Multimillionaire Hoists $2m McLaren Into His $26m Penthouse On 57th Floor

Source: Instagram Adrian Portelli

Australian businessman Adrian Portelli has made headlines with his extravagant purchase of a $26 million penthouse in Melbourne, Australia. But what really caught people’s attention was his decision to hoist his $2 million McLaren Senna GTR into his new home on the 57th floor. The daring feat drew crowds of onlookers as the hypercar was carefully lifted by a crane and positioned inside the luxurious apartment.

The House AND The Car

Portelli, who is known for his success as a property investor, had a specific condition when purchasing the penthouse.

Source: Instagram Adrian Portelli

His beloved supercar had to come with it. And the developers made it happen, even though it required deconstructing part of the building and removing several windows.

Something Out Of A Movie

An impressive team of eight individuals were tasked with the challenging mission of transporting the luxurious McLaren to the penthouse of the newly constructed tower. Employing a crane, the crew carefully hoisted the supercar, resembling a scene straight out of the Fast and Furious franchise.

Source: Instagram Adrian Portelli

With a few tense minutes of anticipation, the unique elevator reached its destination, and the magnificent vehicle was carefully pushed into its new home.

Huge Crowds Watch On

As expected, the ‘event’ attracted a big crowd of onlookers, who, along with the Portelli, watched the car rise into the air from street level into the most expensive property in Australia.

Source: Instagram Adrian Portelli

Portelli stated “When I went to bed last night I just giggled. Young Portelli would be proud. The one nobody knew 10 years ago”.

The Perfect Penthouse

The 34 year old said that his new apartment was a “blank canvas” which he plans to use as a weekend getaway.

Source: Instagram Adrian Portelli

He searched a selection of penthouses during his property hunt, but said they didn’t have “that ‘wow’ factor’.

Color Change

Now, the McLaren Senna GTR sits proudly on a turntable, overlooking the city, and has even received a glamorous makeover.

Source: Instagram Adrian Portelli

Portelli recently posted photos on social media revealing that he had the car painted gold, giving it a sleek and luxurious look that seamlessly fits with the aesthetics of the apartment.

Racecar Of The Skies

While some may cry at the idea of a rare car being used as a mere decoration, Portelli explains that the Senna GTR is a racecar and cannot be registered for street use. Previously, it was simply sitting in a factory, so Portelli saw an opportunity to showcase his prized possession in his new home.

Source: Instagram Adrian Portelli

The McLaren Senna GTR captivated car enthusiasts worldwide with its limited production of just 75 units. This track-only version of the Senna boasts a powerhouse twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 engine that unleashes a heart-pounding 814 horsepower (627 kW / 825 PS).

One Of A Kind

The addition of the McLaren Senna GTR has made Portelli’s penthouse even more exclusive and unique. The ultra-expensive property now boasts not only breathtaking views of Melbourne but also a centerpiece that sparks conversations and leaves visitors in awe.

Source: Instagram Adrian Portelli

With its track only status, it is unlikely that the McLaren Senna GTR will ever hit the road again. However, Portelli has a collection of other exotic cars, such as a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ and a Murcielago SV, that he can legally drive on the streets.

A Motive To Inspire

The story of how Portelli brought his McLaren Senna GTR into his penthouse has captivated many. His core message will certainly resonate to those inspired.

Source: Instagram Adrian Portelli

“If I can motivate and inspire people to want to succeed, my job is done because I understand how hard and lonely it is on the pursuit of success”.

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