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Heartwarming Tale of Hope: Baby Raccoon Found Adrift and Rescued

Source: Youtube @KeyWestKayakFishing

It was a beautiful day for kayak fishing when a man (Steve) noticed something unusual in the water. Steve could not tell what the strange object was. A log? He paddled closer to get a better look. As he got closer, he could see that it was swimming. Steve paddled very close to the animal not knowing what kind of animal it was. When he finally came close enough, he could see that it was a baby raccoon and that it was still alive and swimming.

How Did It Get There?

The poor creature was far from the shore and didn’t have much hope of getting back to dry land. Steve was amazed that the small creature was swimming alone so far from shore. A raccoon swimming in the ocean is not something you see every day.

Source: Youtube @KeyWestKayakFishing

Raccoons are able to swim but are not built for spending long periods of time swimming in the water. This little raccoon must have accidentally gotten into the seawater and was unable to find his way out. Steve was worried that the raccoon was in danger of drowning in the sea water.

The Baby Raccoon Was In Shark Infested Waters

Not only was the raccoon in danger because it had been swimming in the water for so long, it was in danger because there were sharks swimming very near where the raccoon was swimming. Steve was very worried about the raccoon because it was so far from shore and the sharks nearby might eat the helpless baby animal.

Source: Youtube @KeyWestKayakFishing

If the sharks found the raccoon, it could be a very tragic and sad ending for the raccoon. Steve wanted to try and rescue this little guy.

The Baby Raccoon Climbs On The Boat

The baby raccoon must have known that it was in danger. As soon as Steve was close enough, the raccoon at first hid under the kayak and then climbed right onto the boat. The poor baby was exhausted from swimming and really needed to rest.

Source: Youtube @KeyWestKayakFishing

Steve did not even have to help the raccoon get onto his kayak. The raccoon seemed to know that Steve’s kayak was a safer place to be and climbed up onto the boat by itself. It was certainly safer on the boat than swimming in the water with the hungry sharks.

The Baby Takes A Long Nap

Steve’s new friend was extremely tired from swimming for so long. It climbed into Steve’s tackle box and took a nap for several hours. Steve soon found out that raccoons snore. The raccoon was so tired that it didn’t wake up even when Steve stroked its fur.

Source: Youtube @KeyWestKayakFishing

Steve probably should not have tried petting the baby raccoon. It is not safe to touch or handle wild animals. They can bite or claw because they are afraid. Some animals carry diseases that can be given to humans from a bite or scratch.

Catching Lunch For A Tired Baby Raccoon

Steve decided to do some fishing while his new furry friend slept. He caught a plump fish in his fishing net to give to his new companion. Raccoons eat fish as well as a variety of other foods, such as fruits, berries, nuts, frogs, mussels, crayfish, insects, turtles, mice, rabbits, muskrats and bird eggs.

Source: Youtube @KeyWestKayakFishing

The exhausted raccoon was too tired to wake up and eat the fish that Steve had caught for it. Steve let the baby sleep as long as it wanted, which was for many hours.

Paddling To A New Home

Steve did not want to wake up the exhausted raccoon with the noise of the motor on his kayak, so he paddled to a nearby island. Once he got there, Steve thought that the island was too small for his furry friend to live on. Steve wanted to make sure the raccoon would have a good life.

Source: Youtube @KeyWestKayakFishing

Steve then paddled on for several more hours to a bigger island called Big Pine Key. The baby raccoon slept and snored the whole time that Steve was paddling to the raccoon’s new home. Steve must be a true animal lover to paddle for hours and bring his furry friend safely to a new home.

Arriving At Big Pine Key Island

Once Steve had paddled to Big Pine Key Island with his new friend, it was almost dark. The baby was still very tired from swimming in the ocean for so long. The raccoon did not want to leave the safety of the tackle box. Steve tried to nudge the raccoon to get it out of the tackle box, but it would not leave.

Source: Youtube @KeyWestKayakFishing

Steve needed to wake the baby raccoon up and get it to leave the tackle box. The raccoon was tired and just wanted to continue sleeping in the box, but Steve had to go home. Steve finally carefully lifted the box and raccoon out of the kayak and placed it on the ground. The raccoon began to look around.

A Brand New Life On Big Pine Key Island

The raccoon could now see that it was on dry land. Finally, the raccoon climbed out of the tackle box and walked off into the trees to explore its new home on the island. The baby raccoon must have been very happy to find out it was finally on dry land.

Source: Youtube @KeyWestKayakFishing

Steve chose a great place to release the baby raccoon. Big Pine Key Island is a safe environment for the raccoon to live its new life. There are very few cars, fresh water, and lots of food for it to eat. Steve must have felt good knowing he had saved the baby raccoon from the dangers of the ocean and helped it find a great new home.

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