Retired Couple Buys Cabin on Cruise Ship for Unconventional Retirement Plan

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Retirement is often associated with downsizing to a smaller home, but Mike and Barbara Soroker from Florida have taken a different approach. They have sold their home and purchased a cabin on a cruise ship to live out their retirement in style. This unique retirement plan is not only an adventure for the couple but also opens up possibilities for others to own cabins on the ship. Let’s dive into the details of their unconventional retirement choice.

Retirement Dreams Set Sail:

Mike and Barbara Soroker have embarked on an extraordinary retirement journey by purchasing a $2.5 million cabin on the MV Narrative, a cruise ship currently under construction.

Source: Storyline

This floating home will offer them the opportunity to explore the world at a leisurely pace, with extended stays in various ports. With 18 decks, three swimming pools, and a range of amenities, the MV Narrative promises to be an extraordinary retirement destination.

A New Concept in Retirement Living: Owning Cabins on a Cruise Ship

Michael and Barbara Soroker have taken a unique approach to downsizing in their retirement. Rather than moving to a smaller house, they have opted to buy a cabin aboard a cruise ship. This unconventional choice allows them to enjoy the comforts of a cozy cabin while exploring various destinations.

Source: Instagram @bocapolicefoundation

It’s a refreshing alternative to the traditional retirement plan, and it opens up a world of possibilities for the adventurous couple.

The Price of Luxury: Cabin Options and Costs

Living on a cruise ship comes with a price tag, and the MV Narrative is no exception. The starting price for an internal cabin, without windows but with a ‘virtual’ window, is $590,000. For those seeking more space and luxury, the largest suites come with a hefty price tag of $10 million.

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However, the amenities and experiences offered on the ship make it a worthwhile investment for those looking for a unique retirement adventure.

Unconventional living 

This isn’t the first time Mike and Barbara Soroker have lived outside the norn

Source: Mike Soroker

Hey have also lived at the Mandarin Oriental Where luxury and convenience are at your fingertips

Looking Ahead: Exciting Destinations and Future Plans

Mike and Barbara Soroker have big dreams for their retirement aboard the MV Narrative. Mike is particularly excited about exploring the Middle East and Antarctica, while Barbara is eager to revisit Asia.

Source: Mike Soroker

The couple looks forward to meeting new people, making friends, and enjoying the relaxed pace of life on the ship. While the completion of the ship is still a few years away, the Sorokers remain optimistic and eagerly await their retirement at sea.

Life’s An Adventure

Retirement is a time for new adventures and embracing unconventional choices. Mike and Barbara Soroker have certainly taken that to heart by purchasing a cabin on a cruise ship for their retirement.

Source: Mike Soroker

The MV Narrative offers them a unique opportunity to explore the world and create lasting memories. As they set sail on this extraordinary journey, they serve as an inspiration for others to think outside the box and pursue their own retirement dreams.

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