New Yorker Calls the Cops on a Man, then Marries Him

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New York City is known as the city that never sleeps, and is also the story where some of the most unbelievable stories come to light. With its dense population, incredibly varied culture, and penchant for tourists coming and going, it’s no wonder that some New York stories sound a little far fetched. One such story involves a woman, her now-husband, and the cops.

A Story Out of 2016

This particular story starts seven years ago, with a 22-year-old woman named Katherine. She was out drinking one night, and asked her sister to keep the door open for her when she came home. When she stumbled home late that night, the door was open, and there was a surprise waiting inside.

Source: Kennedy News and Media

Katherine found a stranger sleeping on her couch, and was rightfully very upset by this. She didn’t discover him until the next morning, and when she did, all hell broke loose. She didn’t know who this man was, she didn’t know what he wanted, and she did was any reasonable, rational person would have done in that situation.

A Total Stranger, A Total Surprise

Neither Katherine or her sister had any idea who the strange man on her couch was. After Katherine used her sister’s phone to take a look at him, the pair quickly left the apartment. Katherine called the cops, and they waited outside her apartment for them to arrive.

Source: Kennedy News and Media

The man was woken up by the cops when they got there, and quickly detained for breaking and entering. The police asked Katherine to go into the apartment to ensure that nothing had been stolen or looted. She found that nothing was missing, and afterwards pressed charges against the man for breaking into her home.

A Very Public Event

The man, now identified as Michael Johnstone, was charged with second-degree trespassing, and his photo was printed in the newspaper to warn anyone else of possible break ins. He was understandably terrified, which makes even more sense when his side of the story becomes clear.

Source: Kennedy News and Media

Like Katherine, Michael had been out drinking with some friends that night, and had asked his buddy if he could crash on his couch since his home wasn’t far from the bar. When Michael accidentally stumbled in on Katherine’s apartment, it was an honest mistake that, terrifyingly, could have had real life consequences beyond a trespassing charge.

An Honest Mistake

Katherine lived down the street from a military academy, and she initially thought that Michael was a cadet there who had accidentally stumbled into her home in a drunken stupor. Michael wasn’t a cadet, but him trespassing in her home was a genuine accident, and one that he didn’t want to affect his job.

Source: Kennedy News and Media @ KathleenGemmaPhoto

Katherine didn’t realize the reality of the situation until the following day, when she was telling her friends about the story that was actually very funny after the fact. When she revealed the name of the man who had trespassed, one of her friends recognized it, and vouched for Michael’s character.

A Confession to Get Michael Off The hook

Michael confessed the entire situation to Katherine in front of the police, assuring her that he hadn’t meant to break in, and he certainly hadn’t meant to threaten her. After hearing his confession, and the testimony of their mutual friend, Katherine agreed to drop the charges against him.

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Despite Katherine dropping the charges, Michael didn’t get off scot free from the incident. He wasn’t ultimately found guilty of trespassing, but he did end up having to serve 50 hours of community service for the blunder.

Big Guilty Feelings from Michael

Michael felt terrible about the trespassing and the subsequent charges, despite the fact that Katherine ultimately agreed not follow through on the lawsuit. In order to prove to her how sorry he was, shortly after the charges were dropped, he showed up at her house again with a letter and flowers to apologize for any and all stress that he might have caused.

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Katherine was, of course, a little surprised and flattered by this turn of events. Even knowing that they had mutual friends, it would have been perfectly understandable if Michael had wanted nothing to do with her after the entire incident. Him reaching out was a delightful show of character, and the precursor to something more.

A Memorable First Family Meeting

He met her entire family in the course of his apology, and they all forgave him for the misunderstanding, the same as her. Her father said that it was an honest mistake, something that could have happened to anyone, and that he showed his character in the way that he took responsibility for his actions.

Source: Kennedy News and Media

The first time meeting Katherine’s family was far from the end of their story, though. After Katherine got Michael’s phone number, the pair added each other on social media. They became good friends, and after a year of friendship, Michael asked Katherine to be in a relationship with him.

Patience is a Virtue

Michael didn’t ask Katherine to be his girlfriend right away because, at the time of the entire incident and their subsequent friendship, Katherine was in a relationship. It wasn’t until she broke it off with her then-partner that allowed himself to hope for the potential of more.

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The two dated in blissful happiness until 2020, at which point Michael knew that he was ready to take the next step. Four years after their initial meeting and the entire situation that introduced them, Michael asked Katherine to marry him, and of course, she said yes.

A Full-Circle Wedding

The pair tied the knot in 2022, eighteen months after his proposal, and the wedding was a wonderful full-circle moment for the pair of them. Many of the guests at the wedding were there from the beginning for the two of them, and were able to join in their happiness and the unusual circumstances of their meeting.

Source: Kennedy News and Media

Katherine laughs about it now, remembering the entire situation as a funny happenstance that had a wonderful ending. So many of their friends know the circumstances of their meeting that it’s brought up frequently, and it’s a quirky and delightful story to talk about.

A Little Different for Michael, But Good All The Same

For Michael, his memory of the situation is a little different, even if it did eventually have a happy ending. Waking up with the police standing over you and ready to arrest you is a memory for the books, but not necessarily a good one. It’s the only encounter that Michael has ever had with the police, and it’s not one that he’s eager to repeat.

Source: Kennedy News and Media

At the time, he was terrified and paranoid about the arrest affecting his job. Now, it’s a funny story to tell without any negative connotations. But he hasn’t forgotten how wrong it could have gone, despite the fact that he now is married to the woman of his dreams.

Not Just Wedding Bells, Either

The wedding isn’t where Michael and Katherine’s story ends, either. Shortly after their wedding, the pair found out that they were pregnant with their first daughter. The pair were, understandably, thrilled, and set off to prepare for their new arrival.

Source: Kennedy News and Media

Their baby girl, Mila, was born in May of 2022. She’s an unexpectedly sweet cherry on top of the story that set their friend group and the media aflutter, and she’s now eight months old, with parents that simply adore her.

Just the Beginning for Michael and Katherine

The pair, now 29 and 35, respectively, have spent their time since their first hectic meeting traveling both locally and abroad. They’ve gotten to know each other under extraordinary circumstances, and the stories that they now have for their baby daughter are heartwarming and wild at the same time.

Source: Kennedy News and Media

Stories like this are a dime a dozen out of New York city, but for Katherine and Michael, their story is the special one that led to their meeting. We can never predict the circumstances that will lead to meeting the person you’re meant to spend your life with. Regardless of what they turn out to be, it’s always a special moment to share, whether the cops were involved or not.

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