Hidden in Plain Sight: This Storage Locker Reveals An Incredible Secret

Source: Youtube @007craft

When we think of storage units, we imagine them full of old furniture and other belongings. We would have a hard time imagining anyone could actually live in one. But this is exactly what one man did. And if you think that he had to make do with the bare minimum, think again..

He Started Making the Storage Locker Livable

First of all, he installed electricity in the locker. This was the most important utility he needed for all the other arrangements.

Source: Youtube @007craft

So, how can anyone live inside a storage locker? It is time to take the grand tour of the man’s temporary home. You won’t believe what can fit inside this small space…

The Locker Offers Safety and Privacy, But With A Catch!

At first glance, this storage locker appears to look like any other. However, take a closer look. The man has cleverly disguised his lock with a secondary dummy lock! Why you might ask!

Source: Youtube @007craft

By design these doors are only supposed to lock from the outside, so once inside, he needs to be able to lock the door from within.

Home Sweet Home: Where Functionality Abounds 

Once inside, we can appreciate the man’s true talent for making the most of every inch of space.

Source: Youtube @007craft

This tiny space has been transformed into a fully functional living space where each millimeter has been meticulously crafted for the ultimate functionality.

You Can Have a Full Body Mirror in a Locker

Living in a storage unit does not mean giving up comfort and personal style. The man installed a full length mirror on the back of the door.

Source: Youtube @007craft

Thus, he can groom himself and make sure he looks his best whenever he goes out of the locker. But this is just the beginning of the amenities you can find in this special locker.

The Man Managed to Build an Ingenious Sink

Using basic items, such as a large plastic container, hose and a tray with perforations, the man built a sink. It may not look like the nice chrome appliance in your kitchen, but it does its job.

Source: Youtube @007craft

It is incredible what feats of ingenuity we are capable of in time of need. With a good idea and a little elbow grease, any space can become useful and comfortable.

Where Does He Get His Water From?

No he hasn’t drilled a hole and connected it to a main line, even though I know that’s what you were thinking. Instead he has created another contraption to fill up his water from the watering fountain

Source: Youtube @007craft

Each container takes approximately 10 minutes to fill. Is there no end to this man’s genius?

The Water Contraption 

The cart gets pressed against the water fountain button, water is then sent into the funnel, through the wood block and down the pipe into the container.

Source: Youtube @007craft

He has the ability to run two fountains at a time but most of the time the other fountain isn’t working

There Is Even a Mini Bar in the Container Locker

To make himself even more at home, the man built a small mini bar. It’s just a simple wooden shelf, but it does its job.

Source: Youtube @007craft

There is enough space for fine drinks and basic necessities like olive oil and vinegar on the shelf. And you can reach out for anything while lying down in bed. The shelf is installed right above it.

No Need to Rely Only on Canned Food

What can you eat if you live in a storage unit? Canned food would be the obvious answer. But we are talking about someone who is determined not to sacrifice his well being.

Source: Youtube @007craft

The man managed to fit a microwave oven on a shelf. In fact, handmade shelves are the secret to the man’s ability to have all modern amenities in a locker.

Cold Drinks for Hot Days

You cannot go for an entire summer without cold drinks and a way to keep food fresh. Yes, we are talking about a fridge. Guess what? The man managed to fit one inside his rental storage unit.

Source: Youtube @007craft

Alright, it is not a family-sized fridge, but it is just enough for the man’s needs. But before you think about eating or drinking, you must consider hygiene. Is it possible to wash your hands in a storage container?

The Clothes Are Neatly Arranged on Hangers

Now, what about the man’s clothes? He keeps them packed inside the suitcase, right? Absolutely not! He managed to create a wardrobe with the clothes neatly placed on hangers.

Source: Youtube @007craft

What About Entertainment? The Stylish Locker Has It!

Now, what do you do on those evenings when you have no plans? You watch TV or browse the internet. Yes, but not in a small container locker.

Source: Youtube @007craft

The man managed to fit a large screen monitor at the foot of the bed, with full internet connection and even a sound system in various corners. He left no inch of space unused.

So Why Did He Decide to Live in a Storage Locker?

You may wonder, how exactly did he end up without a home? The truth is simple: he gave up his apartment to go hiking along the Pacific Crest Trail.

Source: Youtube @007craft

He thoroughly enjoyed himself in the heart of nature. And he didn’t make any plans for the moment when the hike would be over. But all good things come to an end. And the man realized that he has nowhere to live. With little money available for a while, he could not afford renting another apartment.

He Faced the Prospect of Being Homeless

Being homeless is one of our worst fears. But this is exactly the situation the man faced after his trip.

Source: Youtube @007craft

However, his creative mind started looking for solutions. There must be a way of living comfortably and on a very tight budget.

The Man Suddenly Had a Great Idea

The man realized that he could have a safe roof over his head for a small amount of money. It is one of the most common things people do every day.

Source: Youtube @007craft

He decided to shop around for a storage unit rental. And he found the best solution. A secure locker inside a large facility cost just $205 per month, including insurance.

A Happy Outcome

The man lived for nearly two months in the locker without missing any comforts of the modern world. During this time, he saved money carefully until he managed to rent an apartment.

Source: Youtube @007craft

This story with a happy end is proof that bad times don’t last forever. Even when you are down on your luck, there is always hope. Stay positive and keep working hard and making sacrifices to reach your goals. Eventually, they will come true, just as they did for this young man!

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