Louisiana Governor Declares State of Emergency – Not Enough Cops

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Police officers are a crucial part of any safe society. Yet, in Louisiana, there’s a distinct lack of cops. Despite this lack of police officers, Governor Jeff Landry has signed into law Senate Bill 1, which legalizes the right to carry a concealed weapon. Let’s delve into this and uncover what’s going on.

Louisiana Is The 28th State To Adopt Constitutional Carry

With Senate Bill 1 passed into law, Louisiana is the 28th state to adopt constitutional carry as part of its legal framework. Under constitutional carry, firearm holders don’t need a concealed carry permit.

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Governor Landry promised his constituents that if elected, he would sign this legislation into law. In this case, he was fulfilling a campaign promise.

Victory for Second Amendment Advocates

The Second Amendment to the US Constitution allows American citizens the right to bear arms. Many people see this legislation as a victory for those who are proponents of firearm ownership.

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The legislation was backed by the National Rifle Association (NRA), which saw it as enshrining the constitutional right to have access to weapons at any time.

Concealed Carry Is Now Legal

Previously, in Louisiana and other states without a constitutional carry clause in their legal framework, concealing a firearm without a license to carry it that way was illegal.

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Under the new legislation, any adult over 18 isn’t required to have a concealed carry license to carry a firearm that way. Some opponents to the bill see this as a problem.

Fewer Law Enforcement Personnel To Deal With Firearms

The bill’s signing follows Governor Landry’s declaration of a State of Emergency in Louisiana. This stage of emergency was declared because of a lack of law enforcement personnel.

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Landry thought that allowing constitutional carry would reduce the need for a larger police force. Many of the bill’s supporters see more firearms as the best way to address the shortage of police officers.

Safeguarding The Rights of Citizens

On speaking about the bill, Governor Landry declared that the constitutional carry allowance was a victory for law-abiding citizens, giving them back their Second Amendment rights.

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He further stated that he didn’t believe the government should have a say in telling people how to protect their families. Passing the bill meant giving people the power to do that themselves.

A Positive Move for Gun Ownership

Senator Blake Miguez, the key architect behind SB 1, echoed Governor Landry’s sentiments, underlining the bill’s dedication to upholding the Second Amendment rights of lawful citizens.

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Miguez attributed the successful enactment of the legislation to the unwavering dedication of NRA members and advocates of the Second Amendment. The GOP has long championed this cause.

Gun Laws Tend To Be Controversial

The US is well-known for the controversy surrounding gun ownership. In many places, gun control laws have made it difficult or impossible for individuals to get access to weapons.

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The government in these places sees gun ownership as unnecessary and relies on law enforcement as the first and last line of defense against armed criminals.

Gun Control Is A National Issue

Throughout the US, mass shootings have become commonplace. In 2023, more than 600 mass shootings happened, working out to more than two per day on average.

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Those who see gun ownership as the problem point to widespread, easy access to weapons as the reason for so many shootings. Defenders of Second Amendment rights say access is not the issue.

A Similar Bill Was Vetoed In 2021

Louisiana had seen a similar bill go through the Senate in 2021, but it was unfortunately vetoed before it could get into the hands of the Governor. Many saw the bill as being irresponsible.

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The bill’s passage underlines Governor Landry’s dedication to Second Amendment rights and highlights the number of lawmakers who support allowing concealed carry in the state.

No Licenses Means Anyone Can Have a Gun

The legislation allows anyone over the age of eighteen to own and carry a firearm without a license and comes into force on Independence Day, 2024. Opponents of the bill say that a lack of licensing for carrying a gun could lead to more violence.

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Citing the lack of police personnel, opponents say that with fewer cops, gun violence will go through the roof. However, supporters of the bill say that more firearms will bring greater protection for the general population.

South Carolina Is Seeking to Mirror Louisiana

With the concealed carry provision passed in Louisiana, the state’s neighbor, South Carolina, is also exploring its options for passing a similar law.

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South Carolina now has a roadmap to follow for passing their concealed carry legislation but may hold off and see if Louisiana’s law will lead to more problems instead of being a solution.

The Result of Years of Advocacy

Louisiana’s SB1 comes after years of strong advocacy for gun rights in the state. The NRA has a significant presence there, and their funding and discussion helped to make passing this bill a reality.

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As one of the states with a large number of hunters, the legislation may help many residents and visitors who are interested in sport hunting. Even so, a shadow looms on the horizon.

Fewer Cops Mean More Personal Responsibility

Louisiana’s cop crisis was the spark that lit the fire for this bill, but fewer cops mean less oversight of individual rights and more emphasis on people taking personal responsibility.

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Since there’s no need for someone to have a license to carry a gun anymore, questions were raised about keeping guns out of the hands of mentally unstable individuals. No one has answers just yet.

What’s The Fallout Likely to Be?

On the one hand, with more citizens in Louisiana carrying guns, either openly or concealed, criminals will have to think twice about committing acts of violence. Weapons in the hands of trained individuals can act as a deterrent against violent crime.

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However, guns in the hands of the untrained could be even more dangerous. There are no mandates for safe training and usage, leaving the responsibility up to the individual. There’s no telling how this could turn out, and we’ll have to wait and see what happens in Louisiana because of this law.

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