutional rights. It truly is a scary thought. 

Overstepping Boundaries 

Furthermore, it appears that certain elements in the government (not just the DoD) seem to have zero regard for the Second Amendment. These are the ones who truly believe that the government should “monopolize violence.” 

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Whether Beck’s anti-gun stance is an isolated incident within the government, his comments show toubling indications of the government overstepping.  

Not Entirely Impossible

It would be easy to disregard Beck’s idea and suggestions as far-fetched and impossible, but there may be a bit of truth in it.

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What is more unsettling is that Beck’s comments seem to represent the perspectives of high-level officials in the DoD. The Department of Defense is one of the biggest employers worldwide (employing 2.87 million people, including 1.34 million service members on active duty.)


Before forming an opinion, it is important to remember that O’Keefe is a far-right activist whose journalistic practices are questionable. Portrayal of his interview subjects may not be entirely accurate.

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Nonetheless, the video does ignite some noteworthy questions. Whether you are a proponent for strict gun control or not, questions about the government’s role in the citizens’ civil rights and liberties should not be ignored.


The one way to not feel so unsettled by this is to acquire all the facts from trusted resources. There is plenty of credible research to explore on gun-related deaths in the United States.

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The CDC counted firearm mortalities by state up until 2021. You can find a variety of statistics on the subject online. All of this will help you make a firm decision in your stance on gun control. 

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