University Professor Takes Stance Against Biological Males in Women’s Sports

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One of the most hot-button issues in the news these days is the presence of biological males in women’s sports. The world seems divided on it, but Dr. Wayne D. Lewis Jr., president of Houghton University, thinks that biological males have no place in women’s sports, no matter how they identify. Let’s explore the implications of his statement.

Undermining Women’s Achievements

Dr. Lewis’ statements outline that including biological men in women’s sports is wrong because it gives the wrong impression of what women are capable of.

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He says that having men win these competitions because of their superior strength undermines the achievements of women in the field and makes them less likely to want to compete.

Wide, Sweeping Statements

In Dr. Lewis’ statement, he says that he believes that all Americans believe that having men in women’s sports is wrong. Unfortunately, that isn’t exactly true.

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A large percentage of progressives believe that trans athletes should be allowed into women’s sports, but doing so creates an unfair advantage for these athletes. The advantage is biological.

Testosterone Is A Huge Issue

While anyone can identify as whatever they like, there are specific problems with letting trans athletes compete against women in their own category that make it unfair.

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Biological males have a huge advantage when it comes to muscle density. Many people who want to see biological males compete complain that some female athletes also have high testosterone levels.

Dismantling Protection For Female Athletes

Dr. Lewis hit the nail on the head with his statement that having biological male athletes in female divisions removes the protection that these athletes have to excel in their fields.

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Biological males, even after they go through conversion therapy, have a vast retained advantage stemming from the number of years they had testosterone levels of a male in their bodies.

Decrying the Silence On the Issue

One of the things Dr. Lewis highlighted in his statement was how many high-profile individuals have remained notoriously silent on the issue as it has eroded female sports.

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He says that their silence is complicit with a fringe agenda that seems to want to sideline women and potentially destroy female sports by allowing men with a significant advantage to displace women.

Community Support Needed to Address the Issue

Lewis was adamant that overcoming this problem required the support of an entire community, and he said he would not allow the cheapening of women’s sports to happen.

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He highlighted that many women athletes who compete in these sports know that they’re given an unfair playing field to compete in but cannot raise the issue for fear of censure.

Men Banned in Nassau County

The statement aligns with Nassau County’s stance on women’s sports. The county banned biological male athletes from competing in women’s meets to preserve the sport’s competitiveness.

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The executive order states that if the team is a male team, no biological females can compete on it, and vice versa. Some have criticized the order as exclusionary.

Other States Have Rules in Place

Several states, such as Texas, South Carolina, and Montana, ban transgender athletes from competing in any competition of their converted gender.

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Other states, such as Idaho, Utah, and Arizona, only ban biological males from competing in women’s sports. There has been an uproar that this is inequality and should be removed.

Almost Like Doping

In any sporting activity, competition hinges on fairness. If one competitor has an unfair advantage, then they should not be allowed to compete in the interest of fairness.

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That’s why athletes caught doping are banned from the sport for a certain amount of time. The only difference is that biological males have natural doping elements – their bodies’ testosterone.

What Does the Science Say?

Studies into transgender athletes are still in their infancy. At the moment, a few studies show biological males retain their physical advantage even after transition.

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However, a few studies don’t mean the same thing as a scientific consensus. Many more studies will have to be done before a consensus comes out of the scientific community.

Some Experts Want to Err on the Side of Caution

Because there’s no actual scientific consensus on the issue, some experts would prefer all transgender athletes to be banned from competition until the science is resolved.

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They argue that if competition were allowed, transgender athletes would cause the average to skew, leading to a severe issue if those athletes were then banned from competition.

An Obvious Advantage On the Field

When asked if biological males have an advantage over females, some professionals point to the fact that there is a distinct size advantage in many cases. Muscle mass is also different.

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One comparison is when two boxers of different weight classes square off against each other. The larger boxer has an obvious advantage because of their size, and the smaller one, no matter how good they are, will have an uphill battle.

The Records In Sports Show This Advantage

Male sporting disciplines typically favor heavier weights and faster times than their female equivalents. Average male athletes can typically reach the pinnacle of female athletic performance.

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Some biological males see the benefits of competing in a female athletic field, and as such, they identify as female. These sorts of behaviors have individuals such as Dr. Lewis up in arms.

What’s The Right Thing?

While the science is still uncertain, many experts have stated that a blanket ban might be the only way to resolve this. There’s no way to turn back the clock, and having biological males competing in sports alongside females may threaten to overshadow legitimately gifted female athletes.

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The opposite is less impactful. There are far fewer transgender athletes competing and overshadowing the competition in male disciplines because their bodies put them into the average male performance in these fields. It’s the mentality behind some states banning only male athletes from competing in female sports. Whatever the final decision is, the identity and fairness of women’s sports hangs in the balance.

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