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Woke Hollywood Suffers Yet Another Terrible Box Office Weekend

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Is the era of exciting Hollywood movies coming to an end? Critics look at the evidence and conclude that the end is near. No longer can we look forward to exciting movies that stimulate the mind and grant an escape from reality.

Instead, Hollywood has dug its own grave by churning movie after movie stained with “wokeness.” What’s the evidence? Critics cite the recent weekend’s flop and its predecessors that “woke” movies don’t work.

A Disastrous Weekend

The complaints are going viral, “wokeness is killing Hollywood.” This complaint becomes even louder when considering the recent movie flops that resulted in a disastrous weekend. How bad is it?

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The box office went down by -32 percent compared to last year’s weekend. The amount was a measly total of $64 million, but this wasn’t from one movie. Nope! This shocking report is from all the films released recently.

Bob Marley Was The Only ‘Hit’

Hollywood released several movies alongside Madame Web, including Drive Away Dolls and Bob Marley: One Love. Many expected Madame Web to dominate the box office since it’s related to the beloved Spider-Man franchise.

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Surprisingly, Bob Marley: One Love was more successful than both. But the success isn’t monumental, as it only earned $72 million over two weeks. It’s a significant win for a movie Hollywood rarely marketed.

‘America Is Racist’

Despite being mildly more successful than other movies during the weekend, Bob Marley: One Love received terrible reviews. What did they say? The movie uses the standard clichés of biopics, leaving viewers with a story that feels generic, like other biographical music dramas.

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Instead of accepting the criticism, some news outlets claimed that viewers and critics were the problem. They argued that America is racist; if not, Bob Marley: One Love would have made more money.

Demon Slayer – To The Hashira Training Debunks The Racism Claim

This racism argument is a common clapback from Hollywood when their “woke” movie gets no attention. However, Demon Slayer debunks the racism claims by being the number two movie in America on its opening weekend.

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How much did it make? Kimetsu no Yaiba -To the Hashira Training grossed $11 million and isn’t slowing down soon. With this performance, critics ask, “Did the racists take a break from hating on the weekends?”

Madame Web Flopped Hard

Marvel has produced several flops in recent years, including Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quintumnia and The Marvels. The latter was so bad that it failed to cross the $100 million mark, grossing $84.5 million.

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Sadly, the loss just keeps on coming! Marvel’s Madame Web Flopped so hard that major franchises were scrapped. After two whole weekends, it’s only made $35 million. Since Sony/Marvel spent $150 million on the movie, they’re at a loss of over $100 million.

Why Madame Web Flopped

Different news outlets quickly called the viewers misogynistic for failing to watch Madame Web. They also claim the negative reviews were from hateful men who don’t want to see women succeed.

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In reality, multiple factors contributed to the movie’s downfall. Critics explained that the film had sloppy editing, sluggish action, and a clunky plot. Several reviews on social media pointed out the glaring plot holes and “cringy” dialogs.

Will The Real ‘Biggest Flop’ Please Stand Up

Bob Marly and Madame Web underperformed, but they aren’t the worst. The weekend’s biggest flop comes from one Coen brother (Ethan) and his wife. The movie Drive-Away Dolls featured a lesbian road trip lark.

Source: AP

It opened in 2,279 cinemas and died swiftly with an impossible $2.5 million opening. Critics questioned who the target audience for the film was because it has a convoluted plot with little to no relevance to any group. If it was targeted at members of the LGBTQ community, they didn’t bother with the film.

Ordinary Angels Performed As Expected

While Madame Web and Bob Marley were the most popular weekend releases from Hollywood, one other movie performed as expected. What movie? It’s the Christian film ” Ordinary Angels.”

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This movie stars the two-time Oscar winner Hilary Swank. It took third place on the box office opening weekend with $6.3 million. It ranked next to Demon Slayer and surpassed the “woke” Drive-Away Dolls.

The Box Office Is In A Steady Decline

Some people argue that the box office decline is due to superhero fatigue. This concept means that people are tired of superhero movies’ saturation in the market, and they want something fresh.

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However, the evidence shows that almost every genre of Hollywood underperforms at the box office. What’s to blame? Wokeism.

Hollywood Has A Pandering Obsession

“The emphasis on diversity in Hollywood will be the death of show business.” Critics complain that the decline in box office numbers is due to Hollywood’s obsession with wokeism.

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According to these commentators, Hollywood feels the need to make movies about race, gender, and sexuality. The result is a woke movie with little to no characters or plot development.

The Biggest Culprit Is Disney

Disney is arguably Hollywood’s biggest studio with the most flops. Everyone wanted to be like Disney, but their obsession with wokeism and pandering demoted the industry giant. From flops like Wish, Buzz Lightyear, and Indiana Jones, the future isn’t looking good.

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Even the popular Star Wars franchise was a victim of Disney’s wokeism, resulting in the death of fans’ excitement. Ultimately, these poorly developed films have cost Disney over $1 billion, with more losses coming.

The Pandemic Has Nothing To Do With It

Hollywood seems to deflect accountability instead of accepting they make uninteresting movies. They first blamed the fans for racism, then sexism, and now, they’re blaming the pandemic.

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Hollywood claims that the economic collapse in 2020 still echoes throughout the entertainment industry. But is that true? Some news reports say that product quality is the biggest problem. Barbie and Oppenheimer prove that people are willing to see a movie if it delivers on entertainment.

Hollywood Needs To Focus On Entertainment Again

Representation in movies can help minorities become more appreciated. However, this shouldn’t be the main focus of the film. For example, Hollywood writers sometimes create the ultimate “girl boss” but fail to give her a likable personality or story.

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The result is a hollow character no one wants to see, as seen in the recent Madame Web flop. Critics claim that the best course of action is for Hollywood to focus on entertainment and rarely involve itself in politics.

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