Judge Notices Little Girl Signaling To Her Dog, Court Halts When Dog Responds

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We see therapy dogs everywhere: in supermarkets, in hospitals and on the street. But do you imagine one of these trained dogs in a courtroom? If not, then you have to meet Karl.

Meet Karl

The Orlando juvenile justice center is, as always, buzzing with activity from legal professionals, law enforcement, lawyers, reporters. This can be an intimidating place for anyone. But when Karl, the cute white Boxer proudly donning a blue hat, walks into the room, everyone stops and glances at him.

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Karl is a 65-pound white boxer who doesn’t seem to notice anyone. He is a five years old deaf dog that has an incredible story. He plays an important role in the Companions for Courage campaign.

Offering Support to the Most Vulnerable People in Courtroom

This campaign relies on specially trained therapy dogs to assist children who need to testify in court. Even as an adult, you feel intimidated when you have to step inside a courtroom.

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Imagine how it feels for a child, surrounded by so many strangers. It is even worse when they have to face the person who harmed them.

The Little Girl Was Terrified to Appear in Court

Everyone knew that the last thing the little girl needed was being in the same room with the man who hurt her. But her testimony was essential to secure a verdict for her abuser.

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Her legal team knew that she needed to feel safe and confident. And Karl was the best choice for her.

Karl’s Trainer Taught the Little Girl a Secret Sign

Karl’s trainer- Joanne Hart-Rittenhouse- told the little girl that a secret hand signal would bring Karl to her aid if she felt unsafe. This is something all kids love when interacting with Karl.

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It gives them the sense that they share a secret code with the dog. And they believe that the signal will give the dog super powers to save them.

The Little Girl Found the Courage to Speak the Truth

With Karl by her side, the little girl testified in court, under the eyes of a room full of jurors, media. She told everything she knew about the terrible things that happened to her.

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All through the deposition process, she stroked Karl’s fur for comfort. And when she made the secret signal, the therapy dog came even closer to her, signaling in his unique way that she is protected, and there is nothing she should fear..

Karl Helped Put a Bad Man Behind Bars

Thanks to Karl’s support, the court had all the evidence to sentence the man. He will spend a long time in prison and will not be able to harm anyone else.

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Karl made this outcome possible, because he stood by the terrified little girl. He gave her courage to speak up.

Not a Regular Therapy Dog

Karl is extremely good at his job as a therapy dog in court, due to a special situation. He is deaf. But his trainer found a simple, but effective way to teach Karl what to do. His trainer recalls she hadn’t planned to get another dog, but one of her breeder friends called her one day with a request she couldn’t turn down.

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“She knew that I had rescued Boxers and they were all therapy dogs,” Hart-Rittenhouse said. “This breeder called and said, “I have this little deaf white puppy, he’s 3 weeks old, I need to place him.” I said I already had three dogs and I didn’t want any more and I wouldn’t know what to do with a deaf dog. And she said, “OK, then I’m going to put him to sleep.”

Learning Sign Language Like a Pro

Hart Rittenhouse could not let anything bad happen to little Karl, so she decided to take him in.

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The trainer chose to teach Karl American Sign Language “In the beginning, he learned 10 signs, and then he learned 10 more,” she said. “Now he’s up over 100 signs in American Sign Language.”

Hart-Rittenhouse goes on to explain how special Karl really is: “He’s great with children, he loves going to the Deaf Academy, he loves special needs children,” she said. “And Karl’s a great courtroom dog because he tells no secrets. He listens, he’s a real good listener, and he has a calming effect on children, especially children with disabilities.”

Karl Stays Calm in Any Situation

Not being able to hear the noises in a courtroom is actually a huge advantage. Karl does not get distracted or upset. He stays focused on the child he is assisting.

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This builds an incredible bond of trust between the child and the therapy dog. The young witnesses feel that they have a reliable and strong defender by their side.

Patience Is a Great Advantage in the Role Karl Plays

Karl is extremely popular in court. He learned how to sit patiently and wait for the next case to begin. And his cute outfit makes him everyone’s darling.

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Therapy Dogs Are an Invaluable Presence in the Courtroom

Karl’s role is not only to help children who have to testify in court. Every person involved in a trial feels safer and more confident when he is around.

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We can say that the courtroom is Karl’s second home. He feels comfortable sitting down by the judge’s desk. Even when he is not on duty, he still gets lots of attention.

Even Judges Need Therapy Dogs

A judge’s work is extremely difficult. Every day, they have to hear terrible things and look at extremely graphic evidence.

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With the Companions for Courage campaign, judges get to spend quality time with therapy dogs. They can regain their peace of mind and focus on doing justice.

There Is a Growing Demand for Therapy Dogs in Courtrooms

Karl and other dogs trained for support are invaluable in difficult situations. They can help people find the courage to give crucial testimonies.

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Doing the right thing is hard when you are afraid to speak up. But it becomes easier with a friendly dog by your side.

Dogs Are Not Called Man’s Best Friend for Nothing

Dogs just want to be our friends. They do not have a hidden agenda. This is what makes them such a great choice for giving emotional support.

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With a dog by their side, people can give traumatic testimonies, without feeling that they relive them. And this is all thanks to a dedicated team of dog trainers.

The Goal: Bringing Therapy Dogs Wherever They Are Needed

Companions for Courage rescue dogs and train them as therapy dogs. In turn, these dogs rescue people from their own fears when they need to take the stand.

Source: Reddit

Through their dedication and hard work, we hope to see these wonderful dogs in every place where we need a reliable friend. After all, how can you be afraid with a faithful dog by your side?

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